How To Maximize Google+ Engagement

Posted By: Poketors - September 17, 2013
Google+ is widely used for engagement of people by following them or circling them.  People do get connected for various reasons. As Google+ has billions of users, you can boost up your engagement in Google+ circles by following below steps :

1. Text Formatting : 

You probably publish an usual block of text. Instead of doing that you can add a little formatting variety to your next Google+ post. Use appropriate line spacing and paragraph breaks to make it easy for readers to read your post.

Use bold, italic and strike-through text to highlight important headings on your post.

2 . Eye Catchy Picture :

Select a picture that has vibrant look with bright, eye-catching color contrasts. Proper graphics will impact the click through rates on your posts. Consider the below image posted in profile of Alan Shapiro, which very much vibrant and eye-catchy and for that reason it has got a lot of +s.

3. Personal Involvement :

Manage an album of destinations or products and encourage them to indicate a preference or desire. You can make your followers engaged with their interests. Here Google+ has shared the food network update asking people for hangout. People who have interests about food will definitely go for it.
4. Make Followers Engaged :

Post an interesting image and invite your community to come up with the caption. Try to select an image that has broad appeal to your audience.  See the profile of Trey Ratcliff who has asked people to join resulting engaging people into his post.

5. Use Hashtag :

Use themed hashtag that appeals to a larger demographic. You can find popular hashtags in the trending box on the Google+ profile. Google+ has posted an update with a # tag and having proper string which is very much clear to know the meaning.
6. Encourage People To Interact :

You should encourage your audience to interact with you asking questions. Always optimize your social media posts for the engagement that helps keep it from getting lost in the stream. 

How do you encourage engagement on Google+? Share your experience.

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