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Google Appoints Fashion & Marketing Expert For Glass Project

Posted By: Arin Dey - May 19, 2014
Google has taken up the Glass project seriously as it appointed fashion and marketing expert Ivy Ross to boost up Google Glass in the hopes the former chief marketing officer at, the Web’s largest retailer of wall art, can make the glasses interesting for diversified customers from IT industry to normal non-IT professionals. The fashion designer has taken up this project and hopefully she will make the computerized spectacles as sleek, chic and appealing as possible.
Ivy Ross
Ivy Ross explained about the new job role in a Google+ post :

With your help, I look forward to answering the seemingly simple, but truly audacious questions Glass poses: Can technology be something that frees us up and keeps us in the moment, rather than taking us out of it? Can it help us look up and out at the world around us, and the people who share it with us? I have spent my career–Calvin Klein, Swatch, Coach, Mattel, Bausch & Lomb, Gap and, most recently,–at the intersection of design and marketing, trying to answer questions like this in different ways, for different products. But Glass is especially cool, as no one has really tried to answer them with a product like this before. That’s our job, Explorers! I’m just getting started on Glass, but, because of all of you, and your thoughtful and smart feedback, I feel like I have an incredible head start. And I look forward to learning even more from you, and experiencing Glass together.

Google has already made Glass available to all American buyers as long as the wearable computer remains in stock. The Glass is priced at $1,500 only.

Google said in a recent Google+ post that “We’re ready to keep meeting new Explorers, and we can’t wait to hear all your experiences and feedback to continue to make Glass even better, ahead of our wider consumer release.” 

As of now here is a short story of Google Glass effect on market. Google last opened up its Explorer program for 24 hours the morning of April 15 and sold out of all colors — cotton, sky, charcoal, shale and tangerine —by day’s end. Google officially unveiled the glasses during its I/O conference in the summer of 2012. At that time, the headset, which was controlled by head movements, had video and audio capability and a built-in compass and accelerometer.

Google has made several changes to the device, both technically and cosmetically.


Google Glass App To Read People’s Facial Expressions

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 09, 2014
Emotient which is a facial expression recognition and analysis start-up introduced a Google Glass app which can read facial expressions. Emotient announced a private beta of its Google Glass app and has secured $6 million in financing to extend the use of the technology as of now.
Google Glass App To Read People’s Facial Expressions
Image Credit : Emotient
This new app enables Glass wearers to distinguish and then process facial expressions of the people they are looking at. It does not store video or images. The app reads facial expressions and provides a comprehensive emotional read-out on positive, negative or neutral or primary emotions such as joy, surprise, sadness, fear or anger; and advanced emotions like frustration and confusion.

Emotient CEO Ken Denman said “Emotient’s Sentiment Analysis Glassware demonstrates our goal to emotion-enable any manner of device and build the next layer of automatic sensors. It’s a breakthrough technology that allows companies to aggregate customer sentiment by processing facial expressions anonymously. We believe there is broad applicability for this service to improve the customer experience, particularly in retail.”

Emotient said that this app can be used by retailers to “improve the understanding of aggregate customer sentiment, which may be particularly useful in measuring store performance, and therefore managing product and advertising/promotions, as well as customer satisfaction.” 


Sex With Glass App Lets You Share Intimate Acts

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 24, 2014
“Sex with Google Glass", a controversial app will be available very soon. It will allow users to use their device as a mirror to view intimacy from their partner’s point of view from both sides. It lets two people share their video feeds so they can see their intimate acts. The app is designed to run on Google Glass. The Sex with Google Glass project is positioning itself as a sex-enhancement app. 
How It Works?

The app records a couple’s view sessions and then makes a video where both partners viewpoints can be seen. The recorded video will be available for five hours. App developer Sherif Maktabi explains that until and unless users save the video the app will remove it once the 5 hours time limit is over.

How to start?

Starting the process is simple. Users just have to say “OK, Glass, it’s time.” Once finished, the couple can instruct it by saying “OK, Glass, pull out.” and the app will stop recording immediately.

The app provides some mood-elevating music or even suggestions for sex positions, which help users to enjoy during the process.

How to get the app?

It is not yet downloadable. Developer Sherif Maktabi is working on the app to make it available on Google Glass as well as for iOS and Android. The app’s developer says the app was originally designed for Google Glass. But as per the market demand, his team decided to release it first for iOS to get the app on the market as Google Glass is not widely used till date like the Apple iPhone. Check out the app and experience about it here :

Google's reaction on the app?

Google may not be interested in the app at all as Google has its strict policy against pornography apps. It depends on the policy set by Google whether to block porn apps from Glass or not. 

But Maktabi told CNET that his app isn’t about porn. He added, “If you read between the lines, we are not a sex app. We are something that changes the way you experience something personal. Our app is designed to be beautiful, minimalist, and simple. There is nothing sexual about that.”

Lets see how it works with iPhone and android devices.  Launching it as an official Glass app will be more lengthy process but implementing on Google Glass would be much interesting.


Google Glass Updates Wink Feature

Posted By: Poketors - December 19, 2013
WINK, an update to Google Glass enables users snap a picture with a wink. Google’s XE12 update introduced a few updates for Glass, which adds a feature to the device’s camera called “Wink” that enables the device’s camera to take a photo when the user winks.

Now the Google Glass owners can grab snapshots whenever they want without any hand movement. The Wink feature can be turned on or off in the Glass’ Settings panel. Additionally another update is Glass’ ability to upload straight to YouTube using the simple command, “OK glass, share with YouTube.”

Wink technology can be utilized in various ways in the future, according to a Google+ post.

“Imagine a day where you’re riding in the back of a cab and you just wink at the meter to pay,” says Google. “You wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door. You wink at a cookbook recipe and the instructions appear right in front of you.”

When Google introduced the headset, which was controlled by head movements, had video and audio capability and a built-in compass and accelerometer. A lot of additions and improvements to the device shave been seen in recent past.

In Google's ‘Explorers’ which is an 8,000 people unit who were chosen to be part of research team for devices. Pre-order the Glass Explorer Edition for $1,500 plus tax. Lets hope the new feature Wink will have enough impact on users.


Top 10 Innovative Products Of Google

Posted By: Poketors - September 10, 2013
Google is breaching barriers of sci-fi concepts with projects like Google Glass and Driverless Cars. Google might be the only company which introduces innovative products very often and all the products turn hit. The company has turned 15 now but it keeps on adding  next gen technology and growing big day by day.

Lets see the top 10 innovative ideas and products that Google has unveiled in the past few years or yet to be unveiled in near future.

1. Google Glass :

Google introduced its first wearable technology device "Google Glass" which brings a product that had been seen only to science fiction movies till now. It is an extension of Android smartphones and tablets and can be used to capture photos and videos, make phone calls, check out maps, read emails and text messages and perform various other tasks with just voice commands. It has marked it footprint in the field of fashion also inventing such fashionable glass.

2. Smartwatch : 

Like Samsung, Sony and some other companies, Google is also going to offer smart watches. The internet giant recently acquired WIMM which is the pioneer in making smart watches. It is expected to launch next year. The features of the smartwatch are similar to Google Glass. The product reportedly has been shown at three Google meetings – Moutainview, Manchester and Berlin. Google is yet to unveil the product.

Google’s smartwatch will be the next big wonder thing to tech world because it will definitely offer some different feature than the similar wearable technology products by companies like Samsung, Sony, Pebble, Qualcomm etc.

3. Internet Balloons :

An innovative solution to the problem of low web penetration in developing countries has been taken care as Google invented internet balloons that beam down internet. Google sent out balloons that float in the stratosphere at a height of 20 km and relay the internet to houses via a special antenna that captures the necessary signals. It will provide 3G-like speed via these internet balloons, which cover an area of 1,256 sq m each. This eco-friendly solution will be there to solve the problem of poor internet connectivity. Some nations  have shown keen interest in Google balloons to implement.

4. Chromebooks :

Chromebooks are basically the laptops run on Google’s Chrome OS and do not support applications made for Windows and Mac operating systems. It has a built-in media player and internet browser. The web browser can be used to access the internet. Addition to this you can use several Google features like editing documents via Google Docs and scheduling other jobs using different google apps.

Compared to other mostly used tablets and laptops, Chromebooks are cheaper. But now, Chromebooks are not available in many countries across the world. Recently, Google launched a $1,399 Chromebook Pixel that has features similar to that of a high-end Macbook. Google sets the starting price at $250.

Check out an amazing offer on Amazon for Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) 

5. Google Driverless Cars :

Driverless cars will be popular in next era and it introduces new technology which is pioneered by Google. This innovative idea will be applied to the real world. An idea from Google’s X Lab, driverless cars are currently being tested by the company in Nevada, Florida and California in the US. While Google has not announced any plans to commercialize these driverless cars, reports have said that the company may roll out the unmanned Robo-Taxi to ferry people.

6. Moto X’s Voice Recognition :

Google’s Motorola division introduces Moto X smartphone which is made of the X8 mobile chip that helps give an enhanced user experience. The chipset includes a 1.7GHz dual-core CPU, a quad-core Adreno GPU, which are standard features of any smartphone chipset. The best parts of this technology are its natural language processor and contextual awareness processor.

Moto X is a phone that will always listen to you that means if you say Okay Google even if the handset is sleeping, it will wake up and perform the required task. this intelligent device will definitely help users with various ways.

7. Google Fibre :

In 2011, Google launched its Fibre internet service and it provides web speed of 1Gbps. This service was first introduced in Kansas and then Missouri, Texas and Utah in the US. It also offers service which comes with 1TB cloud storage and costs $70. Even the subscription with TV service offers free 1TB data on Google drive, 2TB digital video recording and a free Nexus 7 tablet.

It offers a free internet service too, where users get 5 Mbps speed. It costs $25 charge per annum.

8. Google Street View :

In 2007, Google started Google’s Street View and it has gone viral over the past few years  with several innovative features. It offers imagery view of various places around the world right on your desktop, tablet or mobile phones. Now you have the option to view the Street View images in 3D if you have the requisite red/cyan glasses. Nowadays it is supported in Nintendo Wii U Gaming station too.
9. Password Alternatives :

CEO of Google’s Motorola unit, Dennis Woodside announced about flexible electronic circuits which will be embedded into people’s skins like tattoos and will act as passwords. Motorola is working on the application of the Proteus Digital Health pill which is a unique ECG trace that can be used to identify users by external devices. Google will provide support to Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO) and will be offering option to verify users’ identity when they sign into their online accounts.

In future it is expected that it will kill traditional and usual mode of passwords completely.

10.  Android :

Last but not the least, no need any introduction to this massively popular and a celebrity like treated operating system "Android". It has taken the world by storm and approximately 80% of smartphones today are powered by Android. very few of us know the fact that Android is not an original product of Google. Google has acquired the company that made the OS and named it Android while Google added its own features to the OS. Initially Android was introduced to be used as an operating system for digital cameras, but Google decided to turn it into a mobile OS and it is before Apple came out with the first iPhone.

Android has grown in popularity because of its easy-to-use interface, open source software and wide range of free apps available over Google Play. Google offers the OS to all the smartphone, tablet manufacturers for free offering them an option to update Android versions on their devices according to Google's recommendations. In this way Google has helped  several mobile companies, such as Samsung, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Micromax to grow in the smartphone market with various features.


How Google Glass Works

Posted By: Poketors - August 25, 2013
When it comes to Google Glass, you probably wondered how this wearable gadget actually works. Yes, a lot of people ask the same question and here is a simple infographic by Martin Missfeldt which will walk you through the technology behind Google Glass. How images are projected onto the ‘visual layer’ and what does a view behind Glass look like and how it focuses on your eye to things look more clear.
 How Google Glass Works
Source : Martin Missfeldt

Google Glass - Some Amazing Features

Posted By: Poketors - August 25, 2013
Smart phone devices are already widely popular and everyone wants to have hands on it. Now in that era, its time for wearable technology which is much discussed topic. We have been going through several publications over net on Google's Glass. We have summarized some features which will give you an idea what the Google Glass is all about.

Google Glass - Some Amazing Features
Take pictures : 

You just have to say the word "Take Picture", and leave the rest on Google Glass whcih will do it according to your instruction without even touching the device.

Record videos: 

Similarly if you instruct it to take video, it will do so and it will store in the 4 GB flash memory of the device.

Google Glass - Amazing Features

Message & Emails :

Google glass shows received text message or an email and allows you to reply to it with the help of your voice instruction. 

Search Information :

Now it comes to Google's main feature- googling. Obviously Google has implemented their main feature into Google glass and made easier to search like we do in web Google search.

Google Glass - Features

Google Maps :

The widely popular Google Map has also been integrated into the glass. Users can instruct via voice commands to show maps for locations or even use as a guide when you are driving.
Google Glass - Some Amazing Features Maps

Google Now : 

The digital voice assistant of  Google is known as Google Now which has been integrated into the glass, which will keep track of your daily routine. It will give alerts for weather updates periodically and mostly useful when you want to avoid traffic and will offer different route.

Translate :

This is the WOW! feature. Whatever language it might be, it will translate the language in the language you do understand by speaking out.

Share Live Video :

You can share the video live with others. If you are in a concert, function or watching a play, you can share the video with friends and family in real time.

Google Glass - Some Amazing Features Live Video
Share Over Social Media : 

This is probably most important feature. You can share your photos, videos over social network which enabling interaction with friends.

Source (Image) : Google


Wearable Technology - Enhancing Our Life

Posted By: Poketors - August 24, 2013
Wearable technology has been a very hot topic nowadays. Google's Glass and Apple's iWatch have already been in topic of discussion worlwide. How the technology is going to evolve our life style. What would be the prime features that can draw our attention. Lets see it graphically with below infographic. Google steps into wearable technology introducing Glass will fulfill the dream having the internet right at eye level. Google glass integrates information directly into the wearer’s visual experience. Find out about other experiments with wearable technology, and learn the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly truth about Google Glass.

Wearable Technology - Enhancing Our Life
Source: Great Business Schools

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