How Video Marketing Works [infographic]

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Video marketing gets results, and we are watching a lot of video across all devices. Check out the infographic below to see some of the latest statistics, and use these tips to make online video work for your business.

3 Video Marketing Tips

1. Plan - Video should be part of your overall marketing plan, an engagement tactic that supports your goals. Producing great video is not enough – you have to USE it! Identify your goals – whether they are raising awareness or driving business – and establish your success metrics.
2. Produce - Who’s your target market and what’s your budget? Once you’ve answered those questions, find a video production company who can bring your vision to life. Think about highlighting satisfied customers or your unique services.
3. Promote - Put your social hat on and start sharing! Where do your customers hang out? Find them and spread the word. Think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube etc.

Video Marketing Works
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