How To Improve Internet Marketing Practices

Posted By: Poketors - January 05, 2014
Internet marketing opportunities are the space where a blogger or a website owner can make use of it. Internet marketers do commonly follow some ways which should now be re-framed or this is the time to redefine the steps.  

Here we mention few tips which will help you to improve internet marketing practices.

1. Smart Marketing :

We have come across people who keep saying that they are are working hard for internet marketing aspects but they don't find any positive response. There are a lot of ways to market your business online, but just because you can do them all doesn’t mean you should.  You have to be smart enough and choose the places online where your target audience or teh target market is.

For example, if you want people who are into administrative job for electronics company and aged 44 and up then Tumblr and Instagram are not going to help you. In this case, LinkedIn is more likely to be a good use of your time and internet marketing.

2. Social Advertising :

Television media has been dominating the advertising world since decades and considered as the most reachable media to target audience.  But nowadays along with television, social media also has shown its effect in connecting with internet users. A lot of businesses feel they shouldn't have to pay for exposure on social networking sites, since such exposure used to be free. In earlier days, television programming used to be free as well, but gradually we saw changes and rates applicable for ads coming on TV. Similarly the days of free social media exposure for businesses is no reduced and its time to pay some to gain some.

3. SEO For Google Updates :

Google's major algorithm updates, i.e. Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird have their impacts on rankings for a website. All the new changes often devastate the rankings and search engine traffic for even big businesses. If any company is found using SEO tactics or consultants that break Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, tactics like certain link-building, that used to be okay with Google earlier but now are not okay anymore. If your site is associated with any of these tactics, it will suffer at some point if it hasn’t already. So make sure that this tear 2014, you have read all the Webmaster Guildelines defined by Google and doing SEO practices on your website.

4. Must Share On Google Plus.

Google Plus is not much popular compared to Facebook and Twitter. But gradually Goole Plus is drawing traffic to your site as never underestimate Google Plus which is in other word Google only. So if you are ready to be visible in Google, then you need to care about Google Plus.

5. Google Authorship :

Google now emphasizes to increase the amount of impact that Google Plus activity has on search results. If you haven't used yet, just set up your Google Plus Authorship and start building up your circles immediately.

You have to pay attention only in Authorship and building up your circles for Google Plus. This year, one major SEO trend is going to be “author rank”. A lot of people have caught on to the ranking benefits of Google Authorship, Google is setting up a ranking system for verified authors.

Matt Cutts of Google says “It’s not just going to be about markup, it’s going to be about the quality of the authorship.” But till date what are the factors Google is going to look at to determine the quality of an author is not yet known, but it is obvious that it will look into the quantity, quality, and relevancy of your connections, as well as the amount of Google Plus activity your articles receive (+1s, comments, and reshares) on your and other's networks.

6. Google Maps On Google Plus Business Page :

In case, if you don’t have a Google Plus Business Page, then log into and click on “Start Now” under “Google+ Page”. If you already have one, and it was created as a “Local” page, then look for the opportunity to merge them in the Google Places dashboard.

If you don't find any location there, you’ll have to fill out your business information 100% and then start posting status updates and reviews. It will help you get found on the first page of Google search pages along with Google Plus searches. This is helpful  if somebody performs a regionally-based search for your type of business.

7. Web Visitor To Lead Sales :

A lot of businesses have an online sales cycle that requires multiple stages to convert a web visitor to a lead. A first-time visitor who found your site via a blog post will never be ready to contact you if your site is that much interesting and satisfy his/her needs fully, but would be ready and willing to register to get good content, such as technological guides, how to information. You can start offering some email marketing which can convince them to attend a webinar, where they have an opportunity to experience your company’s subject matter expertise to the point where they’re convinced that you can help them. So you can make your lead sales from your site's content viewers by offering free guides, documents, pdfs, information, and obviously customer service or online help with greater reach to customers, proper optimized with best SEO tactics, engaging customers with email marketing and webinars. We would welcome your suggestion if you have any more.

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