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The Complete Social Media Cheat Sheet 2017 [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - July 03, 2017
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest all have the opportunity for you to attract people to your brand and content, by adding compelling visuals and images. There are some really creative ways you can express yourself (even though the platforms change often), so if you have access to a camera or photographer or really awesome graphic designer & artist, I recommend having at least one stunning visual that expresses your brand, on every page.

The Complete Social Media Cheat Sheet 2017 [Infographic]

Needless to say, the social media landscape is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changes happening at lightning fast speed. Luckily, there are resources, tools, blogs, and infographics like the one below that help marketers cut through the noise and stay up to date on these trends.
Source: OnBlastBlog

Top Social Media Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - June 19, 2017
Social media has become the perfect environment for people to communicate with brands and companies, and ask questions in a convenient way. In today’s world, any digital marketing campaign must include running social media accounts. If you believe that people only use social media for private communication, then we have some bad news for you.

Top Social Media Trends in 2017 [Infographic]

Industry leaders list Facebook and Instagram as the most popular social media platforms for brands, so here’s a list of current trends for each of these platforms and what they can do for you. Let's see in the following infographic about the trends in 2017.

social-media-trends-to-watch-out-for-in-2017-hdSource: CJGDigitalMarketing


How To Be More Successful On Twitter [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - February 12, 2017
How to be more successful on Twitter? Tweets with photos receive engagement rates twice as high as tweets that do not. It's also been found that the more you tweet each day, the less engaged your fans are likely to be.

How To Be More Successful On Twitter [Infographic]

What you don’t see are the little details that matter to marketers. You don’t see active hours, you don’t see click-through rates, and so on. Yet, this is all important information for brands.So keep your tweets fresh and timely. Here is a nice infographic which shows the states of Twitter.


How To Use Twitter For Recruiting [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 04, 2016
Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool to help recruiters to capitalize on these trends and fill their open positions faster and more effectively. In this informative infographic, we share best practices for recruiters on how to use Twitter to reach active candidates.

How To Use Twitter For Recruiting [Infographic]

The widely popular microblogging site "Twitter" can be used to share your contents and get connected with your followers. How do you do that? Well! here is a nice infographic which will help you with steps to find the users with your niche and recruit for your company.

How to Use Twitter for Recruiting
Source: AkkenCloud


Twitter Eliminates Repeat tweets And Retweeted Messages

Posted By: Arin Dey - August 22, 2016
Twitter users will finally get to stop seeing updates and tweets from people they don’t want to. This is similar like Facebook’s ability to stop following certain people.
This will be most easily achieved through the notifications setting on Twitter. Twitter explained this feature should eliminate repeat tweets and retweeted messages.
“Starting today, everyone will have the ability to limit notifications to only people they follow on mobile and on Simply turn it on if you want to give it a go. If not, no worries – your individual Twitter experience will continue unchanged,” Twitter’s product manager, Emil Leong, stated in his blog post. He also added, “We’re also making managing your notifications settings easier: you can now access them directly from your notifications tab.”
Twitter Eliminates Repeat tweets And Retweeted Messages

Leong also explained that, “Turning it on filters lower-quality content, like duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated, from your notifications and other parts of your Twitter experience. It does not filter content from people you follow or accounts you’ve recently interacted with – and depending on your preferences, you can turn it on or off in your notifications settings.”


10 Twitter Mistakes That Are Harmful For Your Business [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 14, 2016
We make a lot of mistakes on social media almost in a regular basis. We do on Twitter as well. Have we ever felt that how much these mistakes can cost us in our real lives? Lets find out how many of you spend time on Twitter per day per hour?

10 Twitter Mistakes That Are Harmful For Your Business [Infographic]

Below infographic shows some 10 mistakes in the real world while using Twitter. Twitter is for marketing, business and information sharing platform not for any junk sharing or emotional  pin board. The below infographic which show some major mistakes we do unknowingly and these worst mistakes should be stopped immediately.

10 Strategic Mistakes On Twitter Infographic
Source: LinkingR


Social Media Impact [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - November 10, 2015
How does social media effect on web and its flow around the world? This is somewhat unimaginable numbers or communication made and interactions among all the social media sites. Social media’s increasing influence on our daily lives has rapidly extended into the ways we get away. 

Social Media Impact [Infographic]

From planning a vacation with social media to posting reviews of our trips upon our return, there’s no denying social media’s impact on travel today. A nice infographic on social media effect with all the online social media majors is here.

Vacationing The Social Media Way [infographic by MDG Advertising]Source: MDG Advertising


How To Purchase Products Via Twitter Tweets

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 08, 2014
Twitter, the hugely popular micro-blogging site is testing an option for users that enables them to buy products on Twitter. Currently, a small percentage of U.S. users will see a “Buy” button on tweets from a group of brands, organizations and celebrities tweets.

How To Purchase Products Via Twitter Tweets

Twitter group product manager Tarun Jain posted on its blog that “This is an early step in our building functionality into Twitter to make shopping from mobile devices convenient and easy, hopefully even fun. Users will get access to offers and merchandise they can’t get anywhere else and can act on them right in the Twitter apps for Android and iOS; sellers will gain a new way to turn the direct relationship they build with their followers into sales.”

Lets see how to buy on Twitter?

Certain sellers will be showing their products as available for purchase within your Twitter timeline. There will be a Buy button within the Tweet that enables you to make purchase the product.

Simple steps to buy:
  • You have to tap the Buy button within the Tweet
  • You will be prompted to an expanded description and image of the product. 
  • Now select your variant and tap Buy Now
  • Following the selection of the product you have to feel up your billing and shipping information
  • Tap on Confirm to make purchase. 
You are done. Now the Twitter team will send your order to the seller who will reach out directly with shipping and support information for your order.

But as of now the only limitation is that this in-Tweet purchasing is currently available for United States users only on Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android apps.

Click here to view the detailed steps.


Twitpic Closes Due To Trademark Dispute With Twitter

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 07, 2014
Popular photo sharing startup Twitpic is shutting down due to a trademark dispute with one of its earliest collaborators, Twitter. Twitpic started its journey in 2008. Twitpic explained that the decision for closing was hard to make. said the social network had demanded it drop an application for a trademark. TwitPic has been one of the most used app that allows users to post pictures to the Twitter microblogging service.

Twitpic Closes Due To Trademark Dispute With TwitterNoah Everett, founder of Twitpic, announced in its official blog as "A few weeks ago Twitter contacted our legal demanding that we abandon our trademark application or risk losing access to their API. This came as a shock to us since Twitpic has been around since early 2008, and our trademark application has been in the USPTO since 2009."

Twitter reacted on this issues saying that it was sad that the firm is going to shut down, and that Twitpic could have continued to use its name.

Twitter said in a statement, "We're sad to see Twitpic is shutting down. We encourage developers to build on top of the Twitter service, as Twitpic has done for years, and we made it clear that they could operate using the Twitpic name. Of course, we also have to protect our brand, and that includes trademarks tied to the brand."

Twitpic will be shutting down on 25th September. In case you have an account and also have data on it then please export all your photos and videos.


FBI Releases 83-Page Dictionary Of Twitter Slangs

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 19, 2014
FBI has recently released an 83-page dictionary of Twitter acronyms or twitter slangs to keep track of what users are saying. Here you can see 2,800 acronyms and the list was made public as Freedom of Information Act request submitted by MuckRock user Jason Mathers. The document is billed as a list to help its agents understand “leetspeak,” another word for Internet shorthand or slang.

FBI Releases 83-Page Dictionary Of Twitter Slangs

The FBI document explains that the agents should find the list “useful in your work or for keeping up with your children and/or grandchildren.”

Here’s a list of popular acronyms :

• APU (as per usual)

• BWN (between)

• POOF (goodbye/leaving the room)

• CFN (ciao for now)

• ALOTBSOL (always look on the bright side of life

• DG (don't go)

• GNSTDLTBBB (good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite)

• WYLABOCTGWTR” (would you like a bowl of cream to go with that remark?)

• IIRC (if I recall correctly)

• PEEPS (people)

• KISS (keep it simple, stupid)

•TLDR (too long; didn’t read).

• BTDGTGTTSAWIO: Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and wore it out

• PEBKAC: Problem exists between keyboard and chair

• DWISNWID: Do what I say, not what I do

• OTTOMH: Off the top of my head

• IDUNNO: I don’t know


• WTG (way to go)


Twitter Acquires Android Lock Screen App "Cover"

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 08, 2014
Twitter acquired Android lock screen app Cover for enhancing its social media engagement. The app will remain in the Google Play Store. Cover provides quick access to apps when they are required by learning which apps a person uses for different tasks. After that it put the apps right on a user’s lock screen for easy access.

Twitter Acquires Android Lock Screen App "Cover"

The start-up, which launched its Cover app in beta in October, is joining Twitter to further capitalize on its goal of using Android to “make people’s lives easier.”

Cover blog states that “It’s been an incredible journey, a journey that we’re excited to announce is taking a turn today as we bring the Cover team to Twitter to take these ideas even further. Twitter, like Cover, believes in the incredible potential of Android. They share our vision that smartphones can be a lot smarter — more useful and more contextual — and together we’re going to make that happen. We’ll be building upon a lot of what makes Cover great, and we’re thrilled to create something even better at Twitter.”

Twitter has not revealed its plans for Cover or how it will use the start-up’s technology to enhance the social network. Twitter tweets as “Welcome to the flock @coverscreen! We’re excited too.”


Twitter Introduces Photo Tagging

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 30, 2014
The largest micro-blogging network with social network abilities is now offering its mobile users to tag people in photos and upload up to four photos in a single tweet with an option of a collage.  Twitter announced in a blog post that this feature is making Twitter a “more social” platform for iOS and Android app users.
Twitter's software engineer C├ęsar Puerta mentioned that “Tagging people in a picture makes conversations around photos fun and easy. And tagging doesn’t affect character count in the Tweet — you can tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have all 140 characters at your disposal, making it easier to connect with your friends.”

How to tag people ?

If you want to tag someone in an uploaded image, simply tap ‘Who’s in this photo?’ and type in the person’s Twitter username only.  Tagged people will receive a notification. If you want to change notifications then you can go to Settings and do the changes.

How to share a photo collage ? 

If you want to share a photo collage, tap on a preview to get the full image and slide through the group. 

The good news is that the multiple photo feature started rolling out Wednesday for iPhone users, and is “coming soon” to Android and the Web gradually.


Twitter Paid $36 Million To IBM For Patents

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 10, 2014
Twitter paid $36 million to IBM for 900 patents as reported on the papers filed with the Securities Exchange Commission. After a threat last November by IBM to sue the social network over three patents, twitter dished out the amount to avoid lawsuit. Though the patent exchange was announced earlier this year but the financial amount was not disclosed until the papers became publicly available.
Twitter Paid $36 million to IBM For Patents
According to the source, it is seen that Twitter holds nearly 1,000 U.S. patents with 100 more applications pending approval as of date.

Twitter reported that “Many companies in these industries, including many of our competitors, have substantially larger patent and intellectual property portfolios than we do, which could make us a target for litigation as we may not be able to assert counterclaims against parties that sue us for patent, or other intellectual property infringement.”

IBM threatened with legal action late last year over three patents which were similar to their own. Some major giants have also come across the situation that Apple and Microsoft are investors in one patent company that has sued Google.

Twitter May Start eCommerce With Stripe

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 20, 2014
Twitter and Stripe are probably clubbing together and very soon we will see Twitter users making purchases through the social network online.

Stripe offers a variety of application program interfaces for small-mid and larger sized companies. Twitter is going to sign the deal which would be for the first time when Twitter will allow companies to sell their products directly through their network. So it would be interesting while you tweet can go for online shopping also.

On, it is found that spokespersons from neither firm were willing to speak on the deal, but heard that “close to the deal”. It means Titter account holders could soon start making purchases through their account online.

A month after from the time when Twitter announced it would begin targeted advertising for its users, now it shows interests for selling products to users based on Web browsing and searches. Twitter could finally enter the world of eCommerce and it would receive some financial support from the companies selling products through the network obviously.


Facebook Introduces "Trending" To Challenge Twitter

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 18, 2014
Facebook is introducing a feature called 'Trending'. It will enable members to stay up-to-date on popular topics of conversation via the social network. This addition of "Trending" feature to the social network giant has been under testing phase since last August. And no doubt its a direct challenge to Twitter. We can't a direct copy of Twitter's news feeding features but yes somewhat similar to it with different pattern.

Engineering manager of Facebook, Chris Struhar said in a blog post “Facebook is a space where people from all over the world gather every day to share their thoughts and participate in real-time conversations, from the highlights of the Golden Globes to the passing of Nelson Mandela,” 

He also added “Today we’re announcing Trending, a new product that’s designed to surface interesting and relevant conversations in order to help you discover the best content from all across Facebook. To the right of your News Feed, you'll see a list of topics that have recently spiked in popularity. The list is personalized, including topics based on things you’re interested in and what is trending across Facebook overall. Each topic is accompanied by a headline that briefly explains why it is trending. You can click on any headline to see the most interesting posts from your friends or Pages that are talking about that particular topic. ”

Images Source :  Facebook Newsroom

Struhar promises that Facebook users can “expect continuous improvements from us over time.”

The feature "Trending" is currently rolling out to desktop users for countries - U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and India. The feature will continue to be tested on mobile as well.


Twitter Launches Tailored Audiences With New Web Interface

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 16, 2014
Twitter along with Epsilon is going to offer ad targeting "Tailored Audiences," with a newly redesigned web interface.

Targeted Ads for Better Engagement

Twitter will be offering service to match CRM data to create highly-targeted Promoted Tweet campaigns. Epsilon's technology, SecureConnect will be the main technology behind this effort by Twitter. Marketers can directly contact their own audience and narrow it down to "Tailored Audiences," based on data provided by Epsilon. Audience segments will include both the most engaged and most relevant to any given topic. 

New Redesigned Website

After a long time, Twitter has now a new look. The network is also rolling out the newest version of its web site via a promotional tweet.

Twitter is doing the opposite to the usual way. Its iOS and Android sites are ahead of their website will reflect those two properties.


How To Send Automated Twitter Message Using Tools

Posted By: Poketors - December 27, 2013
Practicing tweeting includes follow a person, re-tweeting, thanking people for replying to your tweets or mentioning you. Some people who have a lot of fans, it becomes difficult to send personalized messages for each and every person who follows you. It requires direct messaging.

Below are some tools which are helpful in sending direct messages:

Its being used by many bloggers today. It is a software with some important features in addition to the ability to send automated direct messages. The main feature includes the ability to manage and analyze multiple Twitter profiles, investigate current trends, auto post your tweets, auto follow targeted Twitter members.

For our purpose TweetAdder can help you to send tweets, reply to Twitter users that mention you and to send thank you messages to new followers.

Another very popular tool that allows you to send direct messages to multiple users at once. Getting started with Tweet Guru is easy. You have to connect it to your Twitter account. Now provide the Twitter IDs of the people you want to reach in the ID column. Now you are ready with the messaged to be sent to multiple followers. Click the “’end multi DM’ button once done.

Sending automated direct messages to multiple followers becomes easy with it as there is a limitation that using Twitter you can't send multiple messages directly. Tweet Guru can be used in mobile also.

SocialOomp tool increases the productivity of the interaction of business talks by sending automated direct messages. It enables you to track certain keywords, schedule tweets, vet new followers, follow those following you, use buzz and many more features.

It is available in professional and free versions. Obviously the professional account includes more features, but you need to pay for it. At the time of starting you can use the free account.

Due to our time restriction we to reply to each and every tweet or to thank all your new followers individually. TweetManager is a tool that can help you send direct messages in bulk to your followers. Mostly it enables you to follow a user, reply to them, and even schedule future tweets and messages, among many other features. It is also very user-friendly and useful.

Share your comments if you have some more optional direct messaging tools for Twitter.


Twitter’s Most Popular Trending Topics In 2013 [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - December 22, 2013
2013 is a great year for Twitter. People around the world have witnessed that the newborn George, the Royal baby, helped the monarchy rack up 40,000 new Twitter followers in one day, and the news like the National Security Agency revelations blow up overnight.

Twitter’s Most Popular Trending Topics In 2013 [Infographic]

Yet, did you remember what were the most interesting and important trending topics on Twitter in 2013? From US Government Shutdown to #ThankYouSachin, and from #DoctorWho to #3eedpains of United Arab Emirates, here is a nice infographic to find out what the top trending topics from around the world on Twitter in 2013.

Source: The Website Marketing Group


10 Reasons For Choosing Twitter Over Facebook

Posted By: Poketors - November 08, 2013
What do you think about Social Media and its impact on promoting brands? Which do you think the best social network? Though Facebook has emerged huge appreciation in marketing products and brands, in some aspects Twitter went ahead of Facebook. It will definitely make some difference in the way you retain existing customers and the rate at which you attract new ones by promoting your products and services. 

Lets look into the following reasons why Twitter is better for businesses, products, brands & services over Facebook.

1. Third Party Tools Supportability :

Various third party tools are available on Twitter to analyse brand performance. Some tools are also there, which brands can use without investing too much money. All these options are available free of cost.

2. Prompt Analytics and Easy Monitoring :

A lot of apps and softwares are there which can track / monitor your brand mentions better on Twitter due to its API. Some of them offer results close to 100 % accurate, like Radian 6, uberVU, Sysomos, SocialBro and so on. 

3. Easy Use & Adaptability Options :

Some tools like Tweet Deck, and Twitter for smart phones make it easier to connect with your consumer on a real time basis on electronic gadgets. UberTwitter can be used to make easy use of it by summarizing an opinion in 140 characters. Facebook on the other hand doesn't have too many options.

4. Customer Service :

A lot of brands are using Twitter to connect with their customers. Banking sectors to telecom sectors and even some FMCG companies and others have been solving customer queries real time using Twitter. 

5. Faster Content Sharing :

Social Media giant Facebook has its limitation in sharing content as most of the conversations are private and it’s designed to be that way. However, Twitter is an open platform and anybody can view each other’s tweets, giving your content the boost that it needs and in this way it shares the content over net. 

6. Twitter Tools Over Facebook Edgerank :

Various apps have their various effect. Facebook Edgerank reduces your reach to 10% or even less than that whereas Twitter is open to all. Anyone can connect with people and experts via Twitter. Some tools like enable people to find other people on Twitter.

7. Agency Interaction :

A lot of brands prefer Facebook because they have been told by their agencies to use Facebook. Various agencies prefer Facebook as it’s easier to maintain, spend money, and get temporary results. But Twitter takes time and after setting it will be the best one.

8. Limited Communication : 

Twitter restricts its word count to just 140 characters. Twitter is the perfect platform for the kind of communication - like businessmen and other users prefer to post in short sentences as they are limited by time. So these limited communication helps people to understand the proper understanding of the posts.

9. Search Engine In Real Time :

Twitter can be used as a real time search engine. Twitters advanced search is fantastic and allows brands to search for specific conversations without any issues. Twitter has improved its up-time and anyone can search for specific topics with the right keyword combination over time.

10. Market Research Tool :

Twitter can be a great market research tool. Some brands are scared to come on social media platforms like Twitter since they feel that they don’t have control over what people say about them. Negative feedback provides great market research insights, and instigates companies to improve service and efficiency.

So what is your opinion on Twitter for Businesses over Facebook? Share your comments.


How To Implement #HASHCORE On You Website

Posted By: Poketors - September 24, 2013
If you are searching for a social media widget to circulate your latest blog content over the net then #HASHCORE would be the best option for you.

There is nothing to say about HASHTAGS which provide a proper approach for your brand exposure. If you want to reach wider and target audience to promote your product then use #HASHCORE.  All of the major Social Media Networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr or Google+ now allow users to use hashtags to join any particular conversational topic. Using this, you can increase our online presence and ensure to discover our targeted audience.

#HASHCORE helps you to deliver real time information to our content and keep your content alive and entertaining to your readers.

Here are the main two advantages using #HASHCORE :

1. Show Feeds From Social Media :  

 If you know how to use hashtags then obviously it will be easy for you to use #HASHCORE which allows publishers to get social media feeds on their website. Manual hyperlinks are not required so you can just add a small code to your website and it will automatically link available hashtags to twitter.

2. Expand Twitter Followers :

You can easily expand your twitter followers as #HASHCORE provides the Follow Me button easily visible to the readers. It will link hashtags within your content and display the live feed related to that topic over net. Once a visitor clicks the hashtagged word within your content, it’ll show your twitter Follow@ button to the bottom by making it visible to the visitors, which  increases twitter followers.

Here are some important tasks which are carried out by #HASHCORE :

1. Content would be liv and  visible with tags
2. Includes Feeds For Social Media In Content 
3. Get users on page more time
4. Increases Twitter followers

Thats all from our side. Please try #HASHCORE and let us know the feedback and your suggestions.

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