How To Give SEO Value To Your Website With Google +1

Posted By: Poketors - January 05, 2014
Google’s engineer Matt Cuts says they do not use the +1 as a ranking factor. A study conducted by shows that there is a great opportunities with +1s for Google rankings. +1 is not a ranking factor but it has some SEO benefits. So in short, if you increase your Google+ engagement and expand your circle, you can get all the SEO benefits to your website. 
Here are some must see factors on how to give SEO value to your site.

1. Recommend on Google+ Publicly :

If a person +1s your website or a post then your website will show up to them and their circles higher in Google search results if they are logged in. Here how do you get the SEO value? At the time, people are finding information for a topic, they are using Google to search that. But in case, if they have given your site a +1 and it is showing higher because of personalized results, so here is a better chance that they may link to it if they write any article hence giving back-links to your website. We should write a blog post and after posting we should keep Google open for research purposes. It means that if your article is a good source, people are more likely to link even people are more likely to see your post and visit your site if they are logged in for some more information. This will help you to get potentially more visitors and links to your website.

2. Strategy Building with +1 :

In case you have a larger Google+ network, you can utilize that to get more +1s. The followers will not be the most important thing if they are not engaging with your content on Google+. It will not help you in either way. On the other hand, if someone +1s your Google plus post that contains a link to your page then that page receives a plus also. Therefore you can receive a +1 from your site or your Google Plus post. Some users do have the plus one tab enabled, then you also receive a dofollow link back to your website only if they are clicking +1 from your actual page.

3. Embed Pictures on Your Google Plus post :

Viewers for your post will prefer to click on +1 on a picture that is embedded than for a link that is embedded. If you upload a picture and put a link in the description, all +1s to that picture is given to the link and the page it links to. Here you will be getting +1s by building your Google plus network with your same niche and who has similar interest as your posted topics.

Google plus in more than a social media network. You can engage a lot of people on Google+ who may link to your content and you may get information and knowledge from their content as well. For shortened URLs, here is a remedy. The +1 forms the shortened URL from Google+ to your site. Hence engage more and more people to your network and indulge them with your great content to share your webpages and get more +1s which in turn will draw target audience and you can notice a huge increment of your blog viewers. 

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