Google Glass App To Read People’s Facial Expressions

Posted By: Arin Dey - March 09, 2014
Emotient which is a facial expression recognition and analysis start-up introduced a Google Glass app which can read facial expressions. Emotient announced a private beta of its Google Glass app and has secured $6 million in financing to extend the use of the technology as of now.
Google Glass App To Read People’s Facial Expressions
Image Credit : Emotient
This new app enables Glass wearers to distinguish and then process facial expressions of the people they are looking at. It does not store video or images. The app reads facial expressions and provides a comprehensive emotional read-out on positive, negative or neutral or primary emotions such as joy, surprise, sadness, fear or anger; and advanced emotions like frustration and confusion.

Emotient CEO Ken Denman said “Emotient’s Sentiment Analysis Glassware demonstrates our goal to emotion-enable any manner of device and build the next layer of automatic sensors. It’s a breakthrough technology that allows companies to aggregate customer sentiment by processing facial expressions anonymously. We believe there is broad applicability for this service to improve the customer experience, particularly in retail.”

Emotient said that this app can be used by retailers to “improve the understanding of aggregate customer sentiment, which may be particularly useful in measuring store performance, and therefore managing product and advertising/promotions, as well as customer satisfaction.” 

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