Changes In Terms and Conditions For Google AdSense

Posted By: Poketors - October 14, 2013
Google has been in news for enhancing and changing their policies and TOS (Terms Of Services) very frequently. Most of the people do accept the notification TOS box which comes after login without even reading it. But publishers who are attached to advertising solutions on AdSense should read the details. Google has communicated with all its publishers at least 30 days before any change in its TOS (Terms of Service), so these new updates won't take effect until next month. 

Though this time Google AdSense team has not made huge changes on its TOS, still we have framed below the major changes on TOS for AdSense :

1. Mobile Advertising :

In this year, people are keen on using mobile devices to view websites and search information. This trend has gone literally viral. Keeping this in mind Google has enhanced their incorporations using products like AdMob, SDK and the Google Affiliate Networks.

2. More Transparent :

Since years Google is making changes to incorporate things with publishers so that everybody should have clear and proper understanding. If the changes made are transparent then there is no point of misunderstanding, as a whole every TOS points should be transparent.

3. Region Specific :

As of now Google serves its publishers from Google, Inc. or Google Ireland Ltd. But this year they are going to introduce Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd also. The core idea to do this change is to improve better regional support for payment issues, but will not effect the way payments are handled. Here is a list of all the countries which come under Asia Pacific.

You must be aware of all the TOS every time Google announces to keep safe and to avoid penalty. We would welcome your comments if you have any important thing noticed in the recent Google policy changes.

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