How To Improve Skills On Content Marketing

Posted By: Poketors - September 08, 2013
A lot of articles are there on "how to get rapid popularity" with a blog, which can teach all content creators about how to write for fame, for money, and come out on top in SERPs. But most of the bloggers can't follow it correctly and finish with a failed website whereas few of them make good footprints in the field of content marketing area keeping in mind some factors.
Here are the factors which can be useful while practising content marketing :

1. Fresh Content : 

People like to read fresh contents and useful topics. Try to write new, fresh and unique content daily encouraging visitors to read and get ranking higher in SERPs.

2. Quality Over Quantity :

Maintain a standard quality for your blog so that visitors can come again and again to read your articles. Preparing a lengthy article doesn't attract visitors always because sometimes they feel boring while reading it. People would like to read quality article than quantity of content.

3. Catchy Headline :

Consider two headlines - "How To Make Money With Blogging?"  and  "Why Does A Blogger Fail To Make Money?". These are the catchy headlines which attract people for the strings "Make Money" and encourage them to click on that and read the article.

4. Social Media Sharing :

Share each and every article of your blog over social networking sites so that your blog visitors can keep them updated with the regular posts and updates.

5. Image & Video Contents :

It is found that most of the visitors prefer to watch video or an infographic than reading a whole story because reading a text article takes longer time. So if your content is based on video and infographic along with the usual text based article then it will be helpful to increase visitors for your blog.

video blogging marketing tools

6. Brand Identity :

Endorse your brand by attracting visitors. If you are a blogger and have website then promote that via social media and email marketing. Make people aware of the product or services offered by you and gradually your blog will be identified as a brand.

7. Honesty : 

Keep your promise to the visitors of your blog that you are going to serve them with good quality content and that would  be a valued article which in fact will help them in some aspects. Be honest while writing to keep the readers tuned to your blog.

8. Distribution : 

Keeping good content doesn’t mean anything, if you aren't actively trying to get people to see it and make them regular visitors. Internet always has a soft corner for celebrities and their embarrassing habits and stories, but there is a huge market for intelligent and world-changing content as well. 

So that's all from our side. Hope this article helps you to encourage yourself for writing better content keeping in mind the above points. If you have some suggestions, we would love to welcome them here.

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