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App Stores Statistics on iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry [Infographic]

Posted By: Poketors - October 04, 2014
People are crazy for apps on different mobile operating systems like Android, iOS or BlackBerry. Everyday millions of apps are downloaded and used by billions of people. Here is an infographic which shows the statistics on how the app stores really stack up.

App Stores Statistics on iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry [Infographic]

This cool infographic reveals interstering stats for App store and how the trend is increase over year and year. This Infographic also available in animated Version on Source URL. Have a look into this infographic and give your review in comments.

Mobile Phone & App Store Statistics
Source: Visually.


BlackBerry Releases BlackBerry OS 10.2.1

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 29, 2014
BlackBerry is set to go with its new update BlackBerry OS 10.2.1. It comprises of new enhancements and refinements which will make the things faster and easier.

Blacberry press release confirmed that they released the new BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 update for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones. As per BlackBerry, their new update allows users to do more things and do it in an easier manner. There will be hundreds of new features. With the communication medias like SMS or eMail simplification, there would be more technical aspects such as enterprise customers gaining additional security features and IT policies which are required for organization dealing with secured data.

BlackBerry has updated the picture password feature which allows users to quickly unlock their device by combining a picture and numbers from 0 to 9. This number would is placed at a particular point on the image. If a user attempts to unlock the phone, the picture appears with a grid of random digits asking the user to drag the grid until the chosen number is over the specific point on the image.

A very interesting feature is the FM radio. It enables BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Q10 or BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone users to unlock the built-in FM radio in those handsets. Users can listen to local FM stations without mobile network.

Preferred contact sync, device and battery monitor and there are some features which are pretty good. Other than these rest of them are less impressive. Blackberry introduced the “automatic software updates” feature which enables phone can be set up to automatically update the operating system when Wi-Fi is available.


Must Have Apps For Your Smartphone

Posted By: Poketors - September 10, 2013
Got your new smartphone? How to start now? You might be having some gadget running Android, iOS, Windows 8 or Blackberry 10 and want to know how to start with it, in that case you have to install apps which will give you the best out of it.  Here are some cool apps which we refer as "must have" apps you can install.
For The Gadgets Running On Android: 
1. Airdroid : 

It will control the phone from your computer wirelessly. It will work via a browser window. You can transfer data, install apps, send/receive SMSes, as well as reject an incoming call.

2. AVG Antivirus : 

This is offered as free and it protects your smartphone from virus and malwares. It scans each new app for threats and  prompts you before installation. It monitors suspicious incoming text messages, has a call and SMS blocker, and lets you track, lock or wipe your phone memory if lost.

3. ES File Explorer : 

Though you will be having default file manager for android but ES File Explorer will let you copy or paste among folders. You can hide folders and can able to compress or uncompress files also.

4. MX Player : 

One of the best media player on Android platform. It supports almost all popular video formats and provides feature of built-in file manager to browse media files.

5. Kingsoft Office :

It is a free and document editing app which supports all the common formats and can incorporate with cloud services.

6. Google Maps :

No introduction for this app is required. Google Maps is one of the most used apps available in any platform.

For The Gadgets Running On iOS :

1. Find my iPhone :

It is a free app from Apple. It serves you to track your iPhone/iPad/iPod if you lose it or its stolen. You can send messages, lock the device, set an alarm or wipe data via the iCloud panel.

2. PlayerXtreme HD :

Apart from the default player which is good and supports MP4 formats, but it has some limitations like it doesn't have support for several  file formats. You need PlayerXtremeHD media player which supports almost all popular video formats. It allows you to transfer files from PC or iOS device.

3. Camera Awesome :

iOS has default camera app with basic interface. Camera Awesome enables you to capture images with various effects. Some eye-catching features are also included like composition grid lines, exposure control, as well as a built-in photo enhancer.

4. Light :

You can make use of the carema LED as a torch. The free app Light lets you adjust the LED brightness and have SOS mode for emergency.

For The Gadgets Running On Windows 8 :

1. Fhotoroom :

This app offers advanced controls, such as ISO and exposure, for your camera by combining camera and photo editing feature. The photo editor has over 75 different effects and lets you share photos with various social networks.

2. PrimeTube : 

You can access YouTube videos on your Windows Phone. In fact, it's faster than Google's YouTube app for Windows Phone. It even supports playback of HD-quality videos.

3. Connectivity Shortcuts :

It is a free app which offers access to WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and location settings on your start screen tiles. You can start/stop the service, by visiting the pages.

For The Gadgets Running On BlackBerry :
1. BX Battery Info :

 This free app BX Battery Info shows updates on the screen with easy-to-read battery percentage and the active wireless services.

2. Photo Studio :

Some models of BlackBerry like Z10 and Q10 have fantastic cameras. Using this app you can improve the photos by adjusting parameters or enhance them with various filters.

3. Stuff I need :

This app helps in creating lists and you simply have to check the box next to the task to mark its completion.

We would like to know your experience after installing these apps. Share your valuable comments and suggestions.  


Android OS Tops The Mobile And Smartphone Market

Posted By: Poketors - December 31, 2011
There are a lot of mobile phones available all around world and the popularity is increasing day by day. Here are the summary of the Mobile OS and Mobile phones/Gadgets around the world.

No. 1 : Google’s Android Mobile Operating System tops with 46.9 percent market share. It basically came up 3.1 percentage points of market share from the prior three-month period till November.

No. 2 : Apple as usual maintained its No. 2 position. A growth of 1.4 percentage points to 28.7 percent of the smartphone market.

No. 3 : BlackBerry ranked third, with 16.6 percent share.

No. 4 :  Microsoft (5.2 percent) and

No. 5 : Symbian (1.5 percent).

It also revealed that 91.4 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in November, up 8 percent from the preceding three-month period, and 234 million Americans aged 13 and older used mobile devices respectively.

In case of device manufacturer of mobiles, gadgets, smartphones :

No. 1 : Samsung ranked as the top OEM, with 25.6 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers (up 0.3 percentage points)

No. 2 : LG, with 20.5 percent share.

No. 3 : Motorola, with 13.7 percent share.

No. 4 : Apple strengthened its position in fourth place, with 11.2 percent share of total mobile subscribers (up 1.4 percentage points), while RIM rounded out the top five, with 6.5 percent share.

In the month of November, 72.6 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile devices, up 2.1 percentage points, the study found. Downloaded applications were used by 44.9 percent of subscribers (up 3.3 percentage points), while browsers were used by 44.4 percent (up 2.3 percentage points). Accessing of social-networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or blogs increased 2.1 percentage points to 33 percent of mobile subscribers. Playing mobile games was done by 29.7 percent of the mobile audience (up 1.2 percentage points), while 21.7 percent listened to music on their phones (up 1.0 percentage points).

This survey and the study revealed about the key trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry during the three-month average period ending November 2011. The study surveyed more than 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers and found Samsung to be the top handset manufacturer overall with 25.6 percent market share.

Smartphones, gadgets, mobile users are just adding to the steady growth of social-networking sites, a recent  study revealed the popularity and usage of social-networking sites, which says :

No. 1 : Facebook remains the undisputed leader in the U.S. social-networking market, with 166 million unique visitors in November. The average user spent 6.6 hours per person engaged on the site during the month, an increase of 37 percent in the past year.

No. 2 : Micro blogging site Twitter and LinkedIn have been in use over the past several months with huge number of social network users.

No. 3 : In the month of November, Twitter got the second position, with 35.4 million unique visitors, just slightly ahead of LinkedIn which is now at No. 3, with 35 million.

No. 4 : Myspace with 25 million visitors, but the report notes it has seen a steady decline in audience over the past two years.

Source : eweek & images credit : Google

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