Twitter Launches Tailored Audiences With New Web Interface

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 16, 2014
Twitter along with Epsilon is going to offer ad targeting "Tailored Audiences," with a newly redesigned web interface.

Targeted Ads for Better Engagement

Twitter will be offering service to match CRM data to create highly-targeted Promoted Tweet campaigns. Epsilon's technology, SecureConnect will be the main technology behind this effort by Twitter. Marketers can directly contact their own audience and narrow it down to "Tailored Audiences," based on data provided by Epsilon. Audience segments will include both the most engaged and most relevant to any given topic. 

New Redesigned Website

After a long time, Twitter has now a new look. The network is also rolling out the newest version of its web site via a promotional tweet.

Twitter is doing the opposite to the usual way. Its iOS and Android sites are ahead of their website will reflect those two properties.

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