An Antivirus A Day Keeps the Viruses Away [infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - 8:44 PM
According to statistics on worldwide antivirus vendor market share, Microsoft has 26% share of the worldwide vendor market followed by Avast with 24%, followed by Avast with 23.6%, AVG 9.1%, Symantec 8.4%, ESET 7.1%, Avira 6.6%, Kaspersky 5.8%, McAfee 3.1%, Bitdefender 2.1%, and the rest are 8.4%. The top 5 Sources of Computer Attacks are; Downloadable Programs, Cracked Software, Email Attachments, Internet, Booting from CD. Find below the infographic explaining the advantages of antivirus.

Source : DigitalDeliveryDownloads

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