5 Basic Marketing Tips For LinkedIn

Posted By: Poketors - September 14, 2013
LinkedIn has been the most prefered website for the professionals or even for job seeker too. With over 225 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is popular as a playground for recruiters and HP people of reputed companies. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the number 1 and largest network For professionals.
Why is your profile still unnoticed by recruiters or HR?

A lot of people create a LinkedIn profile and wait for the opportunities come to their inbox. But this is not the right approach as we have to take initiative and do some marketing practices rather than waiting for opportunities to knock your door. Here are some basic marketing tips which can be helpful in spreading out your LinkedIn profile to the world ensuring a good response for your career aspects.

1. Profile Completion :

Include all the correct information along with a professional photograph and your correct name. LinkedIn has a feature which lets you know about your incomplete profile information and prompts you to enter all the valid information. Don't ignore that by skipping the step. It is seen than people try to put keywords in the name field but that is not the correct place for stuffing your keywords as you have other place for it.

You will get summary section to include a brief summary your professional experience and expertise. Furnish it with information so that it should look like a complete profile and the first step  for the LinkedIn marketing journey.

2. Get Connected  :

Try to get connected with everybody in your industry so that you will be updated with latest offers and happenings in the industry. Don't follow a spooky approach by adding unknown people. If you don't know the people, get introduced yourself and let them know why you want to add them into their network.

A brief message other than the default LinkedIn message would help you in this. Once those professional accept your request, always thank them.

3. Joining A Group :

LinkedIn has various groups depending on the industry. Join the relevant industry group which will be suitable or useful for your profile. It allows you to join up to 200 groups. Once you added some groups then only you can find the difference in your profile visibility.  There are several groups where discussion, debate and exchange of information are going on, keep yourself engaged on those groups to know the latest updates.

Post some relevant topic and ask interesting question to interact with people.

4. Ask For Lead, Intro And Recommendation :

Once you added some good number of professionals into your network, don't feel shy to approach them for a recommendation. The factors - Lead, Intro And Recommendation will help you increase the visibility for your profile. Find a lead or get yourself introduced to the people whom you will know with the help of your first level contacts. Those people might be interested in your brands or services. Keep informed the connected people why you want them in your connection and what service you are going to offer by forwarding them a well documented company page endorsing your brand or service.

5. Active News Feed :

Share the latest news and let everyone in and around your network about your latest activities only related to business. Always update your News Feed regularly. Don't be inconsistent and random here as people might be thinking that you are here just to show yourself only not for  your product or service. LinkedIn should be used only for professional or  business purposes.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity for people to find partners, clients and new connections. Creating a company page for your organization would help you to know the industry demands. It helps potential employees, clients and followers engage with you in a more professional manner ensuring proper business communication.

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