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Benefits Of Cloud Computing [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - January 19, 2017
Cloud Computing has been booming day by day and this technology has been adopted by Amazon, Google, Salesforce, IBM and many more companies. People prefer because it is available anywhere, anytime access to data. SaaS is totally a new concept which was introduced on cloud services. SaaS stands for Software As A Service. Instead of using software from desktop or server, use the third party software via this service on cloud platform. Following infographic explains what are the advantages of cloud computing and the concept of SaaS precisely.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing [Infographic]

By making the right choices for your cloud computing technology you stand to benefit from improvements in profitability, improved time to decision, improvements in complete and on-time delivery and reduction in downtime.

Source: TSG

Toyota, Panasonic Introduces Cloud-based Mobile Technology

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 12, 2014
Toyota and Panasonic have developed a cloud based interface which will enable apps to be used to check in at home and operate a handful of appliances remotely as reported in The Toronto Star.

Toyota, Panasonic Introduces Cloud-based Mobile Technology

This technology has been under process since a year. It will be available later this year. Toyota is expected to fully unveil the technology at the Smart Community Japan 2014 exhibition in Tokyo.

Toyota explained in a press release that “In the future, the two companies will continue to leverage their respective strengths and work towards smarter mobility where people, cars, homes, and communities are linked through cloud-based services,” 

In another source, Autonet which says“In theory, while you’re away from home you could record a favourite TV show, cook a meal in the microwave and time the air conditioning to cool the house to the ideal temperature upon your return. Nothing to do then but chow down in comfort in front of the TV (a Panasonic home theatre system, of course)."

Clickdrive Lauches Device To Drive Car

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 30, 2014
Clickdrive has officially announced that they are going to launch “a device placing the intelligence of cloud computing into the driver’s seat” by incorporating with data analysis to create a reliable, more efficient and intelligent driving experience. Sutheran has developed Clickdrive to create the world’s first device to be entirely dedicated to driving along with business partner Rishi Saraswat.
Mark Sutheran who tried to build up such device long back in 2004 but had flopped for poor maintenance. Sutheran stated “We all saw the revolution in mobile technology; Wi-Fi, and high-speed networks become ubiquitous,” “But I could not understand why our cars are mostly no more connected than the Ford Model-T?”

Sutheran left his job in 2012 to develop Clickdrive and advance automotive technology for cloud-connected service. 

How it works? 

The device will be directly plugged in to an automobile, which enables motorists to download a number of apps to enhance their driving experience and given them information readily available when their hands are on the wheel. It means that it can be connected to iPad or any android device which will show the readings.

It was also heard that “So far, the Clickdrive team has worked out a strong prototype that works — and works well. Clickdrive outperforms existing smart driving technology by up to 500 percent.”

This project will be funded by a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Till date they have managed to raise $4,000  out of the $100,000.

Check out the below teaser to know more.


How Much The Cloud Has Grown [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 17, 2013
Gradually the cloud computing technology is spreading over business organizations for their IT infrastructure. Utilizing the cloud for many of your business data solutions will continue to be an attractive and perfectly reasonable option going forward. Yet it’s important to remember that cloud computing isn’t the end-all business solution that many of its proponents make it out to be. Thus, the decision to adopt cloud technology into your business model is one that should be made only after careful consideration has been given to the many benefits and security.

How Much The Cloud Has Grown [Infographic]

They are using the cloud and cloud apps more and more for reliability and easy access. Among public cloud providers, AWS maintains its lead, but Azure continues to make inroads in the percentage of respondents running applications as well as those who have plans to use it. Here is nice cloud infographic which explains how much the cloud has grown these days.

Source : Livehiveapp


SurDoc Offers 100GB Of Free Storage

Posted By: Poketors - August 29, 2013
Several companies have come up with their exciting offer for cloud storage. We are talking about the brands which promotes free cloud storage facility. Now one more new entrant is there - SurDoc. It offers 100GB of free cloud storage for one year. It is literally an attractive offer for customer, where other competitors release space on cloud very less compared to SurDoc. Lets look into the competitors free offer :

1. Google Drive -> Offers 15 GB
2. SkyDrive -> Offers 7 GB
3. Dropbox -> Offers 2GB
4. SugarSync -> Offers 5GB

What About After One Year :

Once the 1 year promotional period is over, it will change a annual fee of $30. If you want to continue with SurDoc then you have to pay the amount. While browsing Google Play, we found an update from SurDoc which says "We believe that cloud storage should be free, just like e-mail. Free doesn't mean that we don’t take responsibility for your files. We know that you care about security and privacy, and that you don’t want anyone else being able to read your files. This is why our service is ultra-secure. We are the only company in the market that ensures that only you can access your files."

The patent protection is applied by TruPrivacy technology which is used to encrypt all files. Hope you will make a try for this service. We would welcome suggestions from users who are using it.


Guide To Cloud Apps [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - October 10, 2012
Veracode presents a nice vintage style study about the current state of cloud apps adoption as well as the critical points an IT manager should consider during the decision process of a buy.

Guide To Cloud Apps [Infographic]

Cloud applications are becoming more popular and prominent than ever and they aren’t going anywhere. Working in the cloud makes sense as it allows for greater efficiency and easier collaboration.

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