How To Optimize AdSense For Forums To Increase Income

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 18, 2011
Each and every blogger who is making money from the blog uses AdSense but there are certain things which have to be kept in mind when you use AdSense in Forum.

Google AdSense Optimization1. Structure / Format.

Format is important for multiple ad units. You can place a skyscraper above the fold on the left side of your forum, will be accepted  for better performance than other positions. Anyway, using multiple ad units throughout the page is good but bloggers do prefer horizontal ads and it still favors the leaderboard.

In quick reference we can line up the Format to look into :
a) Ad Position b) Number of ads c) Ad Design d) Ad Sizes e)Ad Sizes

2. Always display your ad units where returning visitors can access them.

The leaderboard at the top of the page can be fit nicely next to the logo, but the people who are regular to forum tend to skip the header and go straight to the content forum thread. So if you place the ad unit above or below the first post will be more effective. See the below figure of forum page map to determine the places in you page, where you can put ads.

AdSense ad placing locating in a page
3. Hence place a leaderboard immediately after the last post.
This trick will help you in making the readers to come to the end of a thread with a ‘next step’ where the content ends. In case you place it after the footer, readers will move to the next thread before they even see the ad. 

4. Always use horizontal link units 

Link units displays some relevant topics for readers related to your present blog post in the page. So a horizontal link unit can be placed near the top of your forum just below the header/menu or the below post location.

5. Use image ads.

Image ads basically increases the clicks particularly cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) ads which are displayed on your site. Since forums have lower click-through rates (CTRs) than other tech or informative links blogs, CPM ads definitely improve revenue generation. Here we need to keep it in mind that CPM ads come in both text and image formats. 

6. Be sensitive to your forum community 

As we all know that the Forums are highly interactive, so be sensitive to your readers when implementing Google AdSense ads. Make sure that the ads nicely organized and placed, but don’t organize them so well that the ads mislead your blog readers. We have different types of  forums available in the web and hence you should know the community better and always use your own decisions according to the topic of the forum blogs. In this way you can put the perfect ads blending with the page layout and matching with the content.

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