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Posted By: Poketors - December 07, 2013
Google has never chased for trophies or awards and doesn't win many popularity contest these days. But the brand Google still deserves hats offs for introducing useful and free small and medium business applications. It keeps introducing many essential tools since ages.

Here is the list of the tools Google offers and the features you didn't know existed on those you’re already using. You may find a tool which you have never explored and everything listed below is completely free.

1. Gmail : It has become an usual email address for everybody. Gradually incremental storage and labeling and compatibility with different email accounts have made this free email service number one position.  

2. Google+ Hangouts : Virtually you can connect with teams. Google Hangouts allows users to turn any chat session into a ten person video discussion. Some add on tool like Cacoo provide real-time online drawing, and SlideShare lets users collaborate and share presentations easily. Hangouts is much more versatile than widely used Skype, and is truly one of  best free services from Google.

3. Google Alerts : We all need to keep updated ourselves in this industry where a tool like ‘Google Alerts makes it easy. Keyword or topic can be triggered as alerts. All the relevant content published that day or week is sent straight to your inbox or via RSS feed updates. Alerts can be set up to follow industry trends, be notified every time your name or your organization's name is mentioned immediately.

4. Google Calendar : Most of us use Google Calendar, but are you missing out some salient features that it offers? Yes, with the help of this you can schedule meetings and events. If you want to know some timely and recurring tasks then you can set up alerts that are sent to you. Both way syncing makes your schedule accessible anywhere, on any device without any issue.

5. Google Places : It is useful in case you are running local business. You have to keep an updated and relevant Google Places profile so that you can get your business above the organic search results for your main keyword searches on search engines. Always complete your profile to the latest details with photos and videos. You can also ask your customers to leave reviews so you can increase your chances of a page one listing on Google search.

6. Google Docs : In case you are sharing documents or tutorials or any informational notes over net then make use of Google Docs to increase efficiency and security. No need to send and share emails. Docs can be created and shared in real-time. You can track the changes done by whom and when in real time. It also allows you to create word files, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and various other widely used formats.

7. Google Drive : It is an amazing tool where you can keep all your documentation to the cloud. It is free but upto 5GB and if you exceed the space then you have to pay $2.49 a month for 25GB. You can create private files, or share individual documents or entire folders very easily.

8. Google Chrome : It’s a fast, lighter and user-friendly web browser. It also also lets you do things like track simple social metrics, get Google+ notifications instantly, and access valuable SEO metrics for any site you visit if you set it.

9. Google Gadgets : It allows users to select from the collection of gadgets which is listed in categories like tools, news, games, finance, sports, politics, and technologies etc. Keep your eye on the several gadgets in Gadgets section and you can find one which could be immensely useful for you.

10. Google Analytics : For all online business owners, it is very much needed.  Google Analytics can pull the data for your site's visitors’, traffic, uniques, time spent, and bounce rates, and other equally valuable metrics like demographics, geographical data, stats on social engagement, operating systems and platforms, sources of traffic, inbound links, the impact of your top content pieces, and indicators on your best tactics for conversions and many more.

11. Google Webmaster Tools : Along with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools are essential to know the facts and figures statistics of your website. All the tools will help you determine if your site is configured correctly by assessing site links, URL parameters, and domain canonization. You can also find blocked URLs, not-found errors, and other problems with site crawling. This amazing tool even offer suggestions on how to better optimize your site, via HTML improvements, site maps, and other resources as well.

12. Google Blogger : Blogger is the favorite tool for all the bloggers and the mostly used free blogging platform. Its very simple to start a blog with Blogger. You have to visit the Blogger homepage, enter your username and password, and click Sign in. Enter a display name and accept Blogger's Terms of Service. Then click the Create a Blog link and get started. Get creative, add information to your blog according to your favorite niche.

Hope we have covered most important free tools by Google. If we are missing out some tool then share your favorites and suggestions as comments here.

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