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How To Write A Persuasive Email [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 30, 2021
Let’s face it: in these strange times, no boss knows exactly what they need or what is going to happen. It’s the perfect moment for potential employees to carve out a niche.

How To Write A Persuasive Email [Infographic] researched the science of persuasion and the dynamics of email communication to identify the best practice for writing an on-spec job email. They have identified the key sections you need to include in your email and tips to personalize each section and hone it to the job and employer of your dreams. Let's find the below infographic to understand the trick to write a persuasive email.



Email Still Key For Work Communication

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 04, 2015
Pew Research Internet Project completed a  study  which shows researchers found roughly six out of every 10 American workers prefer e-mail as highly important following by internet to their workflow.

Email Still Key For Work Communication
The usual Email communication shows as vital for workers with less preferred landline phones, cellular phones and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook rounding out the list.

The report says, “(E)mail and the internet are particularly important to adults who work in traditionally “white collar,” office-based occupations such as professionals, executives, managers, business owners, and clerical workers. They are also critical for the 59 percent of employed online adults who take their jobs outside of the physical boundaries of the workplace at least occasionally.”

The statistics are a bit surprising as nowadays we have seen a havoc growth for social media but still Email continued to the best reliable mode of communication in workplace.

The study’s statistics can be reviewed to determine the cyber attack against Sony Pictures. That hack job ended up seeing countless pieces of information making its way in to the hands of the public including personal information of celebrities and high-ranking Sony officials. So the percentage shows how an email hack can breach the security of an organization.

How To Make Your Email Hack-proof

Posted By: Arin Dey - December 28, 2014
Recent hack of Sony is a perfect example of company security breaches, exposed months of employee emails. Hackers very often hacks confidential information about a company and its customers, such as credit-card numbers and email addresses.

How To Make Your Email Hack-proof

The basic way which is well practiced by hackers is by sending fake emails with malicious links to employee inboxes of a particular company.

Below are five simple steps that will make your email more secure and safe from hackers.

1. Label And Organize :

A lot of emails we receive from different email IDs everyday. You have to sort them into folders. This process will help you make your inbox more secure and the attacker has to know which folder to go to, or to take multiple steps to search for wanted information which is tough job indeed. Always remove any kind of sensitive information from your inbox.

2. Archive frequently :

A lot of corporate email systems allow people to set up regularly scheduled archiving so that emails are moved from the server after a certain number of days and can be saved to a archived file safe into your hard drive or USB storage media.

3. Keep Personal And Official Email Separate : 

Never use your company/official email for personal use. It will allow hackers to look into your company email account with several hacking tricks and resulting exploiting your company's system.

4. Never click on unknown attachments :

Delete the entire email or the attachment in case you receive an email with a link or attachment. You can confirm with the sender that the email sent to him was done by mistake or purposefully.  You can hover your mouse cursor over the hyperlink or right-click on any link from companies such as banking institutions, to see its linking site or activity.

5. Involve IT helpdesk :

Any received email containing a link or attachment strikes you as strange then immediately engage your IT department to look into the security threats.


Google Introduces Simplified Email Service "Inbox"

Posted By: Arin Dey - October 23, 2014
Google introduced a new email service named as "Inbox" recently. It will organize emails and display information such as appointments, flight bookings and package deliveries in a more user-friendly and a better way.

Google Introduces Simplified Email Service "Inbox"

Google said it was sending out invitations to selected Gmail users to try out the new service. Users can also email the company at to get an invitation.
Google says "When you start using Inbox, you’ll quickly see that it doesn't feel the same as Gmail—and that’s the point. Gmail’s still there for you, but Inbox is something new. It’s a better way to get back to what matters, and we can't wait to share it with you."
Here are the highlights of Inbox :

Bundles: It will keep the promotional emails, emails regarding travel or purchase organized automatically. No need for manual labeling.

Highlights: It displays the important info at a glance. You can see order updates, flight status, reservation details, and pictures without having to open the message.
Reminders: You can get the reminders or to-do list to the top of your inbox.

Snooze: You can snooze to-do’s, messages and reminders whenever you want.

The new service is being provided alongside Gmail which was launched in 2004. It will be available on the Web as well as on Android smartphones and iPhones.

Lets see how it works along with Google's much popular Gmail service. Share  and leave your comments below.


How To Improve Your Email Writing [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 13, 2014
There are a lot of tricks that will help get your email noticed. Keywords in the subject line are critical. More than a third of email recipients determine whether they should even open an email based on the subject line alone. Always try to keep your emails short and to the point. The majority of emails are read on a mobile device, where screens are small. Keep your email to 150 words or about five sentences. Find the below infographic for more tips on how to improve your writing skills for emails.

How to Write Better Emails (Infographic)

Source : Entrepreneur & WhoIsHostingThis


How To Use Email Alert Service?

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 08, 2014
Most of us are using Google Alerts to keep track on the happening things around the world. But do you know a lot of other interesting and useful email alert services are there, which are also used. Email alerts are very useful when you want to get an update for a particular news. Say if you want to get updates for "FIFA matches", it will provide you multiple results for your reference. You can select your specific result from the list. 

How To Use Email Alert Service?

Here are top 10 email alert services:
  1. Google Alerts : Mostly used email service among all. As it is Google powered alert system, it has all the queries on various topics and search strings to keep track on latest news and update. Easy to set and use.
  2. Mention :Google Alerts track mentions on websites but the Mention service monitors the social media websites and commenting platforms. it only works on the content that has been published in the past 24 hours.
  3. Follow-up Gmail : We all have the “starred” folder in our Gmail, which is a collection center of email messages that require follow-up. It uses a Google Script that sends a daily digest of 10 random messages, picked from your starred items, that may require follow-up.
  4. Follow your World : Another Google service that allows you to track satellite images of various locations within Google Maps and Google Earth. You can get an email alert each time Google releases new and updated aerial imagery for the various locations that you are tracking. This service is limited to Google products only.
  5. Domain Tools : It allows you to monitor web domains and alerts you via email when any of the monitored domains are nearing expiration. If the domains are renewed or there are some crucial changes in the Whois records of the domain it sends you the alerts.  You can explore more tools to know everything about websites.
  6. Book Alerts : Amazon has also a useful alert tools to track the release of upcoming books by your favorite authors or publications.
  7. Newsle :This service tracks news websites and alerts you when any of your friends or people in your social network appear in news stories. It analyzes your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to determine your friends and acquaintances.
  8. Brook : Brooks sends you a daily email alerts of the five best tweets from your favorite tweeters so you can't miss them from the never-ending twitter stream.
  9. Visual Ping – You can mark visually an area on any web page. This service then sends an email alert when the web page is modified.
  10. Talkwalker – If your name, your brand or your website gets mentioned in news stories, websites and forums, you can get alert with the help of this service. It works in a similar fashion to Google Alerts.
Other than these 10 email alert tools, there are some other tools also like Wikipedia Watch,
TimehopIFTTTMouseLock etc.


Yahoo Mail Users Affected By Hacking Attempt

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 01, 2014
Some hackers attempted to access a number of Yahoo accounts recently. Yahoo didn't reveal the number of accounts have been in attack by hackers but the company said that attempt has already prompted all affected users to reset their passwords.

Jay Rossiter, senior vice-president of Platforms and Personalization Products said in a blog post that “Based on our current findings, the list of usernames and passwords that were used to execute the attack was likely collected from a third-party database compromise. We have no evidence that they were obtained directly from Yahoo’s systems. Our ongoing investigation shows that malicious computer software used the list of usernames and passwords to access Yahoo Mail accounts. The information sought in the attack seems to be names and e-mail addresses from the affected accounts’ most recent sent e-mails.”

Jai Rossiter indicated  the following steps to protect users who are having Yahoo mail box:
  • They are resetting passwords on affected accounts.
  • Introducing second sign-in verification to allow users to re-secure their accounts.
  • Federal law enforcement has been involved to find and prosecute the perpetrators responsible for this attack.
  • Already taken additional measures to block attacks against Yahoo’s systems.
He recommended Yahoo Mail users to change their passwords regularly. Also he added that user should have passwords using variations of symbols and characters. It would be better not to use the same password on multiple sites or services.

He added that “Using the same password on multiple sites or services makes users particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks, they regret this has happened and want to assure our users that we take the security of their data very seriously.”


Free, Anonymous, Disposable Email Services

Posted By: Poketors - January 06, 2012
Have you ever imagined an email service without sign-up? Here is the service Mailinator which doen't require any sigh-up. Mailinator accepts email for any e-mail address within the domain, and allows anyone to read it. The best advantage here is you can avail this service without registering for an account or authenticate via a password. Overall it basically provides the users with an anonymous and temporary e-mail address which in result helps in reducing spam emails.

Email name you can think of already exists at Arriving email with a specific recipient name “creates” accounts at Mailinator. Hence it is not necessary to have an account or mailbox with the recipient’s name which needs to be created before. If you want, you will get it.  Or else require WantToGo? DawnOnRoad? RivalOrFriend? No issues at all. Once you create it, its ready for use.

Main features of mailinator :

1. Use any inbox you like
2. No Sign-up is required
3. Inbox is created when email arrives for them
4. Make up email addresses on the fly
5. Make-up address, give it to others, come here and check inbox!
6. RSS/Atom feeds for every Inbox
7. Give out a Mailinator address any time you need an email address but don’t want to get spammed!

Here is the steps to check received mail :

1. A user goes to the Mailinator website and enters the recipient name. 
2. There are no passwords and there is no way to keep others from seeing the e-mail, except by choosing a very-hard-to-guess username (usernames can be up to 25 characters in length) or using the “cloaked” address for that username (as explained below). 
3. Therefore, Mailinator is not intended and should not be used for sensitive information. Users can delete e-mail upon reading it or allow the system to auto-delete it after a few hours. Mail cannot be sent from the Mailinator website.
4. Mailinator has introduced a “cloaking” feature in which every recipient name has a cloaked identifier starting with “M8R-” and a string of characters. Mail may be sent to either the original recipient name or the cloaked name. Mail will only go to the mailbox for the original recipient name, and the cloaked address will always have an empty mailbox. For example, the recipient name meall (“”) will also have the cloaked address M8R-tcrfvc (“”). Mail sent to the cloaked address M8R-tcrfvc will go to the destination mailbox meall, while the M8R-tcrfvc mailbox will always be empty. There is no way to translate the cloaked address into the destination address.
5. Emails may be viewed in unmodified “text view” mode. Mailboxes may also be accessed directly via the URL as in

Note : Mails sent to mailinator is automatically deleted after a few hours whether or not the user reads it.

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