How The Content Sharing Works On Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Posted By: Poketors - October 09, 2011
In case you want to spread your contents around the world web, it is essentially required to share that via a medium where people usually read the contents and this space is truly shared among three most popular social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How The Content Sharing Works On Facebook, Twitter and Google+
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Everyday more than 200 million tweets are written by 100+ million users on Twitter and for Facebook? Yeah it is quite better than that. 800+ million users of Facebook like and share more than 2 billion posts per day while Google+ is now capturing the social media sphere at an gradually increasing rate with a small market around 43 million users. 

If you are a publisher then it is very much required for you to share your content across the media channels. But normally we don’t see which one of these media is most actively playing the role in content sharing and which one of these is attacking viewers of the shared contents. 

Here we will share a nice study and experiment done by Kevin Rose, founder of Digg. He shared the same content/article on his Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles at the same time and calculated with the help of analytics. He observed the number of clicks coming from each of these social networks for the following two days and the results are not like what was expected earlier. 




Number of Clicks




Number of Followers




He has 1.2 million followers on Twitter and they clicked on the link 5800 times. And 135k people have added Kevin to their Google+ circle, which made some 3600 clicks from there. Kevin’s 261k Facebook subscribers clicked on the link 11000+ times. 

So obviously here is a clear understanding that Facebook played the major role while it comes to CTR od the articles and the content sharing.

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