Twitter May Start eCommerce With Stripe

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 20, 2014
Twitter and Stripe are probably clubbing together and very soon we will see Twitter users making purchases through the social network online.

Stripe offers a variety of application program interfaces for small-mid and larger sized companies. Twitter is going to sign the deal which would be for the first time when Twitter will allow companies to sell their products directly through their network. So it would be interesting while you tweet can go for online shopping also.

On, it is found that spokespersons from neither firm were willing to speak on the deal, but heard that “close to the deal”. It means Titter account holders could soon start making purchases through their account online.

A month after from the time when Twitter announced it would begin targeted advertising for its users, now it shows interests for selling products to users based on Web browsing and searches. Twitter could finally enter the world of eCommerce and it would receive some financial support from the companies selling products through the network obviously.

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