How To Get More Retweets On Twitter

Posted By: Poketors - September 16, 2013
Microblogging giant Twitter has more than 400 millions tweets and retweets everyday. If you want to see retweet multiple times, you have to work on some factors. If you see a retweet, it means that one of your followers was interested to retweet your post and he has reshared it among his follwers. 
Here are some tips to get more retweets on twitter:

1. Retweet Request :

Twitter conducted a survey for promoted tweets and found that asking for a retweet increased retweets by an average of 311%. Every advertisement has to have some relevant action to make footprint on social media.

2. Leave Space For Retweet :

Always leave at least 20 characters of free space at the end of your tweet if you want any user to add comment. 

3. Tweet When Twitter Is Silent :

Millions of people tweet at the same time and here it is difficult to be heard. So choose a time when audience is less and less tweets are posted, that time id perfect for retweet.

4. Links On Tweets :

People retweet without clicking the link provided on a tweet. It means that they don’t really know what they’re forwarding to their contacts. Always provide relevant links to your audience.

5. Compose Your Tweets Properly :

You have space for around 12 words. So every word has to be carefully selected to make the good impact. You should provide a platform where it  should make them easier to read, use proper capitalization and punctuation and avoid anything other than the most common abbreviations. 

6. Short Username :

Make your username short, less than 10 characters and easy to read because it’s going to show up in every retweet. 

7. Post Original :

To increase engagement on Twitter, you have to post original content. Always keep posting useful and relevant tweets with shorten links so that users can get the link and can read the content.

8. Build Relationships :

Once you have a good amount of users which grow over time, your followers or the people you are following may have a ton of followers will be helpful to get retweeted your contents.

9. Use Hashtags :

Check out Trendistic to see what hashtags are being used right now and use those hashtags. People like hashtags while retweeting.

10. Retweet Button On You Blog :

Last but not the least, if you have blog then always add retweet button in your blog. While visiting your blog or website people may retweet your content over twitter.

Hope the above tips help to to gather some retweets. Share your comments so that we can get to know the progress as well.

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