Airspace™ Store For Leap Motion Controller

Posted By: Poketors - July 25, 2013
We are very well aware of Google Play Store, Apple Tunes Store, Microsoft Windows Store Airspace™ Store for Music, Games, Creativity, and various applications.

Airspace™ Store For Leap Motion Controller

But here is the latest Leap Motion Store known as AirSpace Store where we’ll have about 75 apps – both free and paid. When you enter the Airspace Store, you’ll see our home tile page. If you’d like to filter, you can scroll to the bottom and select to see all free apps, all Windows apps, all Mac apps, or sort by content category. This is only the beginning – Leap Motion will be adding new apps and categories as our developers build them.

Airspace™ Store

There’s something for everyone on Airspace – from educational games and immersive visualizer apps to powerful utilities and scientific wonders. Here are just a few highlights that you’ll soon be able to experience :

Creative Tools : 

Enhance your photos to make detailed masterpieces or minimally affected compositions with DecoSketch, the geometric effects and drawing suite for professionals and hobbyists.

Creative Tools - Airspace
Featuring a diverse collection of brushes and presets, it’s available for Windows and Mac.

Music And Entertainment :

Intuitively reach in to control track playback, audio effects, and looping with Swoosh for Mac – an iTunes performance companion that simulates vinyl control with that vintage pitch sound.

Music And Entertainment - Airspace

Education : 

Explore animal sounds, practice counting, and even play the piano with Curious Kids for Mac and Windows. Beautiful colors, intuitive motions and appealing graphics will entertain and educate for hours.

Education - Airspace

Games :

Some games, like Cut the Rope and Puddle, cover familiar territory in new ways. Others like Block54, LICHT little adventure, and Boom Ball take you into bold, immersive worlds.

Games - Airspace

Productivity Utilities :

By using the measurements of your hand, Unlock creates touch-free biometric authentication for Windows PCs.

Productivity Utilities - Airspace

Science :

Hold a 3D molecule in the palm of your hand with Molecules for OSX. This open-source molecular visualizer is available for free on Airspace.

Science - Airspace

Experimental :

Harness your creative powers with Lotus, a mind-altering audioreactive experience. Free for Windows and Mac, it has 4 interactive musical toys and an amazing, dynamically created soundtrack.

Experimental - Airspace
Hope you find interesting and surely you will experience these apps on Leap Motion Controller.

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