SEO Initials

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 08, 2011
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of finding a blog, website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or "organic" search result. This post is about how we practiced with SEO factors and implemented on blog. We would recommend you to learn the online technique to earn money through some simple SEO tips and processes. SEO is a simple, easy but time consuming process which required a lot of attention and hard work on the process.
SEO Initials
Here we are going to explain everything very clearly. It is somewhat complicated at first, if you have not ever used, but after some time you will realize that everything is not that much tough what you used to think.

There are various steps in SEO but among them we have listed the following main  pre requisites :

1. A Website Or Blog

We should create a website or blog and obviously with some unique posts.  Choose any of the blogging platform like, and start your first blog

2. Google AdSense Account And Using Google AdSense code in your website :

You have to apply for AdSense account. Go to Google AdSense and apply for it. Initially your account may not be approved due to new one and doesn't have much contents. But be patience and work on your blog by posting some unique topics; it will get automatically approved. But nowadays Google AdSense asks for the single domain name like So better avoid sub domains like

3. Understanding of SEO process :

SEO is a process which can not be understood in  a day or two. It is a continuous process and you will learn by experience. There are a lot of tips available on web and here in this website too. So better learn What is SEO first.

Now you have Google Adsense account. Now you can get the ad codes from your account under My Ads tab. Select the ad type you want and position those ads properly in your site.

4. Your Blog/Website Promotion Via Social Media :

If you don't do the promotion for your blog then you are missing a huge number of readers for your blogs/website as readers around the world would like to view the blogs. Accordingly as the blogs get older it is indexed in Google or other search engines pages and a continuous workaround with SEO will get better rankings. So get it promoted on web by providing back-links for your blog/website and following continuous SEO process. Social Media is a very good option for promotion.

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