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How Mobile Apps Dominated Consumers & Market Trends [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 15, 2016
We are aware of the fact that mobiles and smart phones have very important role in today's world. Despite the unstoppable growth that is the popularity of applications, there will almost certainly always be a need for websites. We will still need websites to introduce us to a company, through a search engine or alike, although the most innovative of companies could and should find a way of transforming their visitor to a Smartphone application user, if the conditions are right.Here are some inforgrapics which show how the mobile apps dominated us and its trend in market.

How Mobile Apps Dominated Consumers & Market Trends [Infographic]

Mobile App Download Lowdown

This infographic tells us about the inside information regarding the popularity of different applications, their revenue and consumer trends.


Apponimics or app-economics tells us about the world of apps and some important facts about it.

App Permission

This alarming and thought-provoking infographics tells a lot about how different applications are meddling with our privacy.

Mobile Apps Download Trend

This gives you a peek into the app download trend worldwide and in different regions.

App Store Metrics

An insight into the facts and figures of mobile applications.

App Store Millionaire

A neat infographic about financial breakdown of facts and statistics of an app developer.

App Option for Your Business

An insight into important facts discussing either businesses should go for a mobile app or not.

Cloud Based Applications

This retro styled infographics gives a peek into the statistics of apps based on cloud computing and their usage.

Mobile Health Market

Infographic showing the popularity and statistics of health applications on mobile.

Health and Fitness Apps

Growing trends and market flow of apps based on health and fitness.

Mobile App World
Infographic showing the present state of mobile app world and things associated with it.

Mobile Games App Revenue

A thought-provoking infographic about where does all the money earned by the mobile game apps goes.

Photography Apps

Some interesting facts and figures about photography apps in the form of decent infographics.

Apps Programmed for Consumption

An overall review of applications programed for consumption by the users.

Small Business Saving Money with Apps

Infographic telling about some benefits of using apps for your small business.

Top Ten Travel Apps

A colorful piece of infographic showing the stats of most popular and useful travel apps.

Truth Behind Apps Success

Some shaking numbers revealing some truths behind the success of app business.

Appetite for TV Apps

Infographic about the popularity and statistics of TV related apps.

Users Expect From App Stores

Useful and minimal infographics about user trends and expectations from an app store.
Source: Google Images


New Google Photos App : Leaked Images

Posted By: Arin Dey - May 26, 2015
Google is launching an amazing photo app very soon. While using this photos app, users will be greeted with the awesome pinwheel animation similar shape what we see in Google Photos option. Splash screens aren't traditionally used on Android because they aren't strictly necessary, but Google has been having a lot of fun with icon motion lately, which may explain its presence. Next, of course, is the first-run experience. As with most Google apps these days, Photos explains itself up front in a series of friendly, animated illustrations. The user can then fiddle with some backup settings before being ushered to a few more illustrations.

New Google Photos App : Leaked Images

Google’s senior vice president for products, Sundar Pichai, was quoted by Venture Beat as saying the company would be looking at ways to improve user experience when it comes to photographs.

“Photos are a big use case,” Pichai said. “So we are going to say this is the stream now.”

Most of the app's functionality is given away in the above screens. This app will let users search for specific people, animals, or objects, back up photos automatically, and take care of general photo management. Addition to all of these this app gets a revised interface with several "views" to choose from. Users can see their photos sorted by day or month, or a "comfortable view" which tiles photos by day in a staggered grid sort of like Google+ photo albums on the web do now.

Lets see how it appears once it is live.


Samsung Smart Watches Apps [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 21, 2015
Samsung have prepared an interesting infographic that will direct us in all the benefits of smart watches, from the obvious, such as notification of received messages and calls, through the application of exercise or maintenance of the child, to the futuristic things like translating a foreign language in real-time.

Samsung Gear ™ applications are compatible with devices driven by Tizen mobile OS (Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo), Samsung Gear Live uses the Android platform Wear and Galaxy Fit contains special.


Source : Techinfographics

App Stores Statistics on iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - October 04, 2014
People are crazy for apps on different mobile operating systems like Android, iOS or BlackBerry. Everyday millions of apps are downloaded and used by billions of people. Here is an infographic which shows the statistics on how the app stores really stack up.

App Stores Statistics on iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry [Infographic]

This cool infographic reveals interstering stats for App store and how the trend is increase over year and year. This Infographic also available in animated Version on Source URL. Have a look into this infographic and give your review in comments.

Mobile Phone & App Store Statistics
Source: Visually.

Useful Apps For Your Android Phone

Posted By: Arin Dey - August 16, 2014
Since most of the people are using Android smartphones now it is obvious that they will need the apps according to their requirements. We have tried our best to list some of the useful and important apps which will can be installed and made use of them. Here is a list of some of the useful Android apps for your phone that will help you be more efficient and productive as well as these apps will be helpful in serving purposes of your daily life. We have excluded some of the mostly used apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google+, Hangouts, WeChat, Instagram etc. Lets find out some other useful apps which is not so much popular but helpful for specific people.

Useful Apps For Your Android Phone

We have categorized the apps in the following categories :

Productivity :

  • Clean Master : Clean useless files and residuals installation apps from your Android phone and also recover precious disk space and speed up the device. 
  • File Wrangler : Easy and powerful file manager for Android. 
  • Easy Backup :Take backup your SMS, MMS and call records to the external SD card. 
  • BackupPro : Take backup your phone and transfer your data and media file to another device.
  • DU BatterySaver : Fix your phone's battery problems and extend the device’s battery life. 
  • Reader — See PDF files on your Android phone. It can also open password protected files. 

Task Managing :

  • Keep : Take notes, to-do lists, voice memos and photo notes with searchable text.
  • Any.Do : Manage your tasks and to-do lists with Google Tasks sync easily. 
  • Ustream : Let you app tell you when you have free time and suggests task automatically. 
  • Easy Alarm : Assign any YouTube songs as your wake-up alarm. 
  • Timely : An alarm clock that automatically syncs with your other devices
  • Contacts+ : Beautiful  contact manager for Android that display profiles for your contacts. 
  • Readability : Shares web pages to your Kindle for reading later in a clutter free environment.

Antivirus :

  • Avast : It will secure your Android device against theft, viruses and phishing attacks.
  • AVG AntiVirus : It will protect your device from viruses, malware and fake apps. 
Music & Video :

  • Poweramp : An advanced music player for Android with clean and beautiful interface.
  • Saavn Music : Users who listen to Bollywood and Indian regional music and radio. Listen with this app on your Android device. 
  • SoundHound : Detects music playing around you with a single tap or by entering words from the lyrics.
  • Shazam : Similar to SoundHound, Shazam offers a button to tap and that instantly recognize music playing around you.
  • Subsonic : It fetches music from the desktop and listen on your phone or tablet anywhere, anytime. 
  • TuneIn Radio : Live radio stations and podcasts from all over the world can be accessed. 
Location & Tracking :

  • My Tracks : It will record everything wherever you go. Your path, speed and distance will be recorded when you walk or drive.
  • Glympse : Similar to Google Latitude. It is an alternate app that shows where your friends are.
  • Expensify : It makes expense reports for travelling on business purpose.
Design & Photos :

  • HomeStyler : Take a picture of a room, place furniture and visualize the interior design in 3D.
  • Photo Grid : Create collages and photo walls in different layouts quickly. 
  • Repix : You can remix your photos and turn them into piece of art. 
  • Screenshots : Easily capture screenshots of your Android device with keys or action triggers. 
  • Pixlr : An useful photo editor from Autodesk that is absolutely free. 
  • Aviary : Another photo editing tools that will make your photos stand out. 
Wireless :

  • Fing : You can find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi networks. 
  • TeamViewer : Access your Windows or Mac computers remotely from any Android phone. 
  • Splashtop : Access your Windows or Mac computer from any Android phone over WiFi.
  • WiFi Manager : You can find out Wi-Fi networks around you and connect to the best network. 
  • WiFi Analyzer : You can analyze your Wifi and expand the reach of your wireless router. 
  • AirDroid : Easily transfer files to and from your Android device wirelessly without cables. 
  • FoxFi : It makes your phone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and share your data connection. 
  • SmartCam : It makes your mobile phone into a webcam for your computer. 
News And Updates :

  • Flipboard : A popular app by which you can read news and updates from your favourite source in a beautiful, magazine style layout.
  • News 360 : Informative and useful news reader that collects stories around your topics of interest and displays in categories. 
Download :

  • ĀµTorrent : It is the most used downloader app. Torrent downloader from the team that invented BitTorrent. 
  • tTorrent : An alternate for ĀµTorrent. You can download torrents directly to your Android phone or tablet. 
Messaging And Video Calling :

  • Viber : Useful app to send free messages and make free calls over 3G or WiFi.
  • Line : It can send unlimited messages and make free calls over VoIP.
  • TrueCaller : It can detect calls from unknown numbers and block SMS and calls from spam numbers.
  • Shush : It keep track and remembers to unmute your phone after a certain period.
  • HelloText : Hello is a good alternative, in case you don't like your inbuilt SMSing app.
  • MightyText : It sends and receives SMS text messages from your desktop computer.
  • Smart Voice : It records high-quality audio while skipping the silent portions.
  • Cogi : It will record your college lectures or the conversations when you are in meetings.
Hope you will use the apps and share your experience by leaving your comments here.


Slidejoy Introduces Advertising To Lock Screens

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 03, 2014
Slidejoy is launching a new advertising app which will enable users to reduce their monthly bill amount at the same time they are promoting specified advertising campaigns. Yu can imagine it like an Android phone users’ lock screen features an advertisement from various companies.
Slidejoy Introduces Advertising To Lock Screens
Image Credit : Slidejoy
Once the app is enabled in the phone, users can see an advertisement from a wide range of companies. It has been scheduled to feature ads from Adidas, Macy’s and Best Buy etc. There is a good thing for this app is that when users see those ads and download the app, users will get paid.

This app introduces a monthly payouts which range from $5 to $15 according to the progress of app.  Once users have earned the money which is updated daily, they are given either to take via cash or donate it to a charity.

When user slides to the right the ad is ignored and if user left sweeps on ads then the users are given further information on the featured product. Though accepting ads or ignoring ads doesn't have any impact on the payment.

There is an option for the Advertisers to design their own ads. If they can't then Slidejoy can do it for them. Mostly the ads are distributed to users based on geography, demographic profile and the device being used.

Slidejoy will introduce the app for Android phones initially later on they planned an app for iOS.

Flappy Bird Will Be Available In Windows Phone

Posted By: Poketors - February 03, 2014
Flappy Bird, a game which has recently become the most downloaded game in the App Store and Google Play, makes its position on top since several weeks. The good news is that this game is coming to Windows platform too. The release date is not fixed but likely to land on Windows App Store some time this month.

WMPowerUser, in a blog post mentioned that "Flappy Bird is a fun and addictive game which has become quite popular now about mobile gamers. Even though the game play looks incredibly simple, it is super tough. Your goal is to reach the end of the stage, without touching the obstacles that are presented to you. Break your own highscores or that of a friend. Compete with each other to see who has the best flapping skills! The graphics of the game give it a kind of nostalgic arcade feeling, though the game itself is designed according to our modern standards. It may be a game in a small package, but addictive!"

Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen who developed the game has confirmed on Twitter that he is working on it to develop for Windows version  too.

Lets hope for the best. It will also rock on Windows platform too engaging huge number of  mobile game lovers.


Flipboard Introduces Customized Cover Stories

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 31, 2014
Flipboard has already made its recognition as most used app for reading news and updates connecting to any websites just like a magazine by flipping pages. It is going to make some more personal customized approach to "Cover Stories" section.

Flipboard Cover Stories

Cover Stories is the section of the app which constantly updating it with various news feed of interesting articles and photos. Now it can be organized by source, social network and topic by catagories.

Flipboad in its blog post told that “In the coming days, you’ll start to see a new look and feel inside Cover Stories on Flipboard. Groupings make it easy to catch up with the highlights, skip what you don’t want to read, and dive deeper when you want more. Use it as a starting point for everything you follow on Flipboard.”

This modification is being done to know how people use Flipboard to offer a more customized experience. In future the app will feature articles and photos from the sections users most frequently browse. Mute people, post or stories can be possible at the section Cover Stories if you don't wish to get updated from them.


Clickdrive Lauches Device To Drive Car

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 30, 2014
Clickdrive has officially announced that they are going to launch “a device placing the intelligence of cloud computing into the driver’s seat” by incorporating with data analysis to create a reliable, more efficient and intelligent driving experience. Sutheran has developed Clickdrive to create the world’s first device to be entirely dedicated to driving along with business partner Rishi Saraswat.
Mark Sutheran who tried to build up such device long back in 2004 but had flopped for poor maintenance. Sutheran stated “We all saw the revolution in mobile technology; Wi-Fi, and high-speed networks become ubiquitous,” “But I could not understand why our cars are mostly no more connected than the Ford Model-T?”

Sutheran left his job in 2012 to develop Clickdrive and advance automotive technology for cloud-connected service. 

How it works? 

The device will be directly plugged in to an automobile, which enables motorists to download a number of apps to enhance their driving experience and given them information readily available when their hands are on the wheel. It means that it can be connected to iPad or any android device which will show the readings.

It was also heard that “So far, the Clickdrive team has worked out a strong prototype that works — and works well. Clickdrive outperforms existing smart driving technology by up to 500 percent.”

This project will be funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Till date they have managed to raise $4,000  out of the $100,000.

Check out the below teaser to know more.


Most Addictive Apps [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - November 05, 2013
The usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly with the advent of smart phones. Now we get to see every one holding a Smartphone in their palm and always staring into it.

Most Addictive Apps Ever [infographic]

The reason behind this is the number of applications available in the mobile phone which lure you and let the time pass in an easier pace. With more number of online applications the addiction to the applications is increasing.

Source :


How To Transfer Data From Android Device To iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C

Posted By: Poketors - September 28, 2013
Decided to try new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C for the first time? Obviously most of the people want to give it a try. But what if you have an Android gadget? Changing platform has been always a big headache as you have already stored your data onto your Android phone and again you have to migrate all your data to your new phone. It sounds hectic but no worries. We will guide you all the way from start to finish step by step. 
If you are an Android user and want to move your data from Android to your new iPhone you can follow the below mentioned steps :

Managing Email Accounts And Social Media Accounts

1. Google, Exchange, Yahoo!, Aol., etc.

A lot of cloud services are there for maintaining email accounts and social media sites which can store your contacts, photos, calendars, documents, posts etc.  These can be easily archived in your new phone. If you are worries about the cross-platform supported services such as Google, Exchange, or Yahoo!  then no issues at all. All of them are supported in iOS 7. It basically provide an option so that you have to put a minimal effort in importing all of your data from Android phone. So it makes your effort easy now as you just have to enter credentials for any of the supported services that can be found within the iOS 7 Settings menu, and simply select which data you want to pull in; mail, contacts, calendars or notes. Because these data are already stored in the cloud and you can access them on your new iPhone.

2. Social Media Sites : Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

iOS 7 can pull down your contacts from most of the popular social media accounts. Nowadays people are relying on the Facebook and Twitter contacts. You can select Update Contacts from Settings menu to keep all your contacts up to date and readily available onto your iPhone.

Using Cloud Service Like Dropbox :

Dropbox is supported on both the platforms Android and iOS and it also provides the option to upload your images or any other data automatically  or you can upload your backed up data like documents, music, files etc to store on Dropbox cloud. If you are using Dropbox for Android App then you can easily sign in to the same Dropbox account via Dropbox For iOS App. 

If you don't have the Dropbox account then here is the simplest way to backup your data from Android and access them from your new iPhone :

1. Download Dropbox for Android app from Google Play on your Android device
2. Launch it and sign in
3. Upload the files whatever you want from your Android device
4. Download Dropbox for iOS app from iTunes
5. Launch it and sign in with the same credentials
6. Download the already uploaded backup data 

Click here for free download : Dropbox for iOS

Using Device to Device Transfer : 

If you like to keep a  copy of your contacts on your computer, or just want to avoid the cloud syncing service, you can export your contacts from your Android phone as a .vcf file. Later on you can import that into Contacts at

Lets start the process by following the below steps:

1. Launch the Contacts app.
2. Press Menu button.
3. Search for the Import/Export option and select it.
4. Select the option to export your contacts to storage.
5. Pull it from your phone to your computer or email it to yourself
6. Once the contacts transfer is over, you can upload it to

Note : But always remember one thing that before doing any steps, take a backup so that if something goes wrong you can restore easily.

Using Android File Transfer :

If you are using a Windows PC, then transferring data from your Android device using your computer will be easy and simple. In case you have a Mac PC, then you can download the Android File Transfer app and use it. It will give you the option on your Mac to browse the files and folders on your Android device, and you can easily copy them to your Mac. But some files can only be imported to your iPhone via iTunes.

Click here for free download : Android File Transfer for Mac

Google Apps On iOS :

You must be worried about the fact that you have already installed multiple apps on your Android gadgets and how do you get those apps on iOS. But in reality Apple Store also provides multiple useful apps like you get on Google Play. if you an Android user, then it is obvious that you have a Google account too. Google has made it simple by providing one login credential to access all their services from Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Google Drive, Hangouts, Google TV Remote, Chrome to Chromecast. So don't feel that leaving Google Android platform will narrow down your opportunities to access the Google apps. If you have a Google account then access it from Apple iPhone using various Google apps available on iTunes Apple Store.

Google provides some of the most used apps available on iOS and many of which have already been updated with official support for iOS 7. If your interaction and usage is more with Google services, stay tuned with Google's official iOS apps. Here are some of the most used Google apps available on iOS.
Hope this tutorial will help you to transfer data from your Android device to new iOS device. Share your comments here along with your experience.


How To Increase Android Device Performance And Battery Life With Greenify

Posted By: Poketors - September 25, 2013
No introduction is required for the massively popular mobile operating system Android which offers many benefits for both developers and end-users.

A lot of android apps are there and the features can be great and sometimes offer a completely satisfactory user experience, but need proper maintenance else it can also slow down your device and drain your battery. If your Android device has multiple apps installed, it may lead to slow performance.

Greenify is a free Android app which can increase your Android device performance and battery life. 

What Is Greenify :

Greenify helps you to identify the apps which hang or make your device run slow and also gives you the option to put them into a hibernated state. Once hibernated, the apps won’t be able to start background services unless you start the app again. It means few background services will run on your device which leads to better CPU and RAM usage resulting an improved system performance and longer battery life. 

How To Use Greenify :

1. Login to Google Play and install the "Greenify" app.
2. Once it is installed, launch the app.
2. Press “+” and choose the apps.

Greenify shows you all the apps that are scheduled to run in the future as well as apps that will slow down your device. The only constraint with the free Greenify app is that it doesn't greenify system apps. If you want to do that you have to go with the paid donation version.

Greenify offers you all the benefits and you should choose apps wisely. If you try to greenify apps like alarm clocks or instant messengers, these won't work as “intended” anymore. The alarm clock won’t wake you up and you’ll not receive notifications if somebody sends you a message via instant messenger.

Available Versions :

Greenify is available in a free and a $2.99 donation versions. With some extra features, donation version includes greenifying system apps and providing notifications after hibernating an app. Initially you should try with the free version. Later on, $2.99 donation version would be helpful if you want to scan your apps and get a better system performance and battery life.

Share your experience once you try the Greenify app.


iOS 7 : Inspired By Android And Windows Phone

Posted By: Poketors - September 23, 2013
The new OS from Apple made it full of fundamental changes. If you have iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 you mish have upgraded to iOS 7 and if not go for it now. Feature wise it is the best iOS version that Apple has ever introduced with some issues for battery life which can be saved by following some tweaks.

When we say iOS7 is inspired by Android and Windows Phone, then there should be some reason which made us to write this post. If you have an Android device or a Windows Phone then you should be aware of some features which is similar to iOS 7.

Apple used to have skeuomorphism design which helps in turning on the faux glass effect and with this they used real world symbols giving a 3D look. Once Microsoft made their logos and operating system apps look like 2D and very flat, Google introduced a flatter used interface afterwards and released Ice Cream Sandwich. In a similar way Apple also followed the same concept and they removed the skeuomorphism design  with all the decorations and moved to flatter and sleeker designs with apps.

Here are the iOS 7 features which resembles with Android And Windows Phone :

1. Control Center : 

Similar to Android gadgets, iOS7 also introduced a easy approach where you can easily switch on or off Wi-Fi/data connection or change brightness by opening the notification shade by swiping down from top of the screen.

2.  Thumbnail View : 

Thumbnail view was introduced by WebOS in 2009 and late on this feature was adopted by Google Android. Even Microsoft stepped into the same method implementation of multitasking in Windows Phone.  Apple also shows thumbnail view of open apps when multitasking in going on. It means it is similar to the Android where we find apps keep running at background.

3. Swipe On Lockscreen : 

Like Android phone, now you can swipe at any area on iOS 7 device to unlock it. Earlier it used to be there but in a particular area. 

4. App Updates : 

If you want to change the setting for app update automatically, Android allows you to do that when phone is connected to internet. Apple has also added similar feature.

5. Dynamic Wallpaper : 

You can select from multiple dynamic wallpapers of faux 3D. This is similar to Live Wallpaper in Android.

Even it is having multiple useful features, it lacks in some areas where Android is ahead. Here are the aspects where iOS 7 stays behind Android :

1. Fixed App Usage : 

Unlike Android, you can't change the web browser in iOS 7 because it is fixed and you have to use Safari as Apple wants it to be used. On the other hand, Android has the option to choose the default browser from Chrome to Opera or any other.

2. Third Party Apps : 

Apple is very much strict when it comes to device security and that is the reason iOS 7 has very few approved apps which can be used. On the other hand, Android has plenty of third party apps which can be used to share information. 

3. Widgets : 

In Android widgets are used and useful also. iOS 7 has no provision for widgets.

Apple has already made huge changes to iOS 7 and hopefully it will be able to fix the ongoing issues and will work on the pitfalls. Share your experience with iOS 7 and comment.

Top Android Apps On Google Play

Posted By: Poketors - September 02, 2013
Google Play has gone viral and day by day the apps users are increasing. Labnol has presented a nice chart based article. Here you go with the updated list of the top Android Apps that have crossed more than 50,000,000 downloads on the official Google Play store.

The blue bars indicate the average user rating of an app while orange reflects the total number of users that have rated that app on the App Store.

App Install Base: 500 million to 1 billion
  1. Gmail 
  2. YouTube
  3. Google Play services
  4. Maps
  5. Facebook
App Install Base: 100 million - 500 million
  1. GO Launcher EX
  2. Twitter
  3. Viber
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Voice Search
  6. Google Play Books
  7. Subway Surfers
  8. Google Play Music
  9. Tiny Flashlight + LED
  10. Pandora
  11. WhatsApp Messenger
  12. Skype
  13. Fruit Ninja Free
  14. Dropbox
  15. Adobe Reader
  16. Angry Birds
  17. Talking Tom Cat 2 Free
  18. Street View on Google Maps
  19. Google+
  20. Hangouts (replaces Talk)
  21. Google Search
  22. Chrome Browser
  23. Google Play Movies & TV
  24. LINE: Free Calls & Messages
App Install Base: 50 million - 100 million
  1. GO SMS Pro
  2. KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text
  3. Google Translate
  4. Temple Run
  5. SoundHound
  6. Tango Video, Voice & Text
  7. Yahoo! Mail
  8. Brightest Flashlight Free ®
  9. Advanced Task Killer
  10. GO Locker
  11. Pou
  12. Angry Birds Rio
  13. Hill Climb Racing
  14. Barcode Scanner
  15. WeChat
  16. TuneIn Radio
  17. MX Player
  18. PicsArt
  19. Shoot Bubble Deluxe
  20. Despicable Me
  21. Talking Tom Cat Free
  23. Shazam
  24. ChatON
  25. Kindle
  26. ZEDGE.
  27. Jetpack Joyride
  28. Google Play Magazines
  29. AntiVirus Security
  30. Pool Billiards Pro
  31. Opera Mini web browser
  32. Google Earth
  33. Flipboard: Your News Magazine
  34. Angry Birds Space
  35. Angry Birds Seasons
  36. Angry Birds Star Wars

Quick highlights:
  • Facebook is only non-Google app in the Google Play Store that has been downloaded more than 500 million times. The others are Gmail, YouTube, Google Play and Google Maps that are mostly pre-installed on Android phones.
  • The 50m+ list has 65 apps but the one app that enjoys the highest average user rating is Brightest Flashlight, a free app that turns your Android phone into a torch.
  • Facebook has been rated by over 8 million users while 4 million Android users have added their ratings for WhatsApp Messenger on the Play Store. No other app comes close.
Source :


Android Security Apps Don't Drain Battery

Posted By: Poketors - August 30, 2013
If you have an android gadget and are thinking about installing a security tool, then the first thing which comes to your mind that it will drain your battery fast. Now, we have good news for you. AV-Comparatives have tested different mobile security and antivirus app without the draining the battery. AV-Comparatives took 16 different products like Kingsoft, Kaspersky, Trend Micro, F-Secure, Avast!, ESET, Lookout, Sophos etc. They tried with 3000 malware applications and tested the battery life for each of the apps. But they found most of the products have minimum impact on battery life.

About 3,000 malware applications were collected in the four weeks prior to the start of the test and finally the results are as follows :

Security Tool (Antivirus)
Detection Rate - Percentage (%)
AhnLab and Kingsoft
Baidu and ESET

These security tools are used to protect your electronic gadgets from threats and should not be ignored or considered as an optional. All the above mentioned tools might not be available in market as they are designed for country specific. 

We recommend to use any of the said antivirus so that you can use your gadget safely and protected from malwares and threats.


Top Grossing Android Apps [infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - August 26, 2013
Thousands of Apps are going on air every week and very few of them get success and achieve large number of downloads. Just creating an app doesn't fulfil the needs of a developer. Developers don't get paid only for creating an app. It involves the strategic decision making capabilities that it should be useful to apps users  after release and then only it will enable drawing them satisfied earnings.

Top Grossing Android Apps
Source : StartApp

Top 10 Smartest Things About Smartphone

Posted By: Poketors - August 26, 2013
Everyday we get surprises seeing number of new and user friendly features in smartphones. Out of those thousands features there are few features which are really useful in day to day life. The most popular mobile Operating System is Google Android and Apple iOS. However, these operating systems are equipped with amazing features and service but their App zones have extended their features to a very high level with flexibility. Lets see the things in below infographic.

10 of the Smartest Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone
Source : UnlockThatPhone


Exploring The Mobile Space In Our Life

Posted By: Poketors - August 23, 2013
Usage of mobile is increasing day by day just to satisfy our needs in a friendly and flexible manner. From payment of mobile and electricity bills, online shopping, playing games to social media network interactions, we have given importance and made mobile our all time companion throughout entire day. lets see the impact of mobile landscape in our life in a graphical way.

Mobile APPeal infographic Exploring The Mobile Space In Our Life
Source : New Relic


Comparison - Android Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 and S3 Mini

Posted By: Poketors - August 03, 2013
This infographic was composed by AndroidPIT, the price of the Galaxy S4 Mini has been revealed to be around $300 with it currently selling on Amazon for $288.95. So what do we think of the S4 Mini? The battery life is certainly improved over the S3 Mini but still does not reach the full battery life of the S4. That said however, the smaller size of the S4 Mini does have something on the S4 in terms of weight and size. Does it have enough to justify the lack of battery life? We’re talking a difference of 2,600 mAh in the S4 versus 1,900 mAh in the S4 Mini.

Comparison - Android Galaxy S4 Mini, S4 and S3 Mini
Source : AndroidPIT

Android vs iOS App Development & Revenue [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - August 03, 2013
Much like consumers, financial services firms ask the same question when developing mobile apps. Banks, credit card issuers, and brokerages have all done a good job of appeasing both user audiences, not only in the selection of apps they make available but also in functionality. On the other hand. insurers and asset management firms have focused their mobile development efforts on iOS, leaving the Android crowd with a bone to pick.

Android vs iOS App Development & Revenue [Infographic]

It seems like every business in the world provides some sort of mobile application these days. From businesses, to entertainment, to social networks, to the weather—everyone has an app. With so much competition, how can app developers, and businesses new to the App Store, get the most bang for their app-developing buck? Here is a beautiful inforgraphic which explains it in numbers of uses.

Source: easy-smtp

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