Google Glass Updates Wink Feature

Posted By: Poketors - December 19, 2013
WINK, an update to Google Glass enables users snap a picture with a wink. Google’s XE12 update introduced a few updates for Glass, which adds a feature to the device’s camera called “Wink” that enables the device’s camera to take a photo when the user winks.

Now the Google Glass owners can grab snapshots whenever they want without any hand movement. The Wink feature can be turned on or off in the Glass’ Settings panel. Additionally another update is Glass’ ability to upload straight to YouTube using the simple command, “OK glass, share with YouTube.”

Wink technology can be utilized in various ways in the future, according to a Google+ post.

“Imagine a day where you’re riding in the back of a cab and you just wink at the meter to pay,” says Google. “You wink at a pair of shoes in a shop window and your size is shipped to your door. You wink at a cookbook recipe and the instructions appear right in front of you.”

When Google introduced the headset, which was controlled by head movements, had video and audio capability and a built-in compass and accelerometer. A lot of additions and improvements to the device shave been seen in recent past.

In Google's ‘Explorers’ which is an 8,000 people unit who were chosen to be part of research team for devices. Pre-order the Glass Explorer Edition for $1,500 plus tax. Lets hope the new feature Wink will have enough impact on users.

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