How To Leverage Google+ For SEO

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 20, 2014
There is no debate on Google+ whether it would help bloggers to maximum extent in search engine optimization. Google Authorship has an impact on rankings and has huge impact on search result pages even your follower count appear in search results. A lot of Google+ users have an obsession with fans & followers counts similar to the numbers that Facebook and Twitter have. If you want similar result on your G+ page then you have to treat followers differently.

Here are some tips which would help you leverage Google+ for SEO:

1. Back-links as followers :

Back-links are one of the most effective factor in terms of SEO. So you should be  concentrating to organically build a collective group of followers that actually want to follow you for your content, comments and shares rather than having thousands of followers who are inactive and fake. If you want to build a quality-based following, you can create a channel for content distribution that will engage discussion and come out with positive effects and obviously impacting ranking with Authorship which in turn helps SEO.

2. Participating in quality community of niche : 

For the people who are practicing SEO could look into the best communities on G+. You can find the best SEO information in various SEO communities where you can comment, plus and actively share on deserving content and this is not enough for this group because it offers you a lot once you join this community. In this community people follow each other and pages and they often follow back to build each other’s strategic follower circle. As we are discussing on SEO so we recommend this Google+ community circle. You can find a community on your niche and start participating on a regular basis. There is always an opportunity where you can create your own group or community if not already available.

3. Embedding the Google Plus (+1) voting script : 

Social sharing script buttons are the most underutilized and misused feature of many social network platforms. You can attract a lot of new followers and pluses on your company or brand page by installing the script on your home page. It will leverage your G+ profile.

4. Embedding Authorship script on your blog or website :

You should always have an active Google Authorship for a definite SEO benefit. The organic ranking will give SEO value from the Internet to a website  which in turn give SEO value to a blog or website via Authorship. If you are seriously working on SEO then you can achieve rank for some of your pages taking advantage of Authorship. In case your author data is pulled up in search results, not only you and your G+ page get personal branding with an image but it shows the follower account and helps to attract more targeted followers also.

5. Google Plus Widget: 

Its been observed that this is the most under-utilized Google plus feature so far anyway. You can embed this script a company page or personal G+ page directly in a website home page or post. Here is an example on a website page and below you can actually what it would look like embedded on a page:

There are a lot of sources of G+ tips from active G+ leaders such as Mark Traphagen. Mark has done a tremendous job by attracting his follower and experts at extracting value from G+ and creating new ways to leverage the circle.

Hope the above tips would help you leverage Google+ with providing SEO benefits to your blog or website.

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