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How To Optimize Your Instagram Account For Search Engines

Posted By: Arin Dey - November 19, 2018
Instagram has been a very powerful visual platform for digital marketers to take advantage of its various features. In case, you are taking part in multichannel marketing strategy then you should understand that the efforts to market your Instagram profile should extend beyond Instagram itself. But the main issue is that the Instagram accounts are actually notoriously difficult to index and display in the search results.

How To Optimize Your Instagram Account For Search Engines

So, it is not that much tough to optimize your Instagram account for search engines. Below are the quick tips to make your Instagram profile more visible in search engines.
  1. Make sure your profile is set to public
  2. Set up social profile schema for Instagram
  3. Include your most important keyword in your Instagram name
  4. Include a specific and keyword-rich bio

    It’s a good idea to get at least a few words in your bio that aren’t just hashtags, however, in order to give the search engines a bit more semantic meat to work with.




Top Social Media Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - June 19, 2017
Social media has become the perfect environment for people to communicate with brands and companies, and ask questions in a convenient way. In today’s world, any digital marketing campaign must include running social media accounts. If you believe that people only use social media for private communication, then we have some bad news for you.

Top Social Media Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

Industry leaders list Facebook and Instagram as the most popular social media platforms for brands, so here’s a list of current trends for each of these platforms and what they can do for you. Let's see in the following infographic about the trends in 2017.

social-media-trends-to-watch-out-for-in-2017-hdSource: CJGDigitalMarketing


Instagram Releases Businesses Needed Tools

Posted By: Arin Dey - August 22, 2014
Organizations that are using Instagram, will be happy with this news. Facebook owned this hugely popular app long back and introduced advertising. Accordingly companies have been taking advantage of the photo-sharing network to share their product information but there was no tracking option to see their impact if users have been paying attention on the ads.

Instagram Releases Businesses Needed Tools

On Wednesday, Instagram posted on its blog “We’ve heard from brands that having more insight into how people engage with and respond to their photos and videos is an important part of evolving creatively. We’re excited to announce that over the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin rolling out a new suite of tools to help brands better understand the performance of their paid and organic content on Instagram.”

It is a great news for the companies who have been using Instagram to reach existing and potential customers. The modified ad tools, including a dashboard interface for performance tracking, allows businesses to analyze if the app is helping the target customers.

Tech Crunch has pointed out a very useful feature that the ‘ad staging’ aspect where ads can be built, previewed and worked on prior to being sent out on Instagram.

The blog post also added that “We’ve worked closely with several of our advertising partners to make sure these tools meet their needs. We’re now making them available to all Instagram advertisers, whose feedback will help us improve the product before releasing it to additional brands later this year.” 


Instagram Includes More Features For Photo Editing

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 05, 2014
Instagram, the largest social photo platform has added some new effects to its app on both iOS and Android. These new features enable the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, vignette and warmth as well as to select filter strength and sharpen for image editing.

Instagram Includes More Features For Photo Editing

Instagram mentioned in a post that “Inspiring creativity is incredibly important to us—and as the Instagram community grows, we’ve been excited to hear requests for more ways to creatively take hold of how your photos look and feel. You take a photo to capture a moment, but often what you see in the photograph doesn’t feel the same as what you remember. From brightening up a photo of your dinner party to better capturing the warmth of a sunset portrait, these new creative tools help you bring out and share the beauty of the moment as you remember it—right inside the same simple Instagram you already know.”

You have to tap on the new wrench icon to display the photo editing tools available for use and select a filter. The amount of filter applied to a photo can also be adjusted by double tapping the filter icon.  The new photo editing features can be seen in the link here.


How To Do Effective Instagram Marketing

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 12, 2014
Instagram is the social network mainly used for brands and marketers by sharing real and orginal photos. Along with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, Instagram has made its place in the field of social media but the niche is totally different unlike them. It only uses  real and interesting photos shared by people to communicate with each other engaging followers via comments.  
Here are a few steps on how to do effective Instagram marketing properly and promote your company.

1. Post Original & Real Photos : 

Instagram’s users basically communicate with each other by posting photos. So its better to take and share real and original photos. In case you require to add text, consider using Overgram to add text carefully and post it. 

2. Limited Posting :

In case you have something better and very much interesting photos to share then keep it limited and share only your best photos. It with basically enrich your followers experience and benefits you. In case you would like to merge or morph or collage photos then apps like Diptic and Fuzel can create a collage as required. Exporting them can be possible straight to Instagram to make photos even more attractive by telling people a short interesting description.

3. On-the-go Images :

If you’re going to represent a brand on Instagram, give it good and acceptable flavor. Instagram is about most recent, happening and interesting on-the-go images that take you inside people's house.

4, Involving Followers :

There are few brands like Red Bull or Audi have gone far ahead creating communities on Instagram using hashtags and also some Instagram Contests that get followers to interact with their products. In this way they are connecting to their lifestyle and emotions gradually. One of the best idea is to give away a series of gift cards to people who posts photos of them “photo of the day” and use a special hashtag to enter. This communication would definitely help your business to spread across.

5. Reply Via Comment :

Need not say that its essential to interact with people in Instagram. It’s a basically social network based on the emotions & involvement with a photo shared, and that emotions will be expressed in the form of comments on the photos. So always make your communication both way so that people will be interested not just to follow you, but to interact with you wheneever required.

Most of all the Instagram users want to see the world around them visually via snaps. So whatever you post as your content should be real and then only followers will follow you, eventually they will later follow your brand/products if you are promoting any business over Instagram.


Instagram Introduces Private Messaging Service

Posted By: Poketors - December 14, 2013
Most of the smartphone users use the popular photo-sharing app Instagram. Recently it launched a messaging service that will enable its users to send photos and video clips directly to family and friends.

Instagram Direct, the newly revealed mobile messaging app for both Android and iOS will boost up Instagram’s profile with the larger friend circles and a habit of using their Smartphones for sending messages. This Facebook-owned company’s new service will enable users to send their photos or videos to up to 15 people at one time as well as have real-time text chats effectively.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said in a blog post, “There are … moments in our lives that we want to share, but that will be the most relevant only to a smaller group of people—an inside joke between friends captured on the go, a special family moment or even just one more photo of your new puppy. Instagram Direct helps you share these moments. From how you capture photos and videos to the way you start conversations through likes and comments, we built Instagram Direct to feel natural to the Instagram experience you already know.”

If you have installed instagram already then an icon would be there on right hand corner. Even if you are installing from App Store or via Google Play, DIRECT button will be on the top right corner of the user’s home feed. A tap of the icon opens the user’s inbox where the photos and videos friends have sent are stored. See the video to learn how to use Instagram Direct.

Image Credit : Google

Share your experience with this new Instagram feature.


How to Use Instagram For Business

Posted By: Poketors - September 20, 2013
If you want to open an Instagram profile and want your brands promoted on it, you can do this as it  is a straightforward and very easy process. You have to sign up for an account (e.g., use the same name or similar name as you use in Facebook or Twitter), add a profile photo and a link to your website, connect your account to Facebook. That's it. Now you can ask people to follow you in Instagram.

1. Follow Instagram Business Blogs : 

Instagram started the Instagram for Business blog, which offers tips, brand spotlights, API examples and news from Instagram HQ. Keep yourself up to date on some of the coolest ways to use the Instagram platform for business

2. Track Engagement With Images :

Track the engagement on your images to find out what your followers like best and try to balance on the images upload for fun and for business. Both the categories have different niche and serve interests.

3. Get Followers :

Getting followers is very important as whatever you share should be rotated among them. Hence you can follow the below tips :

a) First connect your Instagram account to Facebook account
b) Try to use relevant, popular hashtags
c) Start engaging yourself by following others and liking their photos 
d) Cross-post some images to your Facebook page
e) Finally help people who don’t know you’re on Instagram and how to reach you

4. Embed Instagram Video :

Instagram’s "Video on Instagram" was launched recently and within a month it has given Twitter’s Vine a serious competition. Preferably it offers 15-second, filter-enabled, editable video functionality compared to Vine’s 6.5 seconds. Try to embed your Instagram video in your blog or website to extend the visibility of the shared content.

5. Follow Followers :

The thumb rule for all social media sites, always follow your followers back so that the followers would also read your contents.  Try to find the brands and people you interact and can learn from in your followers and follow them back. 

6. Posting Plan :

Don't post daily on Instagram as the post feed works slowly here. Be prepare with your next post and create a schedule to post when and to track what is going on after post.

7. Use Apps :

A lot of apps are there that allows users print images, search tags and keywords, subscribe to Instagram profiles via email, download all Instagram photos in a single archive folder etc. Keep using these apps to make Instagram a significant part of your social media marketing strategy.

8. Motivate Customer :

Always post photos that are relevant and useful to your brand and customers. Attract your target market with images that share interesting posts.

9. Look And Feel Of Image :

Change the look and feel of your photos by using Instagram's filtering feature. Earlier this year it was found that most of the world’s top brands are now active on Instagram. Always try out a new filter feature or select the no-filter option.

10 : Follow Different Approach :

Along with the selling process for the brands they can try the following tips :

a) Try to share a distinctive view of the world
b) Create a unique visual sense for brands
c) Put the things that are interesting to the brand and to the core target customer
d) Focus on what makes a great and engaging images with the interests of your customers.

11. Photo Contests On Instagram :

Using hashtags, photo contests can be host and submissions can also be organized accordingly. For example, Samsung Camera used the hashtag #LiveInTheMoment to successfully promote their Instagram photo contest on their Facebook page. Always use Facebook status updates to encourage your fans to enter your Instagram photo contest.

12. Market Brand With Trend :

Instagrammers can be used with trending hashtags asking people to join in a informative and huge visual community. Search for a trending hashtag which will be relevant to your marketing strategy and participate with images from your brand, product and services.

13. Build Instagram Network :

Below are the tips to create a network:

a) Engage yourself with other's  photos and leave comments
b) Follow your followers from other social media platforms
c) Always include your hashtags with content.

14. Profile Optimization :

Include brand information in specific ways like number of characters used, image sizes, branding and promotion to your Instagram profile.

Furnish all the information in your profile, where customers might have to search for you for business.

15. Facebook and Instagram Brand Promotion Combined : 

Promote your business and brands on Instagram as well as connected Facebook profile also to engage all the Facebook friends look into this. Emphasis on Facebook’s integration of Instagram to reach out your customer. 

16. Image Analysis :

Image analytics would be helpful to identify images and videos that match up with your followers. 
Some image analytics tools are there such as BlitzMetrics and Curalate which will provide detailed analysis.

17. Offer Brand Reward To Followers :

Offering brands reward their followers with discount codes and promos will help viewing your feed content. Try to organize something extra that would be the point of attraction for your content.

18. Offer Business Deal Videos :
Video can tell the whole story easily rather than making people to read. People prefer to see video content and you can promote your brand uniquely. Frame your company’s important moments in 15-second videos and share them with your followers.

19. Follow Other  Brands :

Keep following other brands on Instagram which will give you a wide idea on business over Instagram. There is a tool called Statigram which is helpful to find brands and hashtags related to your brand.

20. Create A Presence : 

Last but not the least, use Instagram to create a presence for your business. Always find several ways to see what works best to enhance your brand and promote them accordingly.

We hope that you will incorporate these tips in your social media business strategy. Share your experience and comments.


Where Your Audience Spends Time Online [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 09, 2013
Do you know where your audience spends time online? Which Demographic Use Social Media? Yes, this is question every blogger asks because bloggers need follow the source where they get readers.

Where Your Audience Spends Time Online [Infographic]

Facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram, you have to do research to get your audience to your blog. Check out the infographic for more on the demographics of social media user.

Source : PR Daily


Instagram App For Android Launches Soon

Posted By: Poketors - March 13, 2012
Android users, your wait for a wonderful photo sharing app is over. Instagram, the popular photo-filtering and sharing app, is on its way to Google’s mobile operating system. The Android version of Instagram is currently being tested in private beta and will be released “very soon.”
Instagram App For Android Launches Soon

Co-founder Kevin Systrom announced at SXSW Sunday that the long-awaited Android version of Instagram is nearly here. He teased the version on stage, but did not provide a demo.

“In some ways, it’s better than our iOS app. It’s crazy,” Systrom said. In a Q&A following his presentation, Systrom said the app is fast, works great on large screens and can share photos to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other networks.

Systrom also announced Sunday that the iOS version of Instagram — which was named Apple’s iOS app of the year last year — has seen some 27 million downloads.

Source : Mashable

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