How Much The Cloud Has Grown [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - September 17, 2013
Gradually the cloud computing technology is spreading over business organizations for their IT infrastructure. Utilizing the cloud for many of your business data solutions will continue to be an attractive and perfectly reasonable option going forward. Yet it’s important to remember that cloud computing isn’t the end-all business solution that many of its proponents make it out to be. Thus, the decision to adopt cloud technology into your business model is one that should be made only after careful consideration has been given to the many benefits and security.

How Much The Cloud Has Grown [Infographic]

They are using the cloud and cloud apps more and more for reliability and easy access. Among public cloud providers, AWS maintains its lead, but Azure continues to make inroads in the percentage of respondents running applications as well as those who have plans to use it. Here is nice cloud infographic which explains how much the cloud has grown these days.

Source : Livehiveapp

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