A Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 11, 2014
Google has been dominating the world of search engines since decades. In the year 2000 and till 2003, search engines were like keyword-matching and link-counting machines and there was simple 2 concepts to rank high in SERPs. Either stuff your keyword phrase into your blog/website as much as possible or get a lot of inbound links to your blog/website. Things have changed with times and Google also keeps changing its algorithm for which a lot of SEO experts who find comfort in dealing with SEO practices face challenges to rethink in a different way.

 A Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes [infographic]

Quality content and backlinks have always been the major factors for a website's ranking. Google has always focused mainly on these two factors and introduced several other factors too. Lets see in the below infographic when and why Google changed its algorithm.

infographic google algorithm changes keyword seo
Source : HubSpot

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