How To Add Multiple Authors in Blogger / Blogspot

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 09, 2011
Most of the bloggers usually prefers for their first blog as it is easy to configure, drag drop layout pattern, easy HTML edit option and quick posting facilities. And over all along with the admin author it allows to create multiple author with their individual blogs or may be shared blog with admin. So for the newbies I will show how can you add the authors and create and manage separate blogs.

How To Add Multiple Authors in Blogger

Here we go with the following easy setup (Assuming the new blogger interface) :

1. Login to your Blogger Account.

2. Now you are at Blog list. 

3. Click on the particular Blog. And select Settings.

4. Under the Settings, click Permissions -> Blog Authors 

5. You can see here that there are 1 Admin and 2 Authors (Author1 & Poketors)

6. Now click on +Add authors (as shown in the picture below)

multiple author option in blogger

7. Then it will popup for entering an e-mail address of the new author you want to invite to connect to your blog. 

Now you have invited your Author and Blogger sends an e-mail to the e-mail ID where it asks the person to become a contributor to your blog and gives him the link for registration. (See in the picture above -> 1 open invitations)

8. The registration form will ask to click the link to join the admin blog account. 

To register you have to put your gmail account (Username and Password) or Create your new gmail account now. Then fill the information and click Accept Invitation. 

9. If the new Author has accepted your invitation, at the Permission settings under the Blog Authors section (like the above picture) you can have that the Author name with email address. Here you have successfully added an Author. 

Here you can give Admin permission by clicking on the Author tab drop down menu (by selecting Admin)

Hope this has helped you adding new author.

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