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Posted By: Poketors - August 18, 2013
There are a lot of blogging platforms online available. Sometimes people get confused which platform to choose.  It basically depends on the blog niche on which you are writing. So we recommend you to select a platform which suits your needs. Blogging is the only platform by which you can share your thoughts and let them know the world outside.

We have listed some of the best blogging platforms :

Top Hosted Blogging Platforms :

There are several platforms which offer easy and simple steps to create a blog and without paying for web hosting as those platforms are already hosted blogging platforms. Here you can ignore the measures like managing SQL databases, software tool updates and above all no hassle for paying monthly basis on hosting.  These type of hosted blogging platforms can be free or paid as well depending on the additional feature you want. The basic version is free. Some of the top hosted platforms are :

1. Blogger ( : Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google. It offers simple to designers templates, easy to add widgets, mobile blogging, and monetizing opportunities with AdSense ads on your blog. No bandwidth limitation i.e. unlimited.  you can use your blog as sub domain format like - and if you want to buy a first level domain like - then it is very easy to map with 

2. WordPress : There is huge debate on the topic that which blogging platform is the best one - Blogger or WordPress. There is no specific answer for this because depending on your requirement you can find both as useful and best on your niche. is very much popular free blog site with millions of users and is the most preferred platform. Like Blogger, it is easy to create and publish your content. 

Only thing is that if you want to redirect your first level domain name, you need to pay for it and if you want more customization and storage space you have to buy a premium plan.

3. Tumblr : From the top notch battle war of Blogger and WordPress, Tumblr has its different space in blogging platform and is one the best blog platform for micro blogs and photography blogs.  It is very easy to setup and allow you to use your own domain. A lot of blogs which are in the niche of picture or video with less text content prefer using Tumblr.

4. Weebly : It is a free web site builder which allows users to create blogs and manage web pages within minutes. you have to choose a template and the blog is ready. It provides unlimited bandwidth with various professional template designs and you can map your own domain.  You can consider it as a website builder than a blogging platform as it doesn't have customized features as other free platforms offer.

5. TypePad : Now its time for paid blogging platform which does not offer a free version. TypePad has professional designs, widget, mobile blogging and many more features. It doesn't allow control over your blog as you can get using a blog script on your own server, unless this one TypePad would be the best choice for your niche. One more advantage is that  it requires less maintenance than a self-hosted site.

6.  LiveJournal : It is not fully featured blogging platform but is a popular social media site which allows its members to write journals similar to create  blogs. It's good for the people who involves in community postings and voting on the best posts, discussions, sharing their content or forum sites.

7. Squarespace : It offers paid service with a wonderful content management system (CMS) and blogging features. The best part of it is "a drag-and-drop" website builder, customizable designs, social media integration, ofeering mobile version.

8. OnSugar : It is totally different looking and a very stylish social blogging site which provides you a platform sharing contents with the world via social networks. The best part of it is that it has an integrated ad system (ShopSense) to monetize your blog.

Top Self-Hosted Blogging Platforms:

There is no restriction if you go for a self-hosted blogging platform and it enables you to customize your blog as much as you want to modify. But for this you have to go for a web hosting plan. You have to choose from different hosting plans like - shared hosting which is preferred hosting services for most bloggers because it is inexpensive  but if you want your website to load even more faster and guarantee your users for 100% downtime then a VPS or a dedicated server will be helpful. Lets discuss on the platforms now :

1. WordPress : is undoubtedly the best and most popular blogging platform in the world. It is free and very much easy to learn on how to setup their blog for the pre-bloggers and they can go for custom features managing with various themes. There are a lot of free and paid templates and plugins available which you can choose from.

2. Serendipity : It is a free, open source and PHP enabled CMS. It offers various themes, plugins and speedy loading. It is mostly useful for the bloggers who are familiar with PHP programming for managing the website.

3. MovableType : It is known as an alternate for WordPress. It is free, open source but compared to WordPress, there are less  plugins and customization options are available.

4. TextPattern : It is again a CMS cum blogging platform. The only advantage is that it requires low hardware resource and even after that with great customizing capability and website loading speed.

5. NucleusCMS : It is a free, open source CMS cum blogging platform which offers PHP-based platform. Though it is not a widely known platform but the main advantage of NucleusCMS is that it takes very less space and offers multi-blog features.

Are you confused now? No need.

We recommend Blogger or if you are going for hosted platform and if you decide to go for a paid hosting plan ensuring your blog be faster and safer with more money making interests with offering readers a all time availability service then there is only one recommended option i.e.

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