Google, VMware Team Up To Challenge Microsoft

Posted By: Arin Dey - February 15, 2014
This might be the long term challenge where partnership between the two firms Google and VMware will bring traditional Microsoft Windows apps to Google’s Chromebooks. Apps will be supported in Chrome OS likewise they are in Windows, according to a Google blog post.

Google, VMware Team Up To Challenge Microsoft

Google’s Chrome project lead Rajen Sheth said in blog post that “Today, customers can fully embrace the cloud with Chromebooks using VMware Horizon DaaS, VMware and Google are working together to make the migration of legacy applications even easier, by using the HTML5/Blast experience from Chromebooks. This means you can work with Chromebooks and connect to a Windows experience running VMWare Horizon View.”

With the help of DaaS, Chromebook OS ensures security vulnerabilities, application compatibility. The migration will not be a problem for Windows XP users when Microsoft ends support for the decade-old operating system this spring, Sheth added.

Sheth explained that the technology is available now by merging VMware Horizon View 5.3 and Chromebooks “as an on-premise service and will be available soon as an application that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.”

Sanjay Poonen, executive vice-president and general manager of VMware said the firm’s partnership with Google offers customers “added choice for their corporate desktop environments with two of the technology industry’s strongest brands behind them. VMware DaaS and desktop virtualization will enable Windows-based applications and desktops to run on Google Chromebooks, delivering on the promise of the Mobile-Cloud Era without compromise.”

Google announced Chromebox for meetings few days back and again this partnership deal which seems to be a big challenge to Microsoft. Chromebox system which combines Google+ Hangouts and Google Apps, enables its users to have high-definition video meetings via computer, laptops, tablets and smartphones or any other display. So Microsoft’s Skype is already in challenge.

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