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Why Do You Need Bing And Yahoo Optimized Site?

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 26, 2014
Google has been the number 1 choice in search engine space. It has also been observed that when it comes to search engine rules modification, Google has made a lot of changes on various SEO aspects. All of us who do SEO practices, spend most of our time optimizing for Google. It's also recommended and absolutely correct considering Google owns more than two-thirds of the market. But what about the search engines other than Google? What about Bing and Yahoo that occupy the rest of the space? Why is it necessary to optimize for these search engines also?
Why Do You Need Bing And Yahoo Optimized Site?
Search Engine Optimization practices should be done for all search engines. But as per normal practice most of us do is Google Search Optimization. SEO practice for Google takes up a lot of time and effort. What do you do whether to spend time on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo? or only Google will be enough for your site?

Heads Up For Bing & Yahoo :

Spending time to optimize your site for Bing & Yahoo will definitely give you positive result for your site performance. Doing this you are not wasting your time rather you are spending your valuable time by investing it. Google is notorious for bringing out Pandas and  others which can kill a website if it is not taken care properly. 

Consider spending time for Google, which definitely take much more time but consider spending some extra time along with Google also for optimizing Bing and Yahoo as well. Now the question is : who is actually using Bing and Yahoo? These two engines share almost 30% of the total searches between then, and that's a significant figure which can be taken care as well.

Search Preferences, Strategy, Statistics and Facts :

Developing SEO strategy and preferences for the demographics of Yahoo and Bing would definitely help you to get the market. You can figure out who is using these engines and then you can create strategies that are specific to that demographic.  A study was done by an internet marketing company WebpageFX. According to this company, a persons' educational background and political affiliations might effect their search engine preference. The study is limited to the US, but it can show how search preferences vary with location. It also reported that the Bing and Yahoo are most popular in states such as North Dakota, West Virginia, Ohio, and Arkansas within US. These are the few areas where Google is less popular than in other states. If your business is based on audience from the US, you can make use of the study which can give you some useful help. Its always good to know the people who are looking for what kinds of information on each search engine can be a great help in determining how to optimize differently for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How These Search Engines Are Linked :

From the discussion above, we know that it's important to optimize for Yahoo and Bing. But how can a person manage all of the three search engines at a time? Its easy. Many of us have confusion that Yahoo and Bing are totally different search engines. But the fact is that Yahoo search is powered by Bing. So overall, you'll have to optimize for Google and one more search engine i.e. Bing. Google and Bing algorithms are similar in some ways. For example, if any site is having high number of quality dofollow backlinks then it will be important to Bing and Google both.

Search engines should be optimized properly and along with that it's important to focus more on your content. Hope this article helps you to understand the importance of these search engines. Suggestions and comments will be welcomed if any other information you have.

Apple Announces Bing As Default Web Search Provider In iOS

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 05, 2014
Microsoft’s Bing has managed to beat competitor Google in making a place inside Apple's iOS. Apple announced during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this week that Bing would be the new default Web search provider in iOS.

Apple Announces Bing As Default Web Search Provider In iOS

Some sources revealed that Apple has also incorporated Bing into Yosemite, its new Mac OS X release and has opted for Bing.

Microsoft's Bing said in a blog post that “As the world of devices constantly changes and new form factors come into play there will be a need to better use information, either by seeking it out or having it pushed to you, and take action/ Bing has shifted its focus to be in position to be the search for this new, changing world. You should expect relevant information to come to you when and where you need it. You should expect experiences to adapt to you and your context, instead of the other way around. You should expect proactive experiences that anticipate what you need. You should expect information to be actionable for what you need at home or work. Only Bing and Microsoft can provide all of this, and we couldn’t be more excited for the next five years and beyond.”


Microsoft's Bing Gets Cortana Powered Homepage

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 18, 2014
Bing’s homepage is getting better with the help of Microsoft’s first ever voice-activated digital assistant Cortana. Microsoft has introduced a set of personalized cards on the Bing homepage to help users keep track of items that are important to them such as weather, news or stocks. Users have to sign in to their Microsoft account and set up their interests in Bing settings with the help or its newly introduced voice-activated assistant.

Microsoft's Bing Gets Cortana Powered Homepage

A blog post said that “When it’s appropriate, Bing will let you know if for example your stock changes or flight is delayed. The best part? As long as you’re signed in, Bing will remember your interests and notify you, as appropriate, across a range of Bing-powered Microsoft services, such as Cortana and the Bing Sports app.”

Cortana was brought as beta in the U.S., was designed to be like a real personal assistant.

Microsoft also claims that “Cortana is the only digital assistant that gets to know you, builds a relationship that you can trust, and gets better over time by asking questions based on your behavior and checking in with you before she assumes you’re interested in something. She detects and monitors the stuff you care about, looks out for you throughout the day, and helps filter out the noise so you can focus on what matters to you. To develop Cortana, we talked to a number of real personal assistants. One technique these assistants spoke about was keeping track of the interests and preferences of their bosses in a notebook,” Belfiore said. “We thought… what a great idea! So all the stuff Cortana curates for you is stored in Cortana’s Notebook. This information enables Cortana to be proactive and helpful throughout the day.”

Xbox One Updates New IE Search Bing

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 07, 2014
Xbox One users might have noticed a new system update earlier this week. The main update includes web results into the Xbox One search function. Xbox One enable users to perform simple, natural language voice searches using the Kinect microphone via its updated Bing as in back end.
Xbox One Updates New IE Search Bing

Xbox Bing will show games, music, and video results from the Xbox marketplace. It will also provide relevant items from the web .

Official Xbox websites reports as "When you’re searching for content, there’s now a direct link to IE to see related results on the web. New gesture and controller features let you directly zoom and pan Bing and Google maps. And search is even faster in IE – just highlight a phrase on a web page and press the menu button to search Bing and learn more."

You can highlight text on any web page incase you are using Internet Explorer on your Xbox One. Just press the menu button to activate Bing search for the highlighted terms. Similar feature was introduced a few years ago as  Lasso search on Bing for iPad.


How Google Has Changed Research For Grad Students [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 16, 2014
Google has been dominating each and every industries with its various products and services. Even it has changed the research for graduation students also. In a survey it is found that 94 percentage of U.S. students who equate research with using Google, or other search engines. 75 percentage of students who use Wikipedia and online encyclopedias. 87 the percentage of all US adults using the Internet who also use search engines.

How Google Has Changed Research For Grad Students [Infographic]

Most of the users according to the age group use Google search for different purposes. But in the search engines battle, Google has been always kept its position as No. 1 with its products and service offerings. Here is an infographic which states how Google has changed research for graduation students.

Just Google It: How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students

Source: Visually.

Various Search Engines And Directories

Posted By: Poketors - September 29, 2013
Since years search engines are used and are served to provide various results according to the billions of queries raised by people. Even today also, search engine market has remained mostly similar like it used to be before a decade. Only change is that the algorithm used in these engines. Still the search giant Google is there followed by other search engines namely Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, which combine for hundreds of billions of searches every month in United States. A lot of search engine companies came to market meanwhile and vanished also due to their improper focus and approach on search engine market.

We will discuss on some of the major search engines, the history and the facts :

Google : 

It was started in 1998 as a university project by Stanford University students Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Now no need for any introduction, Google is the dominant search engine used by billions of information seekers. In fact, in June of 1999 Netscape Search was updated and AOL/Netscape search began to be powered by Google bringing their search volume to approximately 3 million per day. The number was really huge at that time.
On June 26, 2000 Yahoo Selected Google to provide its organic search results which was known as Inktomi with its impressive index of more than 25 million pages. Again a huge number for that time. Now the word Google is used as a synonym with the word "search" and we very often say "Google it" instead of search it.

Bing : 

It was founded in May 2009 as an upgraded version from Microsoft's MSN Search. After the launch of Bing, Microsoft's share of the search marketplace has more than doubled. Recently the deal between Microsoft and Yahoo for Bing to power Yahoo's organic results and Bing crosses over 25 percent of search.

After merging up of Microsoft/Yahoo alliance also came the affect that Yahoo's paid search platform would be used to power both Yahoo and Bing's paid results. 

Yahoo :

It was founded in March 1994 and once upon a time Yahoo was a major leader in the search field. Before Google was introduced, Yahoo was the only popular search engine avaible over net. It declined its position by making multiple bad decisions, announcing layoffs unnecessarily and proved their moves as one of the worst business decisions in history when they turned down a takeover from Microsoft valued at $33/share. Yahoo shares turned down after that and have never been anywhere close since.
Since years until 2012, it seemed that everything was going on wrong directions. But in July 16 when the announcement came that they had appointed Marissa Mayer from Google to become CEO. This one was obviously the biggest news and might be a very good news. It made people wondering whether this effort would change of direction that the company has been waiting for.

Other Major Search Engines :

We all know that Google dominates most of the part in the world, but not everywhere. Yahoo and Bing together also found very hard to make footprints in Google's search market share on other continents, but a couple of search engines in other countries have managed to stay ahead. 

Here are the search engines :

Baidu :

Baidu is the major player in China with more than three of every four searches conducted on their engine. Baidu uses a hybrid approach wherein they have pay for performance (P4P) results. P4P is basically an approach where users bid to have their websites place at the top of what would appear to be the organic results.

Along with search, Baidu offers PPC which, similar to AdWords, is displayed at the top or right of the standard results. But looking at the interface one can say that the existence of the PPC-like results further confuses the users clicking on the standard results area into believing they are organically generated.

Some investors consider Baidu to be overvalued as a stock, their earnings are consistently high. Understanding Baidu to market into China is not an easy but if used properly can be useful for business.

Yandex :

Yandex is the best and most popular of all Russian-language search engines with significant market in Russia.  On October 1, 2012, Yandex launched their own browser and mobile app to keep their position secure against competitor Google in Russia. Yandex's advantage in Russian seems to be based on an algorithm that performs better and used unique syntax and integrating that into the results the user is likely looking for ; like the search string a question or simply keyword entry.


Directories are very useful and very interesting topic. It creates an repository which proves billions of links into it and resulting page rankings.

Yahoo Directory :

The Yahoo Directory was started in 1994 under the name "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web" which is laten on named as Yahoo. It used tobe a directory with search functionality. The unique part was that there was no such SEO practice was carried out at that time.

Later on it was found that Yahoo tried releasing a web portal and in 2000 even signed a deal with Google that would see Google power Yahoo's search functionality. Their focus at the time was to acquire users through acquisitions such as GeoCities which was later on discontinued.


Best Of The Web is one of the most favourites of the general directories. They allow for a permanent listing. It was founded in 1994 as a listing of the best of the web. In 1998, the site seemed down to the market trends and when purchased in 2002, it is known as general web directory.

BOTW is a human edited directory. They will decline your listing if they don't like the site. A submission is $150 annually or $300 for a permanent listing.


DMOZ needs no introduction as this is one of the best directories over net. DMOZ was founded in June 1998 as Gnuhoo. Later on Netscape purchased it in October of the same year and discovered as Open Directory Project. In 2000, it finally surpassed the Yahoo Directory in number of URLs in it's index and currently sits at about 5.2 million. : was founded in 1999 as a search engine for business and corporations categories. Unfortunately they were about to bankruptcy during the dot-com bubble bursting. Later on,  after doing major layoffs and restructuring of the organization they started making profit in the year 2003.
Link building is a better strategy which would be useful to get maximum output from the directories. We would suggest you to save this page and submit to a few and as you're building more links using different strategies.  Starting with 1 or 2 directory submissions would give you better result. Find below some free and paid directory listings :
  • Jayde – Submission is free.
  • 01 Web Directory – Free submission option or $49 one-time.
  • JoeAnt – $39.99 one-time fee.
  • Ezilon – $69 annual fee of $199 permanent.
  • Alive – $75 annual fee or $225 permanent.
  • Aviva – $50 annually or $150 permanent.
  • SunStream – $29 annually or $49 permanent.
  • Wow Directory – $43 for a permanent listing.'
  • GoGuides – $69 one time.
General Directory Tips :

Top 4 common and universally applicable directory tips are as follows :
  • If a directory list you automatically then it's not an editorial link and either doesn't carry weight. It should be avoided.
  • If it requires link back when a paid is available then it should be avoided.
  • If a directory with a PageRank of 3 or less carries no weight. You should always look at PageRank 3 directories in the case of niche directories. And don't even consider anything less than a PageRank 4.
  • If a directory does make sense that this link should have weight for your site then you can be pretty much sure that it would be an useful link.
There are a lot of great niche directories. Try to put them all on a list and add to 1 or 2 each month while at the same time you have an updated site for Google. You should have good content liked by directory editors, bloggers and most the educated readers.


Basic Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 20, 2011
SEO is the acronym for "Search Engine Optimization" or "Search Engine Optimizer" which gives us a series of clues and techniques to interpret the mode of operation search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines manages and show their results through algorithms that undergo analysis with hundreds of factors. Each company uses a different formula for maintaining the SEO standards.

Basic Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Here are some basic tips for optimizing your blog for better visibility in various search engines with simple SEO practices.

1. Content Type

The first thing is that what users see and what are the search engines. Users can see and / or read the website but search engines can only read the programming code with which they are developed and, even today, still cannot read them all equally, for example, Flash has recently joined Google results but cannot be optimized as HTML. Graphics, sounds and videos are part of a page that search engines cannot decipher it is for this reason that the positioning work is based on HTML tags and text.

2. Index-ability of webpages

It refers to the published webpages to be properly indexed by search engine robots, allowing access to all corners, facilitating navigation and showing all its contents clearly. So we should index our web pages in all web directories.

The Meta Tags

These are code in the header is not visible on screen when displaying the page. There are several types of Meta-Tags and they do a description of the content and features we want that search engines take into account.

Meta Robots : This tag is only necessary if you want that page is not indexed in search engines.

Meta Description : This tag is important because it allows us to make a more profound than in the title, which we refer to the page content.

Meta Keywords : Perhaps the most important. Any other Meta tag is not considered by most search engines, only for some very specialized, you must use all the techniques to be successful.

Over all, the main goal of HTML tags for a good positioning are:

Title of pages:
Before setting up any other theme it is important to define the titles of your pages, which should make a brief reference to the content of the page to which you are presenting to web directories, should look into including the most important word describe the page or section.

Short description or abstract of the document as a meta tag that summarizes in a brief and concise content of the document and that may appear below the title in the "SERP's (search results pages of search engines.)

H1, H2, H3, ... Hn:
Correspond to the holders of any websites, so that the text you include in this tag will be taken into account for the contents of the page. Its importance depends on the number that accompanies them, H1 being the most important and so on until H6. You should only use a single level page and not found much use beyond the H4.

The URL:
Well! Here you should be as descriptive as possible and also facilitate proper indexing of the document. As an example: / activity-main.html
To strengthen the content of the page and improve your position in search engines it is important that labels view the URL above and have the same content.

A picture of a pen drive with name as "xyz.jpg" is not very descriptive, but if you change it to "usbdrive.jpg" and you're telling the search engines what is that picture. And you can add the ALT attribute, very important for accessibility of documents and for proper indexing, with a description of the photo, in this case ALT = "a 16 GB pen drive”.

Outbound links:
Always try to add value to the user through the content with outbound links. Since your users can not navigate all the available web pages, hence transform your reference page with unique content that extends and complement the information.

The map:
Last but not the least, your site should include a file sitemap.xml , a map of your site to facilitate proper indexing by search engines. Reference Google URL :

3. Proper Keywords

Most important factors in the managing natural results are the key words, as in any book we are informed of the contents of the page and to be text, are perfectly understood by search engines, you should avoid using text as: "Home Page", "Home," Name of the Institution. A reader or info seeker wants to find a page on the Internet, usually through a search engine.

Positioning campaign must begin with the analysis of the keywords or keywords for which you want to optimize the website. Keywords means those words such as "blogging" or strings of words such as "blogging in technology”, and your choice will depend on the content and finally the target to which you want to address.

Summary at a glance on SEO:

i) ContentBasis of SEO, without content you have nothing to position. The content which is created, has quality and is accessible and readable by search engines.

ii) S.E.O.(search engine optimization) & Keywords (keywords): The bases for the classification of any form are the key words, for according to the words that we include on our site, we store the search engines. So choose the best keywords for your site is one of the great challenges of SEO.

iii) Optimization: Once you have the list of keywords you're using should try to take the best advantage of optimizing your content using tags , as the title (title), headers (h1, h2, h3, ...) and description (short summary of your page.)

iv) Link building: Making other sites linked to yours is what is known as link building. Since the content is not sold by itself is important to promote related sites, portals and social networks and eventually cultivate relationships with other bloggers and with your own readers, it is the way that can help you promote you by word of mouth.

Most the bloggers monetize their contents by keeping in mind the above tips which in turn brings money to their accounts and provides a source of income.

4. Services by professionals

If you have followed all the above steps and still think you are not getting good rank in the site then you should hire an SEO which/who can improve your site and save time. Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including:
  • Review the content and site structure.
  • Technical assistance in the development of web sites like hosting
  • Content Development.
  • Campaigns for online business development.
  • Research of Keywords.
  • Training on SEO.
During the journey from pre-blogger to pro-blogger, you can keep learning how to write a SEO friendly article or you can engage some source or an expert who can help you in that. Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in search results, appear in organic search results is free. There are free resources such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Webmaster Central blog and forum, which can provide sufficient information about optimizing your site for organic search in search engines.

Hope the above article helps you to get some idea. Now its time to start a blog and get your site’s rank better in search engines.

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