Why Do You Need Bing And Yahoo Optimized Site?

Posted By: Arin Dey - June 26, 2014
Google has been the number 1 choice in search engine space. It has also been observed that when it comes to search engine rules modification, Google has made a lot of changes on various SEO aspects. All of us who do SEO practices, spend most of our time optimizing for Google. It's also recommended and absolutely correct considering Google owns more than two-thirds of the market. But what about the search engines other than Google? What about Bing and Yahoo that occupy the rest of the space? Why is it necessary to optimize for these search engines also?
Why Do You Need Bing And Yahoo Optimized Site?
Search Engine Optimization practices should be done for all search engines. But as per normal practice most of us do is Google Search Optimization. SEO practice for Google takes up a lot of time and effort. What do you do whether to spend time on other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo? or only Google will be enough for your site?

Heads Up For Bing & Yahoo :

Spending time to optimize your site for Bing & Yahoo will definitely give you positive result for your site performance. Doing this you are not wasting your time rather you are spending your valuable time by investing it. Google is notorious for bringing out Pandas and  others which can kill a website if it is not taken care properly. 

Consider spending time for Google, which definitely take much more time but consider spending some extra time along with Google also for optimizing Bing and Yahoo as well. Now the question is : who is actually using Bing and Yahoo? These two engines share almost 30% of the total searches between then, and that's a significant figure which can be taken care as well.

Search Preferences, Strategy, Statistics and Facts :

Developing SEO strategy and preferences for the demographics of Yahoo and Bing would definitely help you to get the market. You can figure out who is using these engines and then you can create strategies that are specific to that demographic.  A study was done by an internet marketing company WebpageFX. According to this company, a persons' educational background and political affiliations might effect their search engine preference. The study is limited to the US, but it can show how search preferences vary with location. It also reported that the Bing and Yahoo are most popular in states such as North Dakota, West Virginia, Ohio, and Arkansas within US. These are the few areas where Google is less popular than in other states. If your business is based on audience from the US, you can make use of the study which can give you some useful help. Its always good to know the people who are looking for what kinds of information on each search engine can be a great help in determining how to optimize differently for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How These Search Engines Are Linked :

From the discussion above, we know that it's important to optimize for Yahoo and Bing. But how can a person manage all of the three search engines at a time? Its easy. Many of us have confusion that Yahoo and Bing are totally different search engines. But the fact is that Yahoo search is powered by Bing. So overall, you'll have to optimize for Google and one more search engine i.e. Bing. Google and Bing algorithms are similar in some ways. For example, if any site is having high number of quality dofollow backlinks then it will be important to Bing and Google both.

Search engines should be optimized properly and along with that it's important to focus more on your content. Hope this article helps you to understand the importance of these search engines. Suggestions and comments will be welcomed if any other information you have.

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