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Social Media Ranking 2016-2017 [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - April 05, 2017
Companies need to communicate socially with other companies in the B2B as well as with their customers and prospects today. From Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest to Xing, here’s an illustrated look at the social media landscape. The infographic shows the list of current social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, to Xing.

Social Media Ranking [Infographic]

Social Media is big – its user volume is bigger than some of the most populated countries in the world. Facebook has 1.55 Billion Monthly Active Users. If FB was a country it will outrank China, India and will be the most populated country in the world.

Social Media Ranking 2016-2017

Source: thewebsitegroup

The Evolution Of Marketing [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - April 30, 2014
Nowadays we can see that the internet has doubled the channels through which brands can market to customers. Most of the organizations used to practise outbound marketing like newspapers, magazines, television and radio to market their brands.

The Evolution Of Marketing [Infographic]

What does this mean for marketing? This means that companies should look to start transitioning, using more inbound marketing to capitalize on changing consumer patterns. Shoppers believe they are more informed than sales associates because people use technology while shopping to research brands. Almost two-thirds of shoppers access that store’s website or app and a little over one-third access competitors’ sites or apps to research items before purchase. Furthermore, consumer trust in online sources, from the brand’s websites to customer reviews and opinions, has increased. Nowadays, they use new and modern inbound marketing avenues like search engines, social networks, mobile and social media. Lets see graphically how the evolution happened in the below infographic.

Source : DashBurst


How To Do Effective Instagram Marketing

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 12, 2014
Instagram is the social network mainly used for brands and marketers by sharing real and orginal photos. Along with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, Instagram has made its place in the field of social media but the niche is totally different unlike them. It only uses  real and interesting photos shared by people to communicate with each other engaging followers via comments.  
Here are a few steps on how to do effective Instagram marketing properly and promote your company.

1. Post Original & Real Photos : 

Instagram’s users basically communicate with each other by posting photos. So its better to take and share real and original photos. In case you require to add text, consider using Overgram to add text carefully and post it. 

2. Limited Posting :

In case you have something better and very much interesting photos to share then keep it limited and share only your best photos. It with basically enrich your followers experience and benefits you. In case you would like to merge or morph or collage photos then apps like Diptic and Fuzel can create a collage as required. Exporting them can be possible straight to Instagram to make photos even more attractive by telling people a short interesting description.

3. On-the-go Images :

If you’re going to represent a brand on Instagram, give it good and acceptable flavor. Instagram is about most recent, happening and interesting on-the-go images that take you inside people's house.

4, Involving Followers :

There are few brands like Red Bull or Audi have gone far ahead creating communities on Instagram using hashtags and also some Instagram Contests that get followers to interact with their products. In this way they are connecting to their lifestyle and emotions gradually. One of the best idea is to give away a series of gift cards to people who posts photos of them “photo of the day” and use a special hashtag to enter. This communication would definitely help your business to spread across.

5. Reply Via Comment :

Need not say that its essential to interact with people in Instagram. It’s a basically social network based on the emotions & involvement with a photo shared, and that emotions will be expressed in the form of comments on the photos. So always make your communication both way so that people will be interested not just to follow you, but to interact with you wheneever required.

Most of all the Instagram users want to see the world around them visually via snaps. So whatever you post as your content should be real and then only followers will follow you, eventually they will later follow your brand/products if you are promoting any business over Instagram.


Why Facebook Users Are Valuable To Marketers [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - January 10, 2014
Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, filling a need of users to connect to family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, clients and others with potential for some form of relationship. Facebook also has the highest user engagement in terms of average hours spent per month per user.

Why Facebook Users Are Valuable To Marketers [Infographic]

This makes Facebook users highly valuable to marketers. Lets visualize here in the below infographic why Facebook users are valuable to marketers.



How To Improve Internet Marketing Practices

Posted By: Poketors - January 05, 2014
Internet marketing opportunities are the space where a blogger or a website owner can make use of it. Internet marketers do commonly follow some ways which should now be re-framed or this is the time to redefine the steps.  

Here we mention few tips which will help you to improve internet marketing practices.

1. Smart Marketing :

We have come across people who keep saying that they are are working hard for internet marketing aspects but they don't find any positive response. There are a lot of ways to market your business online, but just because you can do them all doesn’t mean you should.  You have to be smart enough and choose the places online where your target audience or teh target market is.

For example, if you want people who are into administrative job for electronics company and aged 44 and up then Tumblr and Instagram are not going to help you. In this case, LinkedIn is more likely to be a good use of your time and internet marketing.

2. Social Advertising :

Television media has been dominating the advertising world since decades and considered as the most reachable media to target audience.  But nowadays along with television, social media also has shown its effect in connecting with internet users. A lot of businesses feel they shouldn't have to pay for exposure on social networking sites, since such exposure used to be free. In earlier days, television programming used to be free as well, but gradually we saw changes and rates applicable for ads coming on TV. Similarly the days of free social media exposure for businesses is no reduced and its time to pay some to gain some.

3. SEO For Google Updates :

Google's major algorithm updates, i.e. Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird have their impacts on rankings for a website. All the new changes often devastate the rankings and search engine traffic for even big businesses. If any company is found using SEO tactics or consultants that break Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, tactics like certain link-building, that used to be okay with Google earlier but now are not okay anymore. If your site is associated with any of these tactics, it will suffer at some point if it hasn’t already. So make sure that this tear 2014, you have read all the Webmaster Guildelines defined by Google and doing SEO practices on your website.

4. Must Share On Google Plus.

Google Plus is not much popular compared to Facebook and Twitter. But gradually Goole Plus is drawing traffic to your site as never underestimate Google Plus which is in other word Google only. So if you are ready to be visible in Google, then you need to care about Google Plus.

5. Google Authorship :

Google now emphasizes to increase the amount of impact that Google Plus activity has on search results. If you haven't used yet, just set up your Google Plus Authorship and start building up your circles immediately.

You have to pay attention only in Authorship and building up your circles for Google Plus. This year, one major SEO trend is going to be “author rank”. A lot of people have caught on to the ranking benefits of Google Authorship, Google is setting up a ranking system for verified authors.

Matt Cutts of Google says “It’s not just going to be about markup, it’s going to be about the quality of the authorship.” But till date what are the factors Google is going to look at to determine the quality of an author is not yet known, but it is obvious that it will look into the quantity, quality, and relevancy of your connections, as well as the amount of Google Plus activity your articles receive (+1s, comments, and reshares) on your and other's networks.

6. Google Maps On Google Plus Business Page :

In case, if you don’t have a Google Plus Business Page, then log into and click on “Start Now” under “Google+ Page”. If you already have one, and it was created as a “Local” page, then look for the opportunity to merge them in the Google Places dashboard.

If you don't find any location there, you’ll have to fill out your business information 100% and then start posting status updates and reviews. It will help you get found on the first page of Google search pages along with Google Plus searches. This is helpful  if somebody performs a regionally-based search for your type of business.

7. Web Visitor To Lead Sales :

A lot of businesses have an online sales cycle that requires multiple stages to convert a web visitor to a lead. A first-time visitor who found your site via a blog post will never be ready to contact you if your site is that much interesting and satisfy his/her needs fully, but would be ready and willing to register to get good content, such as technological guides, how to information. You can start offering some email marketing which can convince them to attend a webinar, where they have an opportunity to experience your company’s subject matter expertise to the point where they’re convinced that you can help them. So you can make your lead sales from your site's content viewers by offering free guides, documents, pdfs, information, and obviously customer service or online help with greater reach to customers, proper optimized with best SEO tactics, engaging customers with email marketing and webinars. We would welcome your suggestion if you have any more.


20 Captivating Marketing Statistics For 2014 [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - November 26, 2013
As 2013 draws to a close, marketers are looking ahead to next year when social media marketing will begin to take center stage. No longer a luxury, it will become a must-have in 2014 marketing strategies.

20 Captivating Marketing Statistics For 2014 [Infographic]

In 2014, marketers will use dynamic content to deliver targeted, highly-personalized experiences to the right audience at the right time. Below are the 20 captivating marketing statistics that will drive 2014.

Source : WebDamSolutions


5 Basic Marketing Tips For LinkedIn

Posted By: Poketors - September 14, 2013
LinkedIn has been the most prefered website for the professionals or even for job seeker too. With over 225 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is popular as a playground for recruiters and HP people of reputed companies. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the number 1 and largest network For professionals.
Why is your profile still unnoticed by recruiters or HR?

A lot of people create a LinkedIn profile and wait for the opportunities come to their inbox. But this is not the right approach as we have to take initiative and do some marketing practices rather than waiting for opportunities to knock your door. Here are some basic marketing tips which can be helpful in spreading out your LinkedIn profile to the world ensuring a good response for your career aspects.

1. Profile Completion :

Include all the correct information along with a professional photograph and your correct name. LinkedIn has a feature which lets you know about your incomplete profile information and prompts you to enter all the valid information. Don't ignore that by skipping the step. It is seen than people try to put keywords in the name field but that is not the correct place for stuffing your keywords as you have other place for it.

You will get summary section to include a brief summary your professional experience and expertise. Furnish it with information so that it should look like a complete profile and the first step  for the LinkedIn marketing journey.

2. Get Connected  :

Try to get connected with everybody in your industry so that you will be updated with latest offers and happenings in the industry. Don't follow a spooky approach by adding unknown people. If you don't know the people, get introduced yourself and let them know why you want to add them into their network.

A brief message other than the default LinkedIn message would help you in this. Once those professional accept your request, always thank them.

3. Joining A Group :

LinkedIn has various groups depending on the industry. Join the relevant industry group which will be suitable or useful for your profile. It allows you to join up to 200 groups. Once you added some groups then only you can find the difference in your profile visibility.  There are several groups where discussion, debate and exchange of information are going on, keep yourself engaged on those groups to know the latest updates.

Post some relevant topic and ask interesting question to interact with people.

4. Ask For Lead, Intro And Recommendation :

Once you added some good number of professionals into your network, don't feel shy to approach them for a recommendation. The factors - Lead, Intro And Recommendation will help you increase the visibility for your profile. Find a lead or get yourself introduced to the people whom you will know with the help of your first level contacts. Those people might be interested in your brands or services. Keep informed the connected people why you want them in your connection and what service you are going to offer by forwarding them a well documented company page endorsing your brand or service.

5. Active News Feed :

Share the latest news and let everyone in and around your network about your latest activities only related to business. Always update your News Feed regularly. Don't be inconsistent and random here as people might be thinking that you are here just to show yourself only not for  your product or service. LinkedIn should be used only for professional or  business purposes.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity for people to find partners, clients and new connections. Creating a company page for your organization would help you to know the industry demands. It helps potential employees, clients and followers engage with you in a more professional manner ensuring proper business communication.

Dos & Don'ts Of Social Media For Business [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - March 02, 2013
An infographic called The Dos And Don'ts Of Social Media For Business, presented by The Steel Method, has a few sound pieces of advice that might help you initially understand how social media for business works. After you have become a little bit more familiar with the pillars of social media, you can start becoming a little bit more creative with it. Some of the most successful social media marketing campaigns have been out of the box solutions.

Dos & Don'ts Of Social Media For Business [Infographic]

Social media for business is not as easy as friending a few people on Facebook or starting to follow the most influential people on Twitter. It’s far more intricate than that.
Dos & Don'ts Of Social Media For Business
Source : The Steel Method


Steps To Calculate ROI Of Social Media [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - October 28, 2012
To calculate social media ROI, you first have to have a bunch of metrics that you have gathered throughout your social media marketing campaign. Make sure you have the correct metrics since it will highly impact the end result. When you have it all divided into each social network, you can finally start calculating your social media ROI.

 Steps To Calculate ROI Of Social Media [Infographic]

Social Media ROI can be calculated in terms of interaction made over social media websites. Below is a nice presentation where the social media giants facebook, twitter's statistics are shown along with memes, youtube streams, infographics and blogs.

Social Media ROI Ignite Social Media Image

Social Media ROI Calculator


Using Infographics for Marketing

Posted By: Poketors - September 15, 2012
It is a famous saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and that is certainly true. Thinking like a true professional, you can imagine what wonders it can do if you can simply add graphics to the material you are using for marketing – and not just any graphics, infographics. Now to tell you a little about infographics – a graphic or image that is created specifically so that the information delivered is easily understandable and visually appealing. An online banner is an example of infographics. Infographics is a way to make boring information more engaging through the use of animation, typography and visual cues.

Using Infographics for Marketing

May it be any topic or subject; infographics can make it more interesting. Infographics is especially useful in the modern time where the attention span of a user is of a very short period and he wants something that is easily accessible to him. It is also an effective way to get your marketing message across to a wide range of audiences.

Investment in Online Infographics

Although there are quite a lot of infographics created by graphic designers and a number of schools use these tools in their study courses and businesses use them in their promotional packages, however, there is a sudden demand and need of online infographics that is observed recently. Expert graphic designers attribute this upsurge in the demand of online infographics to a few things.

First, infographics are visually pleasing. The average computer user spends a substantial part of his day looking up boring content on the websites. Infographics make this boring content seem fun somehow and when a user knows that he is looking at something cool, he is actually reading the same boring content but is also learning from it. The second fact is, infographics are a good way to keep a user hooked. As bait, infographics are used as people love to share stuff that is well designed. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg can bring a lot of traffic and a bunch of link-backs to your website as they spread really fast on such social websites.

Things to Remember When Marketing Through Infographics

Professionals Should be Preferred

The best Infographics are simple yet engaging. The layout has to be such which is well suited to the images used and is incorporated seamlessly into it. In that case, it becomes crucial that you hire the services of a professional marketing company. The basic idea behind a good infographics is that it is clear and precise therefore it has to be free of clutter otherwise your layout will only be confusing for the user and awkward for the one looking at it and it will do more harm to you than good. Expert suggests some things that should be kept in mind while designing an infographics. These things include making use of the negative space to make it more productive, adding bullets to the chunks of text so that it is easily readable and adding fonts that are easy to read and not too overwhelming for the looking eye.

Infographics for the Sake of Information

Infographics may have focus on the images but at the end of the day, its function is to provide information. The whole value of infographics come from the kind of information they contain. So when you set out creating infographics, you have to make sure that the content contained therein is worth sharing. It is best that you take out time to conduct research on your own and provide that to your graphic designer. This is, again, to make sure that the information you are giving out if relevant to your business and taken from authentic sources. You can also use secondary sources in case you cannot carry out research on your own.


Making infographics interactive is the best thing as user wants to be engaged in the thing they are looking for. You can add Flash animation or video embedded in your page to enhance interactivity. This can also ensure that your readers will have something to look forward to when they come to your website.


How To Build Your Brand Online [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 09, 2012
As your Digital Marketing increases, finding the appropriate platforms to share your brand and connect with clients is important.

How To Build Your Brand Online [Infographic]

Here is one infographic which highlights an array of gathered statistics on the status of businesses websites, analytics, ecommerce and social media presence as a whole. Lets see how how small and medium businesses are making huge noise in online market with their online presence.

Source :  FreeWebsite


Latest Trend In Social Advocacy By Donating Twitter Characters

Posted By: Poketors - May 12, 2012
You can donate clothes, canned goods, old eyeglasses and even your rusty ’87 Yugo to charity. Now a growing number of causes are urging donors to chip in their unused Twitter characters, too.
Latest Trend In Social Advocacy By Donating Twitter Characters
Image Credit : Google
It works like this: send a tweet through special app, and any unused space is filled up with a public-service announcement like “Support injured servicemen and women” and a link to the charity.

Groups are using it to drum up support for Japanese earthquake relief, fair trade efforts and – this month – the Wounded Warrior Project, which helps injured veterans.

“Many people add a bumper sticker to their car or wear an advocacy bracelet to show their support of a specific cause,” said Pam Wickham, vice president of communications for Raytheon, which is funding the Wounded Warrior effort. “But stickers and bracelets only have an effect on people who are actually there to see them. Social media advocacy has no limits — and better yet, it gets people actually engaged in your cause.”

Last year an ice cream company used the concept to promote May 14’s World Fair Trade Day. A website counter showed a running tally of donated characters.

The Japan Up relief campaign took a more visual tack, posting a graphic of a tattered Japanese flag that was slowly restored as people donated characters.

The idea is to contribute “social capital” as a kind of free publicity, said Mark Wilson of the Boston Group, which designed the Raytheon campaign.

“You’re basically donating your influence,” Wilson said. “It’s a very powerful indicator of participation.”
The Raytheon campaign, called Hashtags for Heroes, adds mobile applications for the Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad.

The Boston Group built the app in-house over 3½ months, Wilson said.

The Apple app store took about a week to test and approve the iPhone app. Approval from the Android and Blackberry app stores three or four days, Wilson said. None of the stores asked for any changes.

Programmers also built a set of browser plug-ins and a website. Stephanie Schierholz, a former NASA social media manager recently hired by Raytheon, helped guide the writing of 133 standardized tweets for the program.

Ads in Defense News, Politico, and the websites of the Wall Street Journal, the National Journal and Roll Call urge readers to download the apps. A video available on YouTube shows users how to use them.

Raytheon launched the program on May 3 and collected more than 87,000 characters in the first week. The company has also built a microsite featuring profiles of veterans, interviews, slideshows and a counter showing the total of donated characters.

“I think we’re at the beginning of a trend,” Wilson said. “In this day and age, that’s what it’s all about – connecting with as many people as possible with as great a frequency as possible, so that people learn more about this cause.”

While there’s no receipt and you can’t write it off on your taxes, these twitter donations can be just as powerful as cash, Wickham said. “Awareness and advocacy are powerful motivators in any community, and the online community is no different. “We’d love to see not just thousands of characters donated, but thousands of new supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project That’s the power of social media.”


25 Marketing Strategies To Increase Web Traffic

Posted By: Poketors - January 17, 2012
Marketing strategies are very much essential to increase website traffic. It basically increases the website traffic involving various media. Most of the time we roam around over net to find the techniques on how to increase our blog viewers.
25 Marketing Strategies To Increase Web Traffic
Image Credit : Google
Here are some 25 marketing strategies that will be helpful.
  1. Try to make cross link all your sites and important pages within each site
  2. Range of minimum word count of 300 and a maximum of 750 words on each page
  3. Must name web pages after most important keyword phrase for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts
  4. Must name your graphic files after keyword phrases
  5. Increase website traffic by using the longer or plural version of a keyword
  6. Try to keep each webpage title to 8 words or less
  7. Always create a Site Map
  8. Try to add keyword phrases, both primary and secondary, in your Description Meta Tag
  9. Never repeat keywords or keyword phrases over and over again on a web page
  10. Always add distinctive valuable content on a regular basis
  11. Always use keywords in Hyperlinks to boost your brand recognition
  12. Use keywords with high demand and low supply – this is the a heavyweight when it comes to internet marketing strategies
  13. Keep asking visitors to leave comments, suggestions, share, “like”, and bookmark your web site
  14. Maintain one specific keyword or keyword phrase for each page
  15. Make a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to bring your website instant traffic
  16. Use your main keyphrase at the beginning of page title and position Keyword terms in the first paragraph of body text
  17. Content in website should be descriptive, concise, unique, and professional; this has a large impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts
  18. Always create a responsive opt-in email list
  19. Keep requesting for reciprocal links from others in your field
  20. Start a referral program with existing customers
  21. Arrange a contest with multiple prizes and offer everyone who participates a promo or discount
  22. Ask visitors to sign-up for your newsletter
  23. Conduct a survey and thank the survey takers with a sample, discount or freebie
  24. Interact with your visitors – there are still some old school marketing strategies that apply
  25. Most effective way would be a web video of your product or service and, which can be posted it on
These strategies are helpful when you are really want your blog to get more and more traffic. Follow these steps and let us know the feedback.


Internet Marketing - Few Things About It

Posted By: Poketors - December 22, 2011
Internal marketing is normally known as online marketing which is basically web marketing or you can refer as e-marketing. It denotes the product or the services marketing on the web or internet. In the internet marketing some things are very necessary to promote and sales of your product. This is the reason we sometimes call it as search marketing.
Internet Marketing - Few Things About It
Image Credit : Google
There are mainly two methods of marketing:
1. Online marketing
2. Offline marketing

Out of various internet marketing the following are of some types :

1. PPC (Pay Per Click) : In this advertisements of brands and products are there on different sites.
2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is a process which can be effectively used to get your website listed better on different search engines.
3. SMM ( Social Media Marketing): With the help of several Social Media site we can promote and advertise product or service.

The following business models are considered in the internet marketing:

1. E-commerce : 

This is a model where good are sold directly from seller to buyer or consumer.

2. Lead based websites : 

Companies generate the value of products by using the prospects of that specific products or services.

3. Affiliated marketing :

This is one kind of marketing process in which products of a particular company are sold and the via website/mediator gets commission.

4. Local Internet Marketing : 

Using internet service budding companies make good relationships with the customers and accordingly they approach to customer with their product or service.

Some strategies of internet marketing are there and these techniques are used to increase your sales and value of product or services and resulting easy customer interaction.
  • 1. Marketing via Social Media .
  • 2. Online video and Impact.
  • 3. Marketing in a virtual world
  • 4. Online business networking
  • 5. Web metric usage to improve your websites
  • 6. E-marketer
Internet marketing started in early 90's but there were not much earning but it grew up and took its high within few years. Now in the second decade it reached more than $ 200 billion. Robert Cialdini, an expert on Internet Marketing has explained six principles which are mentioned as below:

  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Social Proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Scarcity
Above principles are the basics of e-marketing. 

With it's huge popularity, there are some advantages and disadvantages of the internet marketing:

Advantages :

1. Market your products and services for free or at low cost.
2. Online you can sell anything at anytime.
3. You can get paid online.
4. You can go for online affiliated programs.
5. People share your knowledge on the other sites.


1. Confusion while shopping
2. Marketing skills required while doing Internet Marketing
3. Requires time to learn these concepts
4. There are several scam sites so some people don't prefer internet marketing.
5. Sometimes it is very difficult to pay money on these sites which are considered as a scam even if it's not.

So we have discussed about the e-Marketing and hope you can get the whole concept now to earn money online.


9 Tips From Social Media Marketing Experts [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 07, 2011
Social Media marketing has been an usual practice nowadays for small to medium businesses. Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. Many people also perform searches at social media sites to find social media content. Social connections may also impact the relevancy of some search results, either within a social media network or at a ‘mainstream’ search engine.

9 Tips From Social Media Marketing Experts [Infographic]

Below is an infographic which shows a complete roadmap with suggestions from different social media experts.

9 Tips From Social Media Marketing Experts

Source : Awareness

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