Google Glass - Some Amazing Features

Posted By: Poketors - August 25, 2013
Smart phone devices are already widely popular and everyone wants to have hands on it. Now in that era, its time for wearable technology which is much discussed topic. We have been going through several publications over net on Google's Glass. We have summarized some features which will give you an idea what the Google Glass is all about.

Google Glass - Some Amazing Features
Take pictures : 

You just have to say the word "Take Picture", and leave the rest on Google Glass whcih will do it according to your instruction without even touching the device.

Record videos: 

Similarly if you instruct it to take video, it will do so and it will store in the 4 GB flash memory of the device.

Google Glass - Amazing Features

Message & Emails :

Google glass shows received text message or an email and allows you to reply to it with the help of your voice instruction. 

Search Information :

Now it comes to Google's main feature- googling. Obviously Google has implemented their main feature into Google glass and made easier to search like we do in web Google search.

Google Glass - Features

Google Maps :

The widely popular Google Map has also been integrated into the glass. Users can instruct via voice commands to show maps for locations or even use as a guide when you are driving.
Google Glass - Some Amazing Features Maps

Google Now : 

The digital voice assistant of  Google is known as Google Now which has been integrated into the glass, which will keep track of your daily routine. It will give alerts for weather updates periodically and mostly useful when you want to avoid traffic and will offer different route.

Translate :

This is the WOW! feature. Whatever language it might be, it will translate the language in the language you do understand by speaking out.

Share Live Video :

You can share the video live with others. If you are in a concert, function or watching a play, you can share the video with friends and family in real time.

Google Glass - Some Amazing Features Live Video
Share Over Social Media : 

This is probably most important feature. You can share your photos, videos over social network which enabling interaction with friends.

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