What People Share On Social Networks [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - 9:58 PM
Social media has contributed a lot to the web by sharing contents, pictures, videos and other important stuffs. What people are sharing and how they are sharing, it is changing. You can't compare the way users used to share 2 years back would be in the same way. 

Lets find out What People Like to Share on Social Networks:
  • 43% Pictures
  • 26% Opinions
  • 26% Status Update of what and how they are doing
  • 26% Links to articles
  • 25% Personal recommendations of things they like
  • 22% News items
  • 21% Links to other websites
  • 21% Links to other people’s posts
  • 19% Status update of what they are feeling
  • 17% Video clips
  • 9% Plans for future activities, trips and updates
Go-Gulf has gathered the latest data and presented in the below social media infographic.
What People Share On Social Networks - Statistics and Trends
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