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Google's Policy Change For User Recommendations In Ads

Posted By: Poketors - October 14, 2013
Selling users’ endorsements to advertisers or via ‘shared endorsements,’ Google will make use of users’ reviews, +1s, and other endorsements to add a personal touch to display ads.

Google is offering its customers the right to opt out of appearing in Google ads. Users can control the use of their profiles names and photos via the Shared Endorsements setting. Users who choose the ‘off’ setting will prevent their names and photos from appearing on any ad.
“We want to give you — and your friends and connections — the most useful information,” reads a Google post. “Recommendations from people you know can really help. So your friends, family and others may see your Profile name and photo, and content like the reviews you share or the ads you +1’d. This only happens when you take an action (things like +1’ing, commenting or following) — and the only people who see it are the people you’ve chosen to share that content with.”

“Feedback from people you know can save you time and improve results for you and your friends across all Google services, including Search, Maps, Play and in advertising. For example, your friends might see that you rated an album four stars on the band’s Google Play page. And the +1 you gave your favorite local bakery could be included in an ad that the bakery runs through Google.”

“If you previously told Google that you did not want your +1’s to appear in ads, then of course we’ll continue to respect that choice as a part of this updated setting,” Google said. “For users under 18, their actions won’t appear in shared endorsements in ads and certain other contexts."

Changes In Terms and Conditions For Google AdSense

Posted By: Poketors - October 14, 2013
Google has been in news for enhancing and changing their policies and TOS (Terms Of Services) very frequently. Most of the people do accept the notification TOS box which comes after login without even reading it. But publishers who are attached to advertising solutions on AdSense should read the details. Google has communicated with all its publishers at least 30 days before any change in its TOS (Terms of Service), so these new updates won't take effect until next month. 

Though this time Google AdSense team has not made huge changes on its TOS, still we have framed below the major changes on TOS for AdSense :

1. Mobile Advertising :

In this year, people are keen on using mobile devices to view websites and search information. This trend has gone literally viral. Keeping this in mind Google has enhanced their incorporations using products like AdMob, SDK and the Google Affiliate Networks.

2. More Transparent :

Since years Google is making changes to incorporate things with publishers so that everybody should have clear and proper understanding. If the changes made are transparent then there is no point of misunderstanding, as a whole every TOS points should be transparent.

3. Region Specific :

As of now Google serves its publishers from Google, Inc. or Google Ireland Ltd. But this year they are going to introduce Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd also. The core idea to do this change is to improve better regional support for payment issues, but will not effect the way payments are handled. Here is a list of all the countries which come under Asia Pacific.

You must be aware of all the TOS every time Google announces to keep safe and to avoid penalty. We would welcome your comments if you have any important thing noticed in the recent Google policy changes.


How To Optimize AdSense For Forums To Increase Income

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 18, 2011
Each and every blogger who is making money from the blog uses AdSense but there are certain things which have to be kept in mind when you use AdSense in Forum.

Google AdSense Optimization1. Structure / Format.

Format is important for multiple ad units. You can place a skyscraper above the fold on the left side of your forum, will be accepted  for better performance than other positions. Anyway, using multiple ad units throughout the page is good but bloggers do prefer horizontal ads and it still favors the leaderboard.

In quick reference we can line up the Format to look into :
a) Ad Position b) Number of ads c) Ad Design d) Ad Sizes e)Ad Sizes

2. Always display your ad units where returning visitors can access them.

The leaderboard at the top of the page can be fit nicely next to the logo, but the people who are regular to forum tend to skip the header and go straight to the content forum thread. So if you place the ad unit above or below the first post will be more effective. See the below figure of forum page map to determine the places in you page, where you can put ads.

AdSense ad placing locating in a page
3. Hence place a leaderboard immediately after the last post.
This trick will help you in making the readers to come to the end of a thread with a ‘next step’ where the content ends. In case you place it after the footer, readers will move to the next thread before they even see the ad. 

4. Always use horizontal link units 

Link units displays some relevant topics for readers related to your present blog post in the page. So a horizontal link unit can be placed near the top of your forum just below the header/menu or the below post location.

5. Use image ads.

Image ads basically increases the clicks particularly cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) ads which are displayed on your site. Since forums have lower click-through rates (CTRs) than other tech or informative links blogs, CPM ads definitely improve revenue generation. Here we need to keep it in mind that CPM ads come in both text and image formats. 

6. Be sensitive to your forum community 

As we all know that the Forums are highly interactive, so be sensitive to your readers when implementing Google AdSense ads. Make sure that the ads nicely organized and placed, but don’t organize them so well that the ads mislead your blog readers. We have different types of  forums available in the web and hence you should know the community better and always use your own decisions according to the topic of the forum blogs. In this way you can put the perfect ads blending with the page layout and matching with the content.


SEO Initials

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 08, 2011
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of finding a blog, website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or "organic" search result. This post is about how we practiced with SEO factors and implemented on blog. We would recommend you to learn the online technique to earn money through some simple SEO tips and processes. SEO is a simple, easy but time consuming process which required a lot of attention and hard work on the process.
SEO Initials
Here we are going to explain everything very clearly. It is somewhat complicated at first, if you have not ever used, but after some time you will realize that everything is not that much tough what you used to think.

There are various steps in SEO but among them we have listed the following main  pre requisites :

1. A Website Or Blog

We should create a website or blog and obviously with some unique posts.  Choose any of the blogging platform like, and start your first blog

2. Google AdSense Account And Using Google AdSense code in your website :

You have to apply for AdSense account. Go to Google AdSense and apply for it. Initially your account may not be approved due to new one and doesn't have much contents. But be patience and work on your blog by posting some unique topics; it will get automatically approved. But nowadays Google AdSense asks for the single domain name like So better avoid sub domains like

3. Understanding of SEO process :

SEO is a process which can not be understood in  a day or two. It is a continuous process and you will learn by experience. There are a lot of tips available on web and here in this website too. So better learn What is SEO first.

Now you have Google Adsense account. Now you can get the ad codes from your account under My Ads tab. Select the ad type you want and position those ads properly in your site.

4. Your Blog/Website Promotion Via Social Media :

If you don't do the promotion for your blog then you are missing a huge number of readers for your blogs/website as readers around the world would like to view the blogs. Accordingly as the blogs get older it is indexed in Google or other search engines pages and a continuous workaround with SEO will get better rankings. So get it promoted on web by providing back-links for your blog/website and following continuous SEO process. Social Media is a very good option for promotion.


How To Place AdSense Ad Below Post Title & Post Body

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 05, 2011
One of the most popular Ad Network on the web is Google AdSense. Most of the Blogger users use it. There is no specific way or trick where should we put the Ads for maximum exposure. Bloggers are putting the ads in places around the header or above the posts or below the post titles. From Blogger Layout view you can easily add AdSense in your sidebar as a gadget. Since Blogger doesn't allow us to place the ads below post titles (see Google AdSense Ad Placement). But placing Ad units below post titles has proven to be one of the most successful money making place in a web page. So let’s go for this AdSense setup and follow the below how-to steps to add your AdSense ads below post titles or below post.
google adsense
Note: Assuming that we are using the new AdSense interface.

Here we go with the steps:

Before we start take a backup of your existing Template before making any changes.

1. Log in to your Google Adsense at
2. Click on My ads tab and open Ad units from the left side by expanding Content link.
3. Now Click new ad unit to create a new ad.
4. Select the size, type and color of your ad. For best results chose either 336x280 large or 300x250 medium rectangle.

adsense code setup

5. According to Blog topic give some memorable name.
6. Fill up the required information, click save and get code button at the bottom of the page.
7. A pop-up window will appear with the ad code. Copy that code.

collect adsense code

8. Now it’s time to paste the code in blogger page but before pasting the ad code in Blogger, we must make it compatible with Blogger format.

Go to Hacktrix ( and paste the ad code in the top box and convert (parse) it. You'll find the converted (parsed) ad code in the bottom box there. Copy the converted ad code.
9. Now open your Blogger account and go to Template (as per new Blogger interface) then Edit HTML tab and check Expand Widget Templates option.

10. Press Ctrl + F to find
               You'll see some code like the following:
<div class='post-body entry-content'><data:post.body/><div style='clear: both;'/></div>
11. Now paste the converted (parsed) ad code just before the above code (for below post title) and paste beneath that if you want them to appear below post body. The result would look something like this:
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
/* Advertisement */
google_ad_slot = "xxxxxxxxxx";
google_ad_width = 336;
google_ad_height = 280;
<script type="text/javascript"
<div class='post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->
12. Click the Preview button to see the preview page. You might not see ads below post titles instantly because sometimes AdSense ads take some time to display. 

13. Save your template by clicking the Save template button. 

14. See your webpage. It’s ready with AdSense Ads.

Note : Make Ads Appear Only on Post Pages

Viewers don't like to see more ads on a single page. So, we can hide the ads under post titles on main page. These ads will appear only when users will click the post title and go to the post page. Follow the steps above but after step 8 you have the converted ad code. Ad some more code in that converted code so that it should look like below:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'><script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
/* Advertisement */
google_ad_slot = "xxxxxxxxxx";
google_ad_width = 300;
google_ad_height = 250;
<script type="text/javascript"
Just an addition to the previous code by adding “if” condition to make the ads appear only on post pages. After that, follow the rest of the steps.

Please review the policies of Google AdSense before using any code on your blogs. They keep changing their TOS.

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