Yahoo Beats Google And Became No.1 Search Engine

Posted By: Poketors - January 21, 2014
Yahoo has become No. 1 search engine among American desktop users beating Google. It has overtaken search engine giant and constant leader Google in the race of search engines. It has reported the maximum Web traffic in July and maintained that lead throughout the remainder of 2013  as per new comScore report.

comScore’s stats showed that Yahoo had more than 195 million unique U.S. visitors from desktop computers last month. It has gained a significant lead over Google’s 193 million.

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer has been working  on such important "daily habits" like e-mail, the home page and Internet search as well as mobile devices. Acquisitions have encourage Yahoo’s offerings to make it more competitive with its main rival search engine  company Google.

Microsoft took third place with 175 million, followed by Facebook with 140 million. AOL rounded out the top five with 120 million. Facebook was the top social network. LinkedIn took the No. 2 social network, but came in 20th overall with 45.5 million. Next in line Twitter was 24th on the list with 39.7 million. Yahoo-owned Tumblr acquired in 30th with 34 million and Pinterest, with 28 million took the 45thspot.

ComScore’s released top 50 list as follows excluding mobile users.

comScore Top 50 Properties (Desktop Only)
December 2013
Total U.S. – Home, Work and University Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Unique Visitors
Unique Visitors
Total Internet : Total Audience 224,057
1Yahoo Sites195,16026ESPN37,931
2Google Sites192,31527Target Corporation37,578
3Microsoft Sites175,28728Meredith Digital35,280
5AOL, Inc.120,09330Tumblr.com*34,427
6Amazon Sites116,42131Defy Media33,700
7Glam Media92,78632WebMD Health33,226
8Wikimedia Foundation Sites78,06633Federated Media Publishing33,212
9CBS Interactive75,96334Adobe Sites31,582
10Turner Digital75,40135Netflix.com31,250
11eBay73,63436New York Times Digital30,797
12Apple Inc.72,67737Best Buy Sites30,244
13Ask Network67,60338YP Local Media Network30,192
14Weather Company, The63,17239T365 - Tribune30,089
15Comcast NBCUniversal63,07640Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.29,792
16About57,07541Conde Nast Digital29,782
17Gannett Sites56,08342WordPress.com *29,725
18Wal-Mart53,05443Dropbox Sites29,111
19Answers.com Sites46,23444Fox News Digital Network28,545
21Viacom Digital43,71246Townsquare Media28,218
22Demand Media42,92947Time Warner (Excl. Turner/WB)27,734
23craigslist, inc.40,14848Everyday Health26,675
24Twitter.com39,71049Verizon Communications Corporation26,404
25Hearst Corporation38,36050Liberty Interactive Corporation25,888
Source : comScore

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