How To Turn Google Account Into Dropbox Using Insync

Posted By: Poketors - January 19, 2012
We have used the service of Dropbox but have we ever imagined about making our google account into DropBox? Here is the simplest way by using Insync service you can turn your Google account into DropBox. It basically sync your data across different devices, and access it from everywhere at anytime. Somehow there is one big difference which lets you sync up docs. You can use it as DropBox and it doesn’t let you store and sync up any kind of file formats.
How To Turn Google Account Into Dropbox Using Insync
Image Credit : insync
Insync is available with a support for multiple Google accounts at the same time. If you use any account for your personal use and the one you use for your official can become one and all the same, and the docs you keep in each be shared and edited without having to switch from one account to the other. Here it eases the accessibility.

Insync gets your docs shared and edited in all the ways that you could think of. You can be authorized as a  person you want to access your files, and give them re-sharing permissions in turn. Moreover it offers you to do that from all the computers and devices that you use to access the Internet online.

Click here to Download Insync 

Some of the features :
  • read/write + read-only sharing permissions
  • nested sharing
  • share recipients are not charged against their storage quota
  • re-sharing permissions
  • individual file sharing
Hope this service would enable you to use the dropbox with your existing Google account.

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