How To Increase Android Device Performance And Battery Life With Greenify

Posted By: Poketors - September 25, 2013
No introduction is required for the massively popular mobile operating system Android which offers many benefits for both developers and end-users.

A lot of android apps are there and the features can be great and sometimes offer a completely satisfactory user experience, but need proper maintenance else it can also slow down your device and drain your battery. If your Android device has multiple apps installed, it may lead to slow performance.

Greenify is a free Android app which can increase your Android device performance and battery life. 

What Is Greenify :

Greenify helps you to identify the apps which hang or make your device run slow and also gives you the option to put them into a hibernated state. Once hibernated, the apps won’t be able to start background services unless you start the app again. It means few background services will run on your device which leads to better CPU and RAM usage resulting an improved system performance and longer battery life. 

How To Use Greenify :

1. Login to Google Play and install the "Greenify" app.
2. Once it is installed, launch the app.
2. Press “+” and choose the apps.

Greenify shows you all the apps that are scheduled to run in the future as well as apps that will slow down your device. The only constraint with the free Greenify app is that it doesn't greenify system apps. If you want to do that you have to go with the paid donation version.

Greenify offers you all the benefits and you should choose apps wisely. If you try to greenify apps like alarm clocks or instant messengers, these won't work as “intended” anymore. The alarm clock won’t wake you up and you’ll not receive notifications if somebody sends you a message via instant messenger.

Available Versions :

Greenify is available in a free and a $2.99 donation versions. With some extra features, donation version includes greenifying system apps and providing notifications after hibernating an app. Initially you should try with the free version. Later on, $2.99 donation version would be helpful if you want to scan your apps and get a better system performance and battery life.

Share your experience once you try the Greenify app.

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