How To Select Free Web Hosting For Your First Blog

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 24, 2011
Blogger or WordPress are basically the blogging platform where you launch and start blogging. But as you grow as a blogger on web and have published good amount of posts, it's time to move or opt for web hosting. The reason behind is that you will be now concentrating on earning from your blogs and mostly you need to pay attention to your blog readers. Here you need to switch to web hosting; it means you need to move your whole blog from Blogger or WordPress to some web hosting sites where you can manage your blogs and modify using coding which was not allowed in those blogging platform. Now you can choose a hosting domain from various hosting providers and that are offering a free service with premium features.

How To Select Free Web Hosting For Your First Blog

Most of the bloggers opt for a free hosting as they are not ready to invest for monthly fee or their blogs are not getting that much viewers. So overall you can get your blog on a platform where you can design and modify as you want.

Basic advantages of Free Web Hosting :

To host a blog free of cost is somehow saves money and somehow bloggers get the experience of web hosting. No monthly or annual fee is required for your domain to be hosted on web. If you want a domain name then you can go for a domain name with a small payment. 

We can line up some of the benefits of free web hosting:

1. No burden of paying the hosting company on monthly basis or yearly basis and no time frame is there.

2. Free web hosting companies do not limit your number of blogs to be hosted on their domains hence eliminating the option to think that you have a limitation. So you can create a second or third blog easily whenever you want.

3. Most of the free web hosting companies have similar features to that of premium web hosting with some useful features.

4. The basic features like cPanel, Website Builder, Email accounts are also available in free web hosting sites.

Well, now it's the time to move your blog to some free web hosting platforms mentioned below :,,,,,,
Please check the terms and conditions before you move to free hosting domains.

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