How To Add PAN And Bank Account To PayPal India Users

Posted By: Poketors - October 07, 2011
While opening PayPal account it asks for entering PAN card, purpose code and Bank Account to the newly created Paypal account and even for the old PayPal users too, this is mandatory. PayPal decided not to allow PayPal India users to receive more thank 500 USD in single transaction. Here we should keep in mind that there are ongoing effort to comply with the requirements set out in the notification of the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI Guidelines”) that apply to all online payment gateways and no doubt PayPal is the most convenient way for online transaction.

How To Add PAN And Bank Account To PayPal India Users
Image Credit : PayPal India
As per new instructions, all PayPal India users are asked to add PAN Number, purpose code and Bank Account details to their existing PayPal Account or same applicable to new account owner too.

Those who are using PayPal but don’t have Credit Card then it would  not be possible to Verify Paypal account with Indian Debit card. In other way, you can verify your Paypal account by linking your Bank Account.
PayPal India users are requested to add the following 3 mandatory options to their exiting PayPal account in order to continue to transact or receive online payments and withdraw money. This rule is applicable to its new users too.

1. PAN details (Permanent Account Number)
2. A purpose code : A unique number for the user is given for safe mode of transaction.
3. A bank account.

How to add a  PAN, purpose code and bank account details your PayPal Account

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at
  2. A notification prompt appear when you click the top of your “My Account” page showing you as “Limited Access” where you can click to enter your PAN, purpose code and bank account details.
  3. Click on the “Add” links and follow the instructions to add the required details.

As per the guidelines all Indian PayPal users are required to provide a current and accurate postal address on their PayPal account. Here are the steps to verify your postal address with below steps:

1.  Log in to your PayPal account at
2. Click on “Profile” and select “Add/Edit Street Address”.

In case you have any doubt you can contact PayPal by clicking on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page.
Once Paypal India users have added a purpose code, PAN, and a bank account details and already validated their postal address, those users don’t need to worry about this new update for adding the details.

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