How Google Has Changed Research For Grad Students [Infographic]

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 16, 2014
Google has been dominating each and every industries with its various products and services. Even it has changed the research for graduation students also. In a survey it is found that 94 percentage of U.S. students who equate research with using Google, or other search engines. 75 percentage of students who use Wikipedia and online encyclopedias. 87 the percentage of all US adults using the Internet who also use search engines.

How Google Has Changed Research For Grad Students [Infographic]

Most of the users according to the age group use Google search for different purposes. But in the search engines battle, Google has been always kept its position as No. 1 with its products and service offerings. Here is an infographic which states how Google has changed research for graduation students.

Just Google It: How Google Has Changed Research for Grad Students

Source: Visually.

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