7 Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Post

Posted By: Arin Dey - September 25, 2011
Most of the bloggers write their articles or try to write in a way based on some optimization for search engines. Here writing SEO friendly blog posts is very much required along with the good content and moreover you need to understand how to use keywords in your posts so that they can be visible in search engines once search with those strings. Actually it helps to get a better ranking in search engines. SEO for the blog post is the key area where you have to put efforts to get huge traffic to your blog.

Below mentioned tips will be helpful in writing SEO friendly articles for your blog. These are commonly practiced techniques which are proved effective in search engines to find your keywords and rank your blog in better position. Here we go with our 7 strong tips: 

1. Keywords should be used in blog's post titles
You should include your keywords in your blog post’s title/meta tags. As the search engines first search by the title description, which will bring your blog on page. 

2. Keywords should be used in blog's subtitles and post headings
Always put a subtitle in your blog post or better break your post into paragraphs and use a heading for each paragraphs. 

3. Headings attributes
Use H1, H2, H3 and so on may be in bold or italics too to format your subtitle and headings. 

4. Keywords at the beginning and end of your post content :
Try using the same keywords as well as variations of that particular keyword (plural, different verb tense, and so on) at least two times within the first 100 words. These keywords should be included at the end of your blog post. 

5. Keywords with links in your posts : 
Get your keywords linked to another page or include your keywords with links within your blog pages. Always make sure that the keyword links you are putting in that particular post should be relevant to the link page or post else these can harm your site. Google might view them as spam as they are not at all relevant to your post content pages. 

6. Keywords to name your images and in ALT tags :
Always use keyword names for the images used in your post and  better include them in the ALT tag of your image’s HTML code. Adding ALT should be relevant to the post else it will be treated as keyword stuffing by Google, which is nothing but a form of spamming.

7. Use Google Insights to Find the Best Search Terms :
Last but the most important in our opinion is Google Insight. Whenever you are not sure which terms to go with, always go for Google Insights. It is a web-based tool that compares the popularity of any search terms you want to know about. For example. if your blog is on technology but you are not sure whether the yet to be customers are likely to search for "tech" or "technology". Here Insight can suggest you which one is popular.

Done with the keywords usages and the specific SEO steps to bring you blog in the upper position. Now the blog posts will be SEO Friendly.

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