How To Send Automated Twitter Message Using Tools

Posted By: Poketors - December 27, 2013
Practicing tweeting includes follow a person, re-tweeting, thanking people for replying to your tweets or mentioning you. Some people who have a lot of fans, it becomes difficult to send personalized messages for each and every person who follows you. It requires direct messaging.

Below are some tools which are helpful in sending direct messages:

Its being used by many bloggers today. It is a software with some important features in addition to the ability to send automated direct messages. The main feature includes the ability to manage and analyze multiple Twitter profiles, investigate current trends, auto post your tweets, auto follow targeted Twitter members.

For our purpose TweetAdder can help you to send tweets, reply to Twitter users that mention you and to send thank you messages to new followers.

Another very popular tool that allows you to send direct messages to multiple users at once. Getting started with Tweet Guru is easy. You have to connect it to your Twitter account. Now provide the Twitter IDs of the people you want to reach in the ID column. Now you are ready with the messaged to be sent to multiple followers. Click the “’end multi DM’ button once done.

Sending automated direct messages to multiple followers becomes easy with it as there is a limitation that using Twitter you can't send multiple messages directly. Tweet Guru can be used in mobile also.

SocialOomp tool increases the productivity of the interaction of business talks by sending automated direct messages. It enables you to track certain keywords, schedule tweets, vet new followers, follow those following you, use buzz and many more features.

It is available in professional and free versions. Obviously the professional account includes more features, but you need to pay for it. At the time of starting you can use the free account.

Due to our time restriction we to reply to each and every tweet or to thank all your new followers individually. TweetManager is a tool that can help you send direct messages in bulk to your followers. Mostly it enables you to follow a user, reply to them, and even schedule future tweets and messages, among many other features. It is also very user-friendly and useful.

Share your comments if you have some more optional direct messaging tools for Twitter.

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