Using Infographics for Marketing

Posted By: Poketors - September 15, 2012
It is a famous saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and that is certainly true. Thinking like a true professional, you can imagine what wonders it can do if you can simply add graphics to the material you are using for marketing – and not just any graphics, infographics. Now to tell you a little about infographics – a graphic or image that is created specifically so that the information delivered is easily understandable and visually appealing. An online banner is an example of infographics. Infographics is a way to make boring information more engaging through the use of animation, typography and visual cues.

Using Infographics for Marketing

May it be any topic or subject; infographics can make it more interesting. Infographics is especially useful in the modern time where the attention span of a user is of a very short period and he wants something that is easily accessible to him. It is also an effective way to get your marketing message across to a wide range of audiences.

Investment in Online Infographics

Although there are quite a lot of infographics created by graphic designers and a number of schools use these tools in their study courses and businesses use them in their promotional packages, however, there is a sudden demand and need of online infographics that is observed recently. Expert graphic designers attribute this upsurge in the demand of online infographics to a few things.

First, infographics are visually pleasing. The average computer user spends a substantial part of his day looking up boring content on the websites. Infographics make this boring content seem fun somehow and when a user knows that he is looking at something cool, he is actually reading the same boring content but is also learning from it. The second fact is, infographics are a good way to keep a user hooked. As bait, infographics are used as people love to share stuff that is well designed. Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Digg can bring a lot of traffic and a bunch of link-backs to your website as they spread really fast on such social websites.

Things to Remember When Marketing Through Infographics

Professionals Should be Preferred

The best Infographics are simple yet engaging. The layout has to be such which is well suited to the images used and is incorporated seamlessly into it. In that case, it becomes crucial that you hire the services of a professional marketing company. The basic idea behind a good infographics is that it is clear and precise therefore it has to be free of clutter otherwise your layout will only be confusing for the user and awkward for the one looking at it and it will do more harm to you than good. Expert suggests some things that should be kept in mind while designing an infographics. These things include making use of the negative space to make it more productive, adding bullets to the chunks of text so that it is easily readable and adding fonts that are easy to read and not too overwhelming for the looking eye.

Infographics for the Sake of Information

Infographics may have focus on the images but at the end of the day, its function is to provide information. The whole value of infographics come from the kind of information they contain. So when you set out creating infographics, you have to make sure that the content contained therein is worth sharing. It is best that you take out time to conduct research on your own and provide that to your graphic designer. This is, again, to make sure that the information you are giving out if relevant to your business and taken from authentic sources. You can also use secondary sources in case you cannot carry out research on your own.


Making infographics interactive is the best thing as user wants to be engaged in the thing they are looking for. You can add Flash animation or video embedded in your page to enhance interactivity. This can also ensure that your readers will have something to look forward to when they come to your website.

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