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Flipboard Introduces Customized Cover Stories

Posted By: Arin Dey - January 31, 2014
Flipboard has already made its recognition as most used app for reading news and updates connecting to any websites just like a magazine by flipping pages. It is going to make some more personal customized approach to "Cover Stories" section.

Flipboard Cover Stories

Cover Stories is the section of the app which constantly updating it with various news feed of interesting articles and photos. Now it can be organized by source, social network and topic by catagories.

Flipboad in its blog post told that “In the coming days, you’ll start to see a new look and feel inside Cover Stories on Flipboard. Groupings make it easy to catch up with the highlights, skip what you don’t want to read, and dive deeper when you want more. Use it as a starting point for everything you follow on Flipboard.”

This modification is being done to know how people use Flipboard to offer a more customized experience. In future the app will feature articles and photos from the sections users most frequently browse. Mute people, post or stories can be possible at the section Cover Stories if you don't wish to get updated from them.

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