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Top 8 Web Trends Of 2017 [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 02, 2017
The trend is not stable or constant. It is changing every year with introducing different pattern and approach. The following infographic visualizes top 8 web design trends, they expect to see in 2017!

Top 8 Web Trends Of 2017 [Infographic]

Website designers are under the pressure of creating unique websites that can deliver a brand message in a precise manner and in quick time. This is the chief reasons that the designers continue to experiment with elements such as interactive videos, images, and illustrations. Many business owners make sure that they mention their specific design needs in their design brief even when they launch a website design contest.

website trends
Source : designhill


How To Know Everything About A Website With Online Tools

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 25, 2014
Sometimes it is very important to know all the details about your own website or some other websites. It broadens your idea on your webpage visibility over web. It gives your proper information regarding your domain, contact person name, address, registrar and some useful details by which you can and know and contact those website owners. Below mentioned tools are the most useful online tools that will help you know each and every detail of any website. 

How To Know Everything About A Website With Online Tools

Let’s look into the following 12 tools and how they fetch data and provide you the valuable information.

  1. — In case you want the contact address, email and phone number of the website owner, this free whois lookup service will help you in obtaining that. It is a universal lookup service meaning it will fetch data from the whois database of all known domain registrars.
  2. — This online service will show you the name of the company where that website is hosted once you provide the name of the particular website. It will be helpful if you need the contact information of the web hosting provider for writing a DMCA Notice or in case you are switching web hosts.
  3. — A google product. You can see the Page Speed score of any website on both desktop and mobile devices. If you get a higher number it means the performance is good. It also suggests how the score can be improved.
  4. — A must need tool for bloggers to determine whether a particular website or blog is accessible from other countries. If the ping results show 100% Packet Loss then it is likely be the site is inaccessible from that region.
  5. — To know the social presence and engagement, you can use popuri to estimate the relative popularity of a website on social sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. It also display the Google Pagerank of a website and the Web of Trust matrix.
  6. — Ewhois also known as enhanced whois lookup, will help you know whois details, the AdSense publisher ID and the Google Analytics code of websites to determine other web domain if it belongs to the same owner or not.
  7. — In case it is a copyright related complaint against a website, there would be a copy of that letter stored in the Chilling Effects database. You can query this public database to know about all the copyright infringement complaints against a particular website.
  8. — You can analyze your competitor’s website by using this service. SEMrush will help you to know what organic keywords are people using to find a website, what is the site’s traffic and which are the competing websites compared to your's.
  9. — It provides a comprehensive report of any website or I.P. Address. You can know about the hosting provider, the physical location of a website, the IP Address change history of a website and the DNS information.
  10. — BuiltWith helps you to know the technology structure of any website. It also provides you the mail service provider of a domain, the advertising partners, the tracking widgets that are installed on a website and whether the site is using any CDN like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud etc. 
  11. — The service is a repository of all performance related metrics for a website. It maintains the record for the size of pages, their average load time and the number of failed requests over time for doamins.
  12. — It will help you to understand your website’s compatibility with various web browsers and detects coding errors that might cause problems for your website. You can also view how your site looks on different devices and browsers.


How To Earn Money Online As Web Designers And Web Developers

Posted By: Poketors - September 01, 2013
If you are a web designer or a web developer then you will definitely find this article helpful. If you are not then also you will find the ways and learn how to earn as a web designer or a web developer.

How To Earn Money Online As Web Designers And Web Developers

Lets start with the people who don't know about web designing or web development at all. If you are looking for resource for learning web designing, here are some landing pages that we would like to recommend:

Learning From Free Website :

1. Codecademy : Easy tutorials available on JavaScript, HTML and CSS, jQuery, Ruby, and Python from scratch and for free.

2. W3Schools : This website is one of the most visited websites for learners. It is a preferred place to start learning HTML and CSS, the foundations of building a website.

Learning From Paid Website :

1. TeamTreeHouse : Informative video tutorials available about business, web design, and web development for the absolute beginner.

2. Tuts+ Premium :  It offers several courses and video tutorials about web design and web development, this is one of the most popular learning website available today.

What is a web designer and a web developer?

A web designer designs templates in Adobe Photoshop (or another editor) and that’s the end of it, while web developers are responsible for the code that is written. It is a requirement that every web designer knows how to code their web templates, it basically means knowing how to use HTML and CSS which helps to develop websites.

Web Designers And Web Developers

How To Earn Money As A Web Designer :

If you have a good understanding of HTML and CSS and Adobe Photoshop then you are ready to start your job as web designer. Do not be disheartened. If you know you can do it, you can do it. 
Here is a list of things for web designers, web developers, graphic designers, and other tech savvy people can do to earn money online.

1. Writing How To Articles For Web Design Blogs :

If you are aware of the web designing technologies and have in depth knowledge then you can start writing articles for web design blogs so that you can get paid for your articles. Depending on the web design blog you are writing for, they pay you around $50 to $100 per article.

Required Skills : 

1. Proper understanding of the web technologies topics for which you will be writing
2. Good at writing in English

How To Start : 

1. Start your own blog and share your tips and techniques there and earn from advertising (which takes months before you actually earn).
2. Be a guest blogger and write for any established web design and web development blogs 

2. Print Designing :

Plenty of print design jobs are available over the net. If you know how print design works, you will never have problems accomplishing tasks given to you.  But remember one thing your work should be unique so that you can get noticed.

Required Skills : 

1. Designing, creativity and unique style
2. Should have knowledge in image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

How To Start :

1. Get requirements from clients
2. Send some sample designs to clients
3. Once client finalizes one of them, work on that and provide best service to your client
3. Selling Web Templates :

This is little bit harder task bur very much interesting thing. If you know the whereabouts of web designing and development things then it is very much easier job for you to create web template and offer to your clients. It is also a great way to build up a portfolio and show it on your blog.

Required Skills : 

1. Understanding of designing and development tools.
2. Should have knowledge in image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop.

How To Start :

1. Design a web template or web elements.
2. Show products in marketplaces like Elegant Themes with price tag.
3. Market your products to increase the chances of people buying your stuff by sharing in social media.

4. Selling Graphic Elements - Logos, Icons :

You can design logos and icons for web and mobile interfaces, web elements so that other designers can use for their designs.

Required Skills : 

1. Designing of icon and logo efficiency.
2. Knowledge on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop or similar tools.
5. Offering Web Design and Web Hosting Combo :

You can offer your clients web designing as well as web hosting service which would be a complete solution for your customers. They need not to go to a vendor for hosting and other for web designing.
instead of doing this you can host their websites with a monthly fee. You might offer some free maintenance service to delight customer.

Required Skills : 

1. Understanding of how web hosting services work, how to set up a website, how to manage through the control panel. A lot of reseller packages have free tutorials that can get your web hosting service running in few hours.
2. Web design skills to make a website according to your client's requirement.

How To Start :

1. Set up your web hosting service. it may take some time.
2. Once you have started the hosting service, promote your service to attract clients.
3. If you get customers and start building their website and host their website on your server.

It is a great idea to host your clients’ website which means receiving monthly payments. It’s one of those source which will ensure your regular monthly payment.

Resource : Web Hosting For Beginners

How To Earn Money As A Web Developer :

If you’re aware of the web development skills then it will be very easy task for you to go ahead. if you're new to web development but you want to be one, here are some resources and guides that can help you to be a web developer.

1.  Website Handyman :

A web developer who can fix a website’s problem, upgrade or develop extra features whenever required, and like a website’s resident web developer.

Required Skills : 

1. Knowledge on web hosting
2. Should have knowledge on PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some other web development languages.
How To Start :

1. Can start your service as adding features, upgrades, and maintaining the entire website, or network of websites.
2. Can take up project based work that take days or weeks to accomplish. It is basically a time framed task.

2. PSD to HTML/CSS :

You can convert PSD templates into working websites with the help of HTML/CSS coding.

Required Skills : 

1. Knowledge on Adobe Photoshop.
2. Knowledge on HTML/CSS
How To Start :

Get clients and take orders and accordingly convert their PSD to websites.

3. WordPress Theme Developer :

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and it is growing day by day. Be a theme developer and sell your theme or temple online.

Required Skills : 

1. Knowledge on HTML and CSS
2. Understanding of PHP 
3. WordPress platform, tools and plugins
4. Knowledge on desiging

How To Start :

1. Start designing a web template
2. Convert into HTML/CSS file
3. Make the WordPress theme,
4. List your themes online for sale.

Resource : WordPress To Go: How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

4. Selling Scripts and Snippets :

A lot of website owners are looking for ready made scripts and snippets and if you provide them as per their requirement then you can make money by doing that.

Required Skills : 

1. Knowledge on JavaScript or PHP
2. Knowledge on HTML and CSS

How To Start : 

Design the template and make sure that your scripts and snippets are compatible and can be run on all the blogging platforms.

Find below some best selling paid tutorials which will give you step by step instructions on building website and hosting it, at the same time learning HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Photoshop Tools.


Here is what we have for you if you are ready to make money as web designer or a web developer. Share your views too if you find any other way.


How To Convert Inline CSS Style To External CSS

Posted By: Poketors - August 08, 2013
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is declared to maintain the formatting, layout and appearance of Web page elements. You can include CSS declarations in multiple locations in an HTML file, including inline, internally and optionally in an external file.

How To Convert Inline CSS Style To External CSS

Find the below mentioned simple steps to convert an Inline CSS  to External CSS:

Open a new file in a text editor and save it with a ".css" extension -- for example, "blogpage.css" or any other name you prefer. Add a link to your style sheet within the head section of your HTML page. Open the page and look for the closing "</head>" .

2. Append the following before it:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="blogpage.css" />
Alter the "href" attribute value if you saved your file with a different name.

Search for the CSS declarations you want to move to your external style sheet. If the declarations are inline like the below example where opening tags of elements :
<div style="color:#FH0000; background-color:#333000;">Text in element</div>.
4. Now select the text listed between the quotation marks as the "style" attribute, copy it and paste it into your CSS file. Delete the entire style attribute from the HTML element when you have it copied into your style sheet.

5. Enter ID and class  attributes to your HTML elements to identify them in the CSS file. Alter your opening "div" tag again, this time including an ID attribute:
<div id="content">Text in element</div>
<div class="content">Text in element</div>
6. Now add block for identifying the class or ID you chose. For the ID attribute, use the below syntax:
{ color:#FF0000; background-color:#000000; }
If you used a class attribute, use the following:
{ color:#FH0000; background-color:#333000; }
7. Add any CSS code from an internal style sheet into your external file. It will look like following :
<style type="text/css">
div {font-weight:bold;}
8. Copy the code between the "style" tags and paste it into your CSS file. Delete the entire "style" area from your HTML when it has been successfully copied. Save your file and you are don with moving inline CSS to external CSS.


How To Select Free Web Hosting For Your First Blog

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 24, 2011
Blogger or WordPress are basically the blogging platform where you launch and start blogging. But as you grow as a blogger on web and have published good amount of posts, it's time to move or opt for web hosting. The reason behind is that you will be now concentrating on earning from your blogs and mostly you need to pay attention to your blog readers. Here you need to switch to web hosting; it means you need to move your whole blog from Blogger or WordPress to some web hosting sites where you can manage your blogs and modify using coding which was not allowed in those blogging platform. Now you can choose a hosting domain from various hosting providers and that are offering a free service with premium features.

How To Select Free Web Hosting For Your First Blog

Most of the bloggers opt for a free hosting as they are not ready to invest for monthly fee or their blogs are not getting that much viewers. So overall you can get your blog on a platform where you can design and modify as you want.

Basic advantages of Free Web Hosting :

To host a blog free of cost is somehow saves money and somehow bloggers get the experience of web hosting. No monthly or annual fee is required for your domain to be hosted on web. If you want a domain name then you can go for a domain name with a small payment. 

We can line up some of the benefits of free web hosting:

1. No burden of paying the hosting company on monthly basis or yearly basis and no time frame is there.

2. Free web hosting companies do not limit your number of blogs to be hosted on their domains hence eliminating the option to think that you have a limitation. So you can create a second or third blog easily whenever you want.

3. Most of the free web hosting companies have similar features to that of premium web hosting with some useful features.

4. The basic features like cPanel, Website Builder, Email accounts are also available in free web hosting sites.

Well, now it's the time to move your blog to some free web hosting platforms mentioned below :,,,,,,
Please check the terms and conditions before you move to free hosting domains.

How To Backup Firefox Bookmarks

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 24, 2011
Taking favorites & bookmarks backup in Microsoft Internet Explorer is very easy and this step includes just copying the Favorite folder from My Documents. But in other browser it requires to follow few simple steps. We have observed that due to several system crash issue we may lose our data as well as important bookmarks too. But you are really in trouble when you lose your browser data like browser settings, bookmarks, toolbar, add-ones, cookies etc which you have saved and bookmarked since long time.
 How To Backup Firefox Bookmarks

Nowadays Mozilla Firefox has become the most used web browser in the world because of its support-ability with all web pages containing either video, audio or images . So people set Firefox as your default web browser and save a lot of settings daily, like addons, toolbar, bookmarks, saved forms etc.

Firefox backup toolDue to multiple reason your system may crash and when you re-install your browser at that time it would be time consuming task to bring back all the settings, addons, important page bookmarks which you have saved before.

MozBackup is a very useful utility for taking backups of your Firefox browser. It offers you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, passwords, contacts, history, extensions, cache, cookies etc.

The support-ability products are Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spice bird, Songbird and Netscape profiles. This MozBackup software is 100% free and you can download it here.

To backup Firefox Browser follow the steps below:

mozbackup1. Start MozBackup Utility and click on Next.
2. Now select Backup a profile and highlight Mozilla Thunderbird and Click Next
3. Highlight your profile (by default)
4. You can select the location where your backup files should be stored (by default it will save in My Document) and click on Next
5. You will be prompted with an option where you can opt for password protect your backup file. Click yes for setting password.
6. Now select the stuffs that you want to backup (ex: Bookmarks, email, address books, extensions, saved password, etc …) and click Next.
7. Click on Next and it will start backup your Firefox Browser
8. When it's done you will get a Finish button. Click on it and you are done.

Hope you have taken backup of all the useful bookmarks, mail, passwords, contacts, history, extensions, cache, cookies etc.

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