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Worried about Google tracking? Tips to protect your privacy

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 16, 2018
We all love Google, sure their results are awesome, however if you're concerned about privacy follow this post to know how you can modify the data of yourself that Google already has. Google is the number one search engine in the world now. Yes, it is and Google can snoop into your lives, build a huge profile over your connections and sell them. That's how it has amassed a fortune of making Google a top MNC in the world. Literally, Google is almost owning the internet. 

Worried about Google tracking? Tips to protect your privacy
They read/scan your emails, have built a profile based on you by tracking your web usage activities and advertising preferences of yours linked to a unique advertising id and sells them to the highest bidder at a great price. But unknowingly we take risk on losing our important data, ignoring how should we protect sensitive data from loss or theft.

How and where your data hides?
 Go to and you will find the shit you have done over the internet. You can delete them and disable all the things.

If you actively use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Assistant and what not? They are free because they aren't selling you the product. It's we the consumers who are the victims or so-called products.

In fact, they are making billions out of your crush's romantic messages, your cute kids pictures or even some of the weird and wild imaginary things your searched for on their website. Google maintains huge archives with a mammoth amount of data.

There have been several instances recently based on racial profiling and discriminatory hiring practices. For this, Google has been warned by several privacy and security agencies for alleged snooping into everything out their on the internet as if they own it! European Union has alleged Google a lot of times.

How to prevent security & privacy breach?

Even if you are a great Google lover, there are few steps that can be followed to be safe while using email/search/cloud services over internet by controlling or avoiding few Google products.

· Opt out of advertising based on your preferences.

· Stop using Gmail and switch to Protonmail/Tutanota.

· Avoid Google Drive and instead use Tresorit/SpiderOak. Else use BoxCryptor or other services to pre encrypt your files before uploading to Google Drive etc.

· If you're concerned about privacy switch to DuckDuckGo/StartPage/Qwant immediately.

· In case, you want an alternate safe search engine then switch to Privado (It doesn't store search history or IPs).

· Undoubtedly chrome is a great browser. Install extensions like Ublock origin, HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger and Disconnect. If not switch to Firefox!

· If you're using an android device do this as soon as possible: Navigate to Settings >Google>Ads and opt out of personalization and reset your advertising id every month.

· Try avoiding apps called Allo/Duo.

Along with the above steps, open the URL and make sure you are signed in to your Google account. Then, make sure all the slider/toggles are to the left ("paused"). If a confirmation box pops up asking you to confirm that you want to pause an activity, confirm it by clicking "Pause". Toggle to pause for Location history, Voice & Audio Activity, YouTube Search & Watch History. Additionally, under "Web & App Activity", uncheck "Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services."

There are aspects of Google, both good and bad, that this article hasn't covered because the company is simply too big, and too complicated to comprehend. I'm not anti Google, however being concerned about how our data is used, who uses it and what pros and cons it holds is a consumer right. I am writing this post and sharing my opinion on the basis I learnt and experienced while using several popular products of Google.

Just remember one thing, if you're not paying for the product, you are the product! There is no such thing as a free lunch. I’m not sure how many people are aware of this. But the next time while you’re browsing the internet for finding some information or enjoying a video on YouTube, always remember that Google is watching your every move; because that’s the price you pay for that free service.

I would love to hear from you more on this.


Top Search Engines of 2017

Posted By: Arin Dey - October 08, 2017
A lot of people don't need hundreds of search engines, especially people who are less tech savvy. All of the internet users want a single search engine that delivers below features:
  • More relevant and accurate results
  • Uncluttered, easy to read interface and view
  • Helpful options to broaden or tighten a search
Top Search Engines of 2017
Let us see how these below search engines serve the best to the internet users who are searching for information over web.

1. Google Search:

Google is obviously the king of search engines, and is the single most used search engine in the world. Without any doubt, Google is fast, relevant, and the largest single catalogue of web pages available since few years now.

2. Google Scholar Search:

Google Scholar is a very special version of Google. This search engine is useful for the people who are preparing and taking part in debates. Google Scholar focuses on scientific and hard-research academic material that has been subjected to scrutiny by scientists and scholars.

3. Yahoo! Search:

Yahoo! is not only a search engine but it has some other features also like; news aggregator, a shopping center, an email service provider, a travel directory, a horoscope and games center, and several other features.

4. Bing Search:

Bing is Microsoft's product competing with Google, and considered as the second-most-popular search engine today. Bing used to be MSN search until it was updated in summer of 2009. Bing is growing and integrated a lot of search features.

5. DuckDuck Go Search:

Initially, used to look like Google. But there are a lot of things that make this  search engine different.

DuckDuckGo has some salient features, like 'zero-click' information. It means all of your searched answers are found on the first results page. DuckDuckgo offers disambiguation prompts that helps to clarify what question you are really asking. Additionally, the ad spam is much less than other search engines. It doesn't keep any private search results data into their servers as it is very much concerned about the privacy and security of internet users.

6. Dogpile Search:

Dogpile was better than Google in early 90's because it was considered as the fast and efficient choice for web searching. Later on, a lot of things got changed in the late 1990's, Dogpile faded into obscurity, and Google became king.

7. Yippy Search: 

Yippy is a Deep Web engine that searches other search engines for you. Unlike the regular Web, which is indexed by robot spider programs, Deep Web pages are usually harder to locate by conventional search.

8. The Internet Archive Search:

The Internet Archive is the best loved search engine for longtime Web users. The Archive has been taking snapshots of the entire World Wide Web for years now, allowing you and me to travel back in time to see what a web page looked like in 1999, or what the news was in earlier times, the stories maybe 2 decades ago.

9. Webopedia Search:

Webopedia is one of the most useful websites on the web. Mostly people from technology background love this search engines as it serves a lot of the search purposes of those techies. Webopedia is an encyclopedic resource dedicated to searching technology terminology and computer definitions.

10. Baidu Search:

Baidu, a Chinese search engine, offers a lot of services for websites, videos, multimedia files, news, translations and other useful functions, as well as global mapping service Baidu Maps. Baidu was established in 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu. Both of the co-founders are Chinese nationals who studied in Peking University and worked overseas before returning to China. In December 2016, Baidu ranked 4th overall in the Alexa Internet rankings.

11. Yandex Search:

Yandex is a Russian-established web index. This has turned into an exceptionally well-known internet searcher in Russia and also popular in few of parts of Europe as well. This search engine has 55-65% market share of total Search market in Russia.

12. Wolfram Alpha Search:

Wolfram Alpha is essentially a computational learning motor that figures any information. But it  desn’t mean that this web crawler is fundamentally for math nerds.You can even get some information about any reality, and this will give you the appropriate response.  It has got an incredible processing feature that makes this web index additionally pulls your answer quickly.

13. Ixquick Search:

Ixquick is one of the the best search engines if you are looking at the privacy of users. With Ixquick neither of the points of interest of your list items put away and no cookies are utilized. You can even set inclinations. However, you have to reset that following 90 days as they will be erased after that on the off chance that you are dormant for this internet searcher.

14. Search: was initially called as Ask Jeeves. This web search engine is still especially the main decision for some clients in the USA. It represents 3% of the aggregate. The prevalent of indexed lists are as yet not that sufficiently much to fulfill the searchers' needs.


If you are looking at overall featured search engine, Google would be the best search engine, but when you’re looking for its alternatives with higher privacy and security, then I would prefer DuckDuckGo. I personally like DuckDuckGo over other search engines. I'd like to know your thoughts on the search engines, in case I have missed mentioning anything here. Also leave your comments below.


Hidden Games You Can Play On Google Search [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 04, 2017
Google Search and Google games are not similar concepts and even sounds totally different. It is difficult to imagine the Google homepage as an online game platform. But the games that we are aware of, can be played on Google search engine.

Hidden Games You Can Play On Google Search

The guide below tells you how to find such hidden gems as Atari Breakout and Pac-Man (for the old-school gamers), a fiendishly difficult Flappy Droid game hidden in your Android phone, a simple but addictive platform game you can play in chrome when offline and some great games hidden in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Source: Euroffice.


How Google Works [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 29, 2017
Google's popularity has transformed companies around the world to keep the rank highly in its SERPs to lure prospective customers to their sites. Google is software. Human being don't monitor or edit Google's results. Where your website ranks is a result of a computer algorithm. In the key to getting better ranking for your website lies in your ability to help this computer algorithm decide you're the most relevant result for a particular search.

How Google Works [Infographic]

However, they often fail due to their inability to understand the Google Search Engine Algorithm. The infographic below highlights the basics of the Google Search Engine Algorithm. Google determines which search keywords are relevant to your website based on a number of factors. The most obvious factor is the content of your website. Within the content of your website Google gives a lot of weight to what you choose as your page title. Your page title is the information that appears in the browser tab when you visit a web page. If you want to get ranked for a specific keyword or phrase it's critical you include that keyword or phrase in your page. For example_ The title to this page is "How Google Works".

How Google Works [Infographic]

Google is every trying to improve the quality of their search results. So they're constantly tweaking the formula they use to determine which sites are relevant and which are not. The import things to remember from this article are to create plenty of keyword rich text on your website, create a highly relevant page title that includes your targeted keywords, and most importantly work hard to get as many high quality links back to your website. Here is another pictorial presentation on how does Google work.

Source : PPCBlog & Google

Both Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg came to Google as seasoned Silicon Valley business executives, but over the course of a decade they came to see the wisdom in Coach John Wooden's observation that 'it's what you learn after you know it all that counts'.  Click here to read How Google Works.


Apple's Siri Is Next To Google In Mobile Search

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 10, 2017
Fivesight Research released a study on “US Consumer Search Preferences Smartphone & Desktop: Q1 2017,” that states that Siri is the most used mobile “search engine” of choice after Google. The study was based on a survey of 800 US adults split roughly evenly between iOS and Android users.

Google has been the most used mobile search engine since years. This year it holds an 84 percent aggregate share among respondents. Among Android users, Google’s search share was 90 percent. Among iPhone owners Google had a 78 percent share. After Google, however, Siri was named by more respondents as their “primary search engine” than Bing or Yahoo. (However, this doesn’t reflect query volume, just identification as the primary engine of choice.)

Fivesight Research provided a comparative study given below, that reveals that Siri had a larger share of mobile search than Bing or Yahoo.
Siri had a larger share of mobile search than Bing or Yahoo
Siri was the primary search engine of 13 percent of iPhone owners. This finding is significant because it suggests the long-term, potentially disruptive impact of voice and virtual assistants on traditional “query in a box” results. It’s important to point out, however, that these responses reflect self-reported data and many not line up one-to-one with behavior.

Siri was also the most widely adopted virtual personal assistant among the available choices, used by a higher number of iOS users than “Google Now” was by Android users. Google Assistant wasn’t one of the available choices on the survey.

Comparative study on personal assistant mobile search using Google and Siri

A very large percentage of respondents (72 percent) said they were using virtual assistants to “supplement” more traditional mobile search.
Browser usage on mobile devices
The survey also found that Chrome was the dominant mobile browser, with a 48 percent share, followed by Safari, with 37 percent. Roughly 14 percent of iPhone owners used Chrome as their primary browser. However, Android owners reported a higher level of non-Google browser use, with 11 percent choosing a Microsoft browser and another 10 percent using “other.”


The Science Behind Google [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - October 29, 2015
This article will give you insight into the intricate inner workings of today’s digital technologies. Google has created, and refined a fantasic solution to a difficult problem. It answers the question “How popular is this web-page”. It does this by counting references to that page and quantifying the popularity with appropriate weightings. Google’s engines can do this with remarkable speed and efficiency.

The Science Behind Google [Infographic]

The infographic below will let you know what is the science behind Google and other search engines. Learn the secrets behind search engines – how they work and how they have evolved.

The Science Behind Google [Infographic]
Source : BusinessDegrees


How To Download A Copy Of Your Past Google Searches

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 22, 2015
Now it is very easy to download all of your saved search history for Google searches. It gives you access to your data whenever required. You can keep a local data search base in your system.
How To Download A Copy Of Your Past Google Searches

Follow the below steps to copy your past searches data :
  1. Open your Web & App Activity page.
  2. Click the Options icon   on top right corner and then > Download.
  3. Click Create Archive.
  4. Once the download is over, an email confirmation with a link to the data will be sent to your email address.
Please make a note here that if you download all your past searches then it will not be deleted from your Web & App Activity page. If you want to delete your searches and browsing activity then click here.

Where is your downloaded data saved?

once you complete downloading your past searches, a copy of your history will be saved securely to the Takeout folder in Google Drive

If you want to download the files to your computer, please follow the below steps :
  1. Visit
  2. Select the file you'd like to download. In case you are selecting multiple files then hold down Shift or Ctrl (Command on a Mac) while clicking on multiple files.
  3. Right click on the files and select Download.
Depending on the amount of data you’re downloading, you may be have more than one file in your Takeout folder with your history in it.

Security Measures :

Below security measures should be taken care :
  • Never download your past searches on public computers as this can be misused by anyone.
  • Always protect your account and sensitive data with 2-Step Verification. This will restrict others to keep out of your account even if they have your password.


Google To Introduce Child-Friendly Versions of Search, YouTube

Posted By: Arin Dey - December 07, 2014
Google has finally concentrating on the large demographic i.e. under age group 12 by introducing a filtered search. Pavni Diwanji, the vice-president of Google engineering told USA TODAY that it has plans to modify all of its most popular products — search, YouTube and Chrome and this time is for children.

Google To Introduce Child-Friendly Versions of Search, YouTube

Diwanji, who is a mom to daughters aged eight and 13, told the publication that “The big motivator inside the company is everyone is having kids, so there’s a push to change our products to be fun and safe for children. We expect this to be controversial, but the simple truth is kids already have the technology in schools and at home. So the better approach is to simply see to it that the tech is used in a better way.”

The project is full-time and Google is eagerly planning it to get set go, Diwanji didn't confirm that when parents can see the new services to be introduced.

She added “We want to be thoughtful about what we do, giving parents the right tools to oversee their kids’ use of our products. We want kids to be safe, but ultimately it’s about helping them be more than just pure consumers of tech, but creators, too.”

Google will definitely be able to make the Internet a little more kid-friendly. What do you think?


The Crazy Things That People Search On Google [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 22, 2014
People nowadays open the Google search box very frequently when they want to find the answer to any question. Search Factory, an Australian-based SEO company has prepared the below infographic which explains what people search on google and the strings they use while searching.  

The Crazy Things That People Search On Google [Infographic]
The company used Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to gather these stats on the crazy stuff people actually search for on Google.  The result is very very funny and interesting and you will come to know how people can be crazy for their preferred topic. Lets see in the below infographic.
The Crazy Things That People Search On Google
Source : Searchfactory


How To Be A Google Power User [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - July 04, 2014
Google is a very powerful search engine with a wide range of features and operators to help you find what you need. It may be currency conversions or the answer to lifestyles. It’s an idiotic approach that is followed by most of the people. They "just enter a phrase and hit enter" where it’s capable of doing a lot more.

Let’s start from the basic search and use real world examples as described in the below infographic :


Google Search Updates Menus Of Popular Restaurants

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 03, 2014
Google updated its search tool. Its time to trow challenge to Yelp and Foursquare with its new feature that enables searchers to access the menu of most popular restaurants. This update is available only for the U.S. users as of now.
Image Credit : Google
Google+ post stated that “Next time you’re planning a brunch or a date night, check to make sure the menu has something to satisfy everyone in your group, without having to browse through several restaurants’ websites. Just search Google to show you the menu for the eatery you’re considering and you can see it right on the top of your search page — complete with tabs for different parts of the menu (like appetizers, brunch or dinner) and, often, prices — before you make your reservation. Next time you’re planning a brunch or a date night, check to make sure the menu has something to satisfy everyone in your group, without having to browse through several restaurants’ websites.”

If you type or say that “what’s on the menu at ABC restaurant?” or ask Google to “show me the menu at restaurant”, it will show up all the available restaurants.

It is also found that Google has worked with an external data provider to provide the menu data. The partner name is not unveiled yet.

Google Updates Page Layout Algorithm

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 17, 2014
Google recently made some changes in its page layout algorithm and therefore people might have noticed some changes in organic search traffic or rankings and also it might have impacted the websites which are having high ratio of ads to content at the top of the web pages. If you have such page layout in your websites then your site could be affected by this update of the Google page layout algorithm.

Google's Matt Cutts tweeted saying that a refresh of the algorithm occurred on February 6 but he didn't reveal how much does this change impact on the web pages or any other information to this. Last time Google added the page layout algorithm in January 2012, which they updated in October 2012.
Google Updates Page Layout Algorithm

Which websites might get affected?

This new update targets websites that are light on content and heavy on ads "above the fold". It says about the location where the part of the page visible to a user before scrolling. 

Cutts mentioned earlier also in his keynote that they were working on the next generation of the page layout algorithm, and specifically targeting sites that have large ads above the fold. He suggested that webmasters should make changes before the new algorithm impacted their sites.

"If you look at the top part of your page and the very first thing you see front and center, top above the fold is ads right there, then you might want to ask yourself, 'do I have the best user experience?' Because we are working on an algorithm in the next iteration of that algorithm to try and catch some of that." Cutts said in October.

The important thing is that it would have a bigger impact other languages (e.g., Russian or Arabic) more than it will English. People had a miss conception that it might affect websites that has endless scrolling technique, and often with a lot of white space and larger than normal font size but the trend has been moving to regular websites.

How to check whether your site is affected or not?

It is very important to find out whether your site has been impacted by the algorithmic refresh or not. You can check your analytics data to see if there’s any change occurring on or after February 6. As per Cutts, it's likely to be understood that major impact will be for webmasters with sites that aren't in English.

Hope this change brings some good results for the sites having quality content with proper page layout defined.


How Google Has Changed Research For Grad Students [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 16, 2014
Google has been dominating each and every industries with its various products and services. Even it has changed the research for graduation students also. In a survey it is found that 94 percentage of U.S. students who equate research with using Google, or other search engines. 75 percentage of students who use Wikipedia and online encyclopedias. 87 the percentage of all US adults using the Internet who also use search engines.

How Google Has Changed Research For Grad Students [Infographic]

Most of the users according to the age group use Google search for different purposes. But in the search engines battle, Google has been always kept its position as No. 1 with its products and service offerings. Here is an infographic which states how Google has changed research for graduation students.

Just Google It: How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students

Source: Visually.


A Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 11, 2014
Google has been dominating the world of search engines since decades. In the year 2000 and till 2003, search engines were like keyword-matching and link-counting machines and there was simple 2 concepts to rank high in SERPs. Either stuff your keyword phrase into your blog/website as much as possible or get a lot of inbound links to your blog/website. Things have changed with times and Google also keeps changing its algorithm for which a lot of SEO experts who find comfort in dealing with SEO practices face challenges to rethink in a different way.

 A Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes [infographic]

Quality content and backlinks have always been the major factors for a website's ranking. Google has always focused mainly on these two factors and introduced several other factors too. Lets see in the below infographic when and why Google changed its algorithm.

infographic google algorithm changes keyword seo
Source : HubSpot


5 Tips To Increase Google Search Rankings [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - December 20, 2013
Over the years, search engines had dramatically changed and enhanced their search rankings criteria. It now places much more emphasis on how valuable your information is to your readers. And rightly so too.

5 Tips To Increase Google Search Rankings [Infographic]

Search engine optimization and is the art of applying effort to make a website more search engine friendly, so that it will increase its appearance on a search engine’s organic search results. Lets find out in the below inforgaphic.

Source :


Declassifying Google’s Hummingbird [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - December 12, 2013
Some specialists who have less idea on SEO, the new algorithm makes searching a whole lot easier; results are pulled from websites and displayed on the front page in forms of interactive graphs, sliding image galleries or even showcasing music and videos.

Declassifying Google’s Hummingbird [Infographic]

Life became simpler. Search queries although not exclusively keyword based, were showing results related to the search query regardless if it had the exact match keywords or not. Find below a breakdown of hummingbird in the form of cute birds in our very own Hummingbird infographic.
Declassifying Google's Hummingbird
Source :


Google’s Amazing Free Tools

Posted By: Poketors - December 07, 2013
Google has never chased for trophies or awards and doesn't win many popularity contest these days. But the brand Google still deserves hats offs for introducing useful and free small and medium business applications. It keeps introducing many essential tools since ages.

Here is the list of the tools Google offers and the features you didn't know existed on those you’re already using. You may find a tool which you have never explored and everything listed below is completely free.

1. Gmail : It has become an usual email address for everybody. Gradually incremental storage and labeling and compatibility with different email accounts have made this free email service number one position.  

2. Google+ Hangouts : Virtually you can connect with teams. Google Hangouts allows users to turn any chat session into a ten person video discussion. Some add on tool like Cacoo provide real-time online drawing, and SlideShare lets users collaborate and share presentations easily. Hangouts is much more versatile than widely used Skype, and is truly one of  best free services from Google.

3. Google Alerts : We all need to keep updated ourselves in this industry where a tool like ‘Google Alerts makes it easy. Keyword or topic can be triggered as alerts. All the relevant content published that day or week is sent straight to your inbox or via RSS feed updates. Alerts can be set up to follow industry trends, be notified every time your name or your organization's name is mentioned immediately.

4. Google Calendar : Most of us use Google Calendar, but are you missing out some salient features that it offers? Yes, with the help of this you can schedule meetings and events. If you want to know some timely and recurring tasks then you can set up alerts that are sent to you. Both way syncing makes your schedule accessible anywhere, on any device without any issue.

5. Google Places : It is useful in case you are running local business. You have to keep an updated and relevant Google Places profile so that you can get your business above the organic search results for your main keyword searches on search engines. Always complete your profile to the latest details with photos and videos. You can also ask your customers to leave reviews so you can increase your chances of a page one listing on Google search.

6. Google Docs : In case you are sharing documents or tutorials or any informational notes over net then make use of Google Docs to increase efficiency and security. No need to send and share emails. Docs can be created and shared in real-time. You can track the changes done by whom and when in real time. It also allows you to create word files, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and various other widely used formats.

7. Google Drive : It is an amazing tool where you can keep all your documentation to the cloud. It is free but upto 5GB and if you exceed the space then you have to pay $2.49 a month for 25GB. You can create private files, or share individual documents or entire folders very easily.

8. Google Chrome : It’s a fast, lighter and user-friendly web browser. It also also lets you do things like track simple social metrics, get Google+ notifications instantly, and access valuable SEO metrics for any site you visit if you set it.

9. Google Gadgets : It allows users to select from the collection of gadgets which is listed in categories like tools, news, games, finance, sports, politics, and technologies etc. Keep your eye on the several gadgets in Gadgets section and you can find one which could be immensely useful for you.

10. Google Analytics : For all online business owners, it is very much needed.  Google Analytics can pull the data for your site's visitors’, traffic, uniques, time spent, and bounce rates, and other equally valuable metrics like demographics, geographical data, stats on social engagement, operating systems and platforms, sources of traffic, inbound links, the impact of your top content pieces, and indicators on your best tactics for conversions and many more.

11. Google Webmaster Tools : Along with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools are essential to know the facts and figures statistics of your website. All the tools will help you determine if your site is configured correctly by assessing site links, URL parameters, and domain canonization. You can also find blocked URLs, not-found errors, and other problems with site crawling. This amazing tool even offer suggestions on how to better optimize your site, via HTML improvements, site maps, and other resources as well.

12. Google Blogger : Blogger is the favorite tool for all the bloggers and the mostly used free blogging platform. Its very simple to start a blog with Blogger. You have to visit the Blogger homepage, enter your username and password, and click Sign in. Enter a display name and accept Blogger's Terms of Service. Then click the Create a Blog link and get started. Get creative, add information to your blog according to your favorite niche.

Hope we have covered most important free tools by Google. If we are missing out some tool then share your favorites and suggestions as comments here.


Google’s 200 Ranking Factors [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - December 05, 2013
The days where SEO was all about meta tags and backlinks is long gone. Google now uses at least 200 ranking factors in their algorithm, including social signals, user-interaction signals, and trust.

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors [Infographic]

If you’d like a bird’s eye view of these factors, then this infographic and Backlinko may give you some much needed perspective. The piece covers all of the known 200 ranking signals that Google uses to rank sites and pages. However, it’s important to note that many of these aren’t proven or official ranking signals. Here, enjoy this excellent infographic.

[Infographic] Google's 200 Ranking Factors
Source : SearchEngineJournal


How to Use Google Search [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - December 01, 2013
The infographic below offers a helpful primer for how to best structure searches using advanced operators to more quickly and accurately drill down to the information you want. Google Search’s learning curve is an odd one. You use it every day, but still all you know is how to search. But the search engine has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

How to Use Google Search [Infographic]

This is by no means an exhaustive list of search operators and advanced techniques, but it's a good start that will help set you on the path to becoming a Google master.

Source : HackCollege


Understanding Of Google Search And SEO [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - November 19, 2013
A lot of the people got trained on SEO and search engines have little or no previous knowledge about search technology other than their own personal experience of using Google to find information online.

Understanding Of Google Search And SEO [Infographic]

Of particular interest to those working in SEO is likely to be the overall positive attitude towards sites that rank prominently in organic SERPS compared to those that appear as sponsored listings, even where there exists little or no understanding of what makes a page rank prominently on Google. Here is a nice infographic explains the Google search and SEO.
SEO Training: What do the Public Understand about Search? - An Infographic from

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