25 Marketing Strategies To Increase Web Traffic

Posted By: Poketors - January 17, 2012
Marketing strategies are very much essential to increase website traffic. It basically increases the website traffic involving various media. Most of the time we roam around over net to find the techniques on how to increase our blog viewers.
25 Marketing Strategies To Increase Web Traffic
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Here are some 25 marketing strategies that will be helpful.
  1. Try to make cross link all your sites and important pages within each site
  2. Range of minimum word count of 300 and a maximum of 750 words on each page
  3. Must name web pages after most important keyword phrase for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts
  4. Must name your graphic files after keyword phrases
  5. Increase website traffic by using the longer or plural version of a keyword
  6. Try to keep each webpage title to 8 words or less
  7. Always create a Site Map
  8. Try to add keyword phrases, both primary and secondary, in your Description Meta Tag
  9. Never repeat keywords or keyword phrases over and over again on a web page
  10. Always add distinctive valuable content on a regular basis
  11. Always use keywords in Hyperlinks to boost your brand recognition
  12. Use keywords with high demand and low supply – this is the a heavyweight when it comes to internet marketing strategies
  13. Keep asking visitors to leave comments, suggestions, share, “like”, and bookmark your web site
  14. Maintain one specific keyword or keyword phrase for each page
  15. Make a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to bring your website instant traffic
  16. Use your main keyphrase at the beginning of page title and position Keyword terms in the first paragraph of body text
  17. Content in website should be descriptive, concise, unique, and professional; this has a large impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts
  18. Always create a responsive opt-in email list
  19. Keep requesting for reciprocal links from others in your field
  20. Start a referral program with existing customers
  21. Arrange a contest with multiple prizes and offer everyone who participates a promo or discount
  22. Ask visitors to sign-up for your newsletter
  23. Conduct a survey and thank the survey takers with a sample, discount or freebie
  24. Interact with your visitors – there are still some old school marketing strategies that apply
  25. Most effective way would be a web video of your product or service and, which can be posted it on Youtube.com
These strategies are helpful when you are really want your blog to get more and more traffic. Follow these steps and let us know the feedback.

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